‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Alina Be Able To Face Aleksander?

Introductions are for those with time, but we have none on our hands, considering all that goes on in a single episode of “Shadow And Bone.” It’s the midway mark, and things are escalating rather quickly for everyone. Without further ado, let’s break down episode 4 of “Shadow And Bone” Season 2. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 4 of ‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2?

Alina and Nikolai announce their engagement at a family gathering, much to the shock of everyone, including Mal and Zoya. Alina also agrees to be the leader of the Second Army as a sign of support for the royal family. Zoya doesn’t think Alina is ready for such a task, but she will do anything to defeat Kirigan. When Mal and Alina are talking and going about their business in the corridor of the Spinning Wheel (surely no one can see them, right? Wrong) Vasily, Nikolai’s brother, sees them kissing. Mal tells Alina that she may be here to save Ravka, but the only thing he’s here for is her, and she’s all that matters to him. A sword named Neshyenyer piques Mal’s interest after he discovers that it can cut through ‘shadows.’ Mal suggests that this mythical sword should be brought from Shu Han for Alina. Sturmhond decides that the best people for the job of stealing a magical sword have got to be the Crows. Tolya and Zoya head to Ketterdam to take them to Shu Han for the task.


In the meantime, Nadia and Tamar help Alina control the powers of the Sea Whip. Alina feels ill-fitted to use its powers, but also the lack of the firebird as well. The firebird is the last missing piece in her journey to become the most powerful Grisha who is capable of destroying the fold. Mal is captured as a deserter of the First Army without anyone’s knowledge by Vasily. David finally reaches Alina and tells her everything he knows about Kirigan. He also hands her Morozova’s journal. According to David, the shadow creatures known as Nichevo’ya do not have a heart, blood, or breath, making them impossible to kill except with the help of more Merzost. Alina realizes this too, and although she imprisons David because she doesn’t know if he’s a spy or not, she wants to know how to use Merzost. David is determined not to give Alina more information because the one thing missing from the journals is the cost of using dark magic. For now, Alina is unconvinced, but she has other things to worry about. For example, Vasily tries to sabotage the engagement and offers Alina his own hand in marriage. Why would Alina join hands with Vasily when he’s been gathering up and killing Grisha?

To her surprise, Nikolai brings her the most beautiful ring to show his support for her. They get close, and it is evident that Alina likes Nikolai very much and wants him to be a part of her close circle. It turns out that, like the rumors suggest, Nikolai is actually an illegitimate child of the queen. They head to the party that the queen organized for them to realize it was a much bigger affair than what they had in mind. Vasily has also given away their hidden location to low-lying people he works with, so now the Darkling has an easy chance to find Alina. To Alina, Mal is nowhere to be found, and she begins to worry.


On the other side, Vladim uses Baghra’s amplifying bones on himself. Just like her son Aleksander, Baghra too is an amplifier herself. Genya’s face is completely ruined by the Nichevo’ya, and Kirigan uses it to set an example for the other Grisha, who may disobey him.

Back in Ketterdam, Kaz sets the stage for Pekka’s downfall. Jes has forgiven Kaz, and things are looking up for them. The plan is to use a festival where people wear masks so that the Crows can slip into the crowds and do their work. Wylan creates a spray that acts like and appears to be Firepox(the disease that had killed Jaimie all those years ago), and the team has to spray it across all of Pekka’s shops. Inej will go on Pekka’s ship that is just coming in to spray this, and Wylan and Jes will go to all his bars and brothels. Nina and Kaz are supposed to be doing something else, but the plan is interrupted by Nina socking Kaz in the face. Kaz knows Nina would try to get Matthias out in whatever way possible; he just needs a favor from her. Take him to Pekka’s doorstep. Nina trusts Kaz and obliges. Everything goes according to plan, and Rollins believes Kaz is actually in his grasp.


Will Kaz Get His Revenge? What’s Next For Alina?

As we suspected, the Darkling finds the Spinning Wheel and attacks everybody there. The first person to die is the stupid guy, Vasily. Nikolai tries to save his family as he gets separated from Alina and her Grisha friends. Adrik and Nadia manage to help them get out, but not for long. Tamar knows a way out through the tunnels, but when they get there, Alina is nowhere to be found. Alina is distracted by Kirigan messing with her mind. He is inside her head, telling her that he is waiting for her to join forces with him. They’re connected, and that will not change with whatever amplifiers she has or whichever mortal is on her side. Kirigan wants to get the King and his family first; that’s why he’s brought his Nichevo’ya. Finally, Adrik taps on Alina’s shoulder to break her out of the spell. In the end, the real Kirigan appears in front of all of them. Adrik is almost killed by one of the Nichevo’ya, but Alina manages to save him. Kirigan gives her one last chance to join him in ruling the world together. He tells her that her obsession with the Fold is childish and that destroying it will not solve Ravka’s problems. The First Army always hunted and killed the Grisha before the Fold. Alina says that she will never join him and summons the power of the sun. She doesn’t kill the shadow monster, but she’s able to make a huge impact, and the Darkling falls to the floor. As he comes back up, the ceiling starts trembling, and Tamar gets Alina out of there before the monsters can follow her out. The roof breaks down on the Darkling and his monsters as Alina and Tamar get out. We do believe Nikolai would’ve survived this mess, but now with the shelter gone, where will they go? Baghra and Genya manage to escape, and Genya destroys all of Vladim’s chemicals before leaving.

In Ketterdam, Pekka beats up Kaz to a pulp until someone arrives telling him that there is a Firepox outbreak in the city, but it’s Pekka’s shops that have been hit. Kaz finally lets him know that it was his doing and that by the next day, all of Pekka’s reputation will be ruined because the Firepox spread from his ship on the harbor. The Stadwatch would like to do a proper investigation, and it will be Pekka’s name in the soil. Pekka’s unbothered by this and is ready to kill Kaz until Kaz asks him about his son. That changes things entirely. Kaz warns Pekka that if he doesn’t remember his brother’s name, then Alby will be dead before he can dig him out of the ground. Kaz tells Pekka that he buried Alby 6 feet underground, and Alby didn’t even make a sound. Pekka can’t remember Jordie’s name, and Kaz brings him begging to his knees. Kaz asks Rollins to sign off confessions of killing Tante Heleen and the commander of the Stadwatch, along with a deed that sets Inej free. Pekka signs and Kaz tells him Alby is in the black veil. But when he goes there to dig, Alby appears perfectly fine, only to see his father arrested by the Stadwatch.


Finally, Wylan tells Jesper that the first time they met, he left first because he knew Jesper would prefer that. Jes admits that he might’ve back then, but now that he knows Wylan well, he wants to try and get to know him more. They have the sweetest moments, and all things look fluffy and bright for them, unlike Kaz and Inej. Kaz had asked Inej to be there when he fought with Pekka in the shadows, but she never showed up because she was saving some slavers. Kaz was, of course, worried about Rollins having hired some other deadly assassin to kill her. Kaz considers Inej a weakness because she’s the only person he cares for. He lets his Wraith go, and this time she does leave. Of course, there are four more episodes, and there are ‘Six’ Crows, so Inej will be back to Kaz. Is she his weakness or his strength, though, that we’ll leave to your imagination. 

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