‘Sex Education’ Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Maeve Get The Internship?

In the previous episode of Sex Education, Otis and Maeve decided to take a break from each other because of the many things on Otis’ mind. He’s also worried about his campaign to be chosen as the best therapist in school and is desperate to not be left behind when Maeve is having the time of her life somewhere on the other side of the world. Otis entrusts Ruby (his loving ex) to help him win the college over, but she has her own reasons to help him. Eric finally feels like he’s found his people, but does this mean he’ll have to leave Otis behind too? What’s going to happen to Otis when he’s all alone, with no one to fall back on?


Spoilers Ahead

Ruby’s Past 

In primary school, Ruby was a bedwetter. When she went to camp, she chose not to carry her “special pants” because she was too embarrassed by them. Ruby was bullied because she was the poor girl whose mom made her clothes for her. When new girl Sarah joined the school, Ruby befriended her easily, and at first, even though Ruby was bullied, Sarah sided with her. One day, Ruby ended up wetting the bed, and Sarah found out. Although she promised not to tell anyone, Sarah decided she wanted to be friends with the bullies and told them about Ruby. They even posted a video about it online, leaving Ruby to change herself. Now, Ruby is strong and knows how to protect herself, which is probably why she wants to be a part of the Coven so she can be liked by everybody.


Eric and Otis

Eric feels neglected by Otis again because he’s never listening to his problems but rather only talking about his own. So, when Abbi invites him over to Roman’s, he’s happy to join his people. Eric feels more wanted in this community, and while they talk, he admits that he sometimes feels like Otis doesn’t fully get him, but he’s still his childhood best friend. These people really get Eric, and they are so similar to him, so he can do whatever he likes around them without feeling like he’s being judged or that he’s different. It’s not like Otis judges Eric; he’s just not as bold as him.

When it comes time to go to the party, Eric tells Otis it’s alright for him not to join because the other friends are going with him. In truth, Eric just wants to be free and not think about Otis, and it seems like Otis can sense that he’s unwanted, as can Ruby, so he ends up being hurt. At the party, Eric meets a guy who goes to the same church as him, and they hit it off. After they get together in the bathroom stalls, Eric asks him if he ever thinks of running away from all the church stuff. He replies that it’s his community and his people, so he could never leave them behind. When Eric’s mom asks him to go to church with her the day after the party when he’s tired, drugged, and hungover, Eric says he’s not going to go, but he notices the poster she gave him has the rainbow colors on it. This may be a sign that Eric might actually go to church.


Aimee and Isaac

Ya’ll don’t come at us because we told you so, but Isaac and Aimee’s chemistry is off the charts. Now, Aimee goes to Isaac’s with some cupcakes she’s made and tells him how she doesn’t understand art at all. He explains to her that the stuff she does with her cakes is art too. He then shows her some things she can relate to and actually understand. Isaac tells Aimee that it’s wonderful that she’s her own person. Aimee goes through his portfolio, and she can tell the work is all very personal. There’s a real connection between them, and Isaac gives Aimee his camera so she can make art with some self-portraits. Just when things are about to get intense and they’re going to kiss, Isaac’s brother shows up, and Aimee runs away. At home, she takes some self-portraits, hoping to feel close to art, but she can’t stop thinking about Isaac.

Otis and Ruby

Otis goes to Ruby’s to make his campaign video, and her dad helps with making it. He warns Otis that if he makes his daughter cry again he will not be happy. At first, things don’t go quite as planned, but Ruby makes Otis talk from his heart, and admitting his own insecurities and weaknesses makes for the perfect campaign video for Otis. Just when he’s happy and the video starts getting views, Eric uninvites him, and Ruby invites Otis to stay and watch a show.


Otis is skeptical at first, but Ruby tells him that she’s not trying to get back with him, but she wants to get back at Sarah. She tells him about what she did, and Otis decides to stay back. They have a great time and talk out some things about their own lives. Ruby talks about being friendless at the moment, and Otis talks all about Maeve. They end up falling asleep together, but Ruby tells Otis that it’s important for him to talk to Maeve and tell her how he truly feels about being left behind. He takes her advice and thanks her.


Jean is really not able to handle the situation, and after going to some baby therapy with other women who are totally different from her and not being able to tie the baby sling, she breaks down, hearing Joy crying. Otis is too busy with his own issues to notice his mom struggling and feels upset that she can’t see that he’s having trouble.


Michael and Adam

Michael’s new behavior scares Adam because he’s apologizing and being nice to his son. Adam’s driving lesson doesn’t start off too well, but then Michael admits his mistake and makes amends. They have a heart-to-heart talk, and Adam finally learns about his father—things he had never known before. Adam tells Michael that he’s bisexual and admits his father’s cooking is actually pretty good.

Maeve’s work 

Maeve’s dreams are shattered when another girl in the class gets the internship with Molloy. She is happy for her, but everyone knows it’s because of money and power that she’s got the internship. Maeve asks Molloy if he’s read her new chapter because she feels somehow wronged. He tells her that she may not have what it takes to be a writer, which completely pulls down her morale. Maeve is heartbroken to realize that it’s probable he is envious of her capabilities and that’s why he’s causing such a fuss.


From the start, Molloy seemed a little petty, and although he asked Maeve for her honest opinion himself, he wasn’t able to handle it and made a rash decision. Now, before Maeve can realize all this, she gets a call from back home saying her mother is in critical condition because of an overdose. Otis, whose phone had gone off at Ruby’s, sees Maeve’s missed calls and calls her back. He apologizes for his behavior, but Maeve tells him it doesn’t matter anymore because she’s coming home anyway. Maeve will probably be presented with other better opportunities, but it’s a shame that her good time had to be cut short again.

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