‘Sex Education’ Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Otis Able To Get Back To Being A Therapist? 

Maeve And Otis’ relationship is off to a rocky start, what with her in America and meeting new people, while Otis is stuck trying to be a sex therapist again. While Otis is still excellent at being a therapist and truly knows how to help other people, he’s not quite mastered the art of treating himself. We now know that Otis called over Jean’s sister to help out at home because he was worried for his mom. Jean, who isn’t very happy about the prospect of her sister taking care of her child, still has to go to her new job, so maybe she’ll come around to the situation soon enough. In Sex Education episode 2, there’s a clash in the Coven, and Otis may finally have a way in with the crowd at the school, but will he manage to keep up his reputation?


Spoilers Ahead

The power of consent

Jackson is in a casual relationship, but he’s still not over Cal, which makes him think about them all the time. While they’re having fun one night, this new girl ends up doing something unusual, which gives Jackson the time of his life. He thinks this is a sign he may be somewhat queer, but he isn’t quite sure. He finally ends up speaking to Otis about it, and Otis tells him that a lot of straight men enjoy such activities, too, but he gives Jackson the advice to speak to the girl and make sure they practice consent, even if that means saying yes to everything. Jackson tries it out, and it works wonders for him, but then the girl tells him that she felt a lump, scaring Jackson. He asks Otis about it, and Otis tells him if it’s new or something he’s worried about, Jackson should see a doctor for sure. Hopefully, this isn’t something serious for Jackson, though. At the same time, he’s still very supportive of Viv to talk to Beau about her feelings!


Ruby and O

Ruby still wants to be part of the Coven, and she’ll do anything to make that happen. She starts off by trying to befriend O, whom she used to know back in primary school. O denies this fact and tells Ruby that she may have confused her with someone else. Ruby thinks there’s something fishy about her and decides to help Otis so she can get the political upper hand. Ruby tells Otis that Abbi and Roman are having trouble in paradise, and he should try to fix that relationship. Otis wonders why she would help him, and she says it’s because she wants Otis to put in a good word for her with Abbi. Sadly for Ruby, Otis doesn’t help her, but she doesn’t lose faith just yet.

Aimee and Isaac

We knew we were right when we said something was brewing between these two. Aimee apologizes to Isaac and starts afresh. But her art class isn’t going as smoothly, and Isaac offers to help her over the weekend. Now, will he be sweet about it, or is he just testing the waters with Maeve’s dear friend? Aimee even admits that she has nobody now that Maeve’s gone, which is terribly sad, and Ruby is too proud to try and talk to her first.


Adam and the Farm

Adam’s got a new apprenticeship on a farm, but there are a few problems there. He’s supposed to be able to ride horses, so he can teach some kids and should be able to drive. Adam thought the job entailed working with dogs, which, as we know from before, he has a knack for, but he’s rather afraid of horses. After trying really hard to pretend like he knows how to do everything, he tells his colleague that he’s actually afraid of horses, but he is desperate for this apprenticeship. Hopefully, Adam actually gets to do what he loves for once, sticks with this job, and fixes his broken relationship with his dad once and for all. Interestingly, both of them are keen on doing so, but they just don’t know how. When Adam’s dad visits and makes an effort to cook them a meal, he ends up hurting Adam’s feelings without realizing it, but he fixes it by promising Adam driving lessons.

Maeve and her book

Maeve always needs a push to realize her potential, and Molloy is able to give her that. Additionally, she really feels her feelings when Otis decides to think she’s having an affair with her only friend in America, who happens to be gay, making her furious and focused on work. She writes an incredible first chapter for a book that is truly her story to tell, just as Molloy wanted from her. When she takes this piece of her to him, Molloy shows no interest in wanting to read it. Actually, he’s drowning in his own sorrows, and he seeks Maeve’s advice. Maeve tells him her honest truth about what he’s written, and he takes it very seriously, but will he give her the attention she deserves? Additionally, is Maeve really up for that internship with him later?


Eric and Church

Eric is feeling much better at this school, becoming tight with the Coven and breathing in all the queerness. The church is the only place Eric has to hide his identity, but the new priest tells Eric that his relationship is with God alone and even if he’s hiding from the others, God sees all (basically telling him to stay in the closet). Eric thinks deeply about this, but then Abbi tells him that she’s Christian, too. Roman, on the other hand, is anti-religion, so she understands Eric’s fear of judgment, showing him support for whatever he chooses to do.

Jean and Joana

While Jean is in denial she needs help with raising a baby, a 17-year-old, and trying to do a job, Otis knows that she can’t do it alone. He calls her sister Joana, and Jean isn’t very happy about it at first, but by the end of Sex Education episode 2, she comes to realize that if someone is willing to help her, she should just take it as it comes.


Otis and the Vote

Otis goes to the gym for a bit because he thinks he wants to be hot like Tyrone, who is ripped. During his time in the gym, he ends up befriending Roman and talking things through with him about Abbi. Roman loves Otis’ advice and actually brings Abbi over to his clinic so they can sort things out. Since they’re the “it” couple at the school, everyone is obsessed and starts visiting Otis’ clinic. Ultimately, there can be only one therapist in the college, and since it’s a student-led school, there’s only one proposition. A democratic vote. Otis thinks it’ll be a cakewalk now that he’s shown everybody his skills, but in truth, O is ready to bring her A game. Ruby knows that Otis can’t do this by himself, so she offers to be his campaign manager, but Otis says no because he’s with Maeve, and that would be a bit weird. But Maeve tells Otis that she might have a chance at the internship in America, which makes him go from a green flag to an emotional red flag in a second, and when she suggests they take a break, he agrees. O has made a rap campaign, and surely that’s enough to make her win if Otis doesn’t fight back. Immediately, he calls and asks Ruby if her offer still stands.

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