‘Sex Education’ Season 4 Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Otis And Maeve Okay?

It’s funny because we saw half the cast of this beloved show in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie only a month ago. Sex Education Episode 1 takes us right back to the lovely lives of Otis and his friends. The kids have now moved to “Cavendish College” mid-term, making it their new second home. With Moordale Secondary in their past, how are things going to change for Otis and the gang? Additionally, there’s a bundle of joy in Otis’ life now. Literally, his baby sister is named Joy, and Jean seemingly isn’t taking it quite as well as she’d imagined. With no Jakob in her life and Otis going off to college, will Jean be able to manage her new life?


Spoilers Ahead

How is Maeve doing in America?

Maeve and Otis shared their first kiss, and Maeve had to leave immediately because she had a big opportunity. Technically, they’re not together, but they both like and love each other and want to be together. Maeve’s all alone in a new country and a new place, and she’s feeling the loneliness. So, after a long day in the library and witnessing some rather R-rated stuff go down, Maeve, who can’t seem to get a break from all the “loving” around her, ends up sending Otis an explicit picture of herself. Otis isn’t just insecure about his body; he also has a fear that Maeve may not come back, so he’s unable to send her one back, leaving her beautiful picture on read (bruv, at least you could’ve sent her a reply!). This leaves Maeve frustrated and more alone. At school, she seems to be quickly becoming the favorite of a professor named Thomas Molloy, who had heard of her application before she joined his class. She also tells him her honest opinion of his books rather than the palatable version, impressing him (way to go, Maeve). One person is going to get to be his assistant, and that guarantees getting published. Everyone knows Maeve is more than capable of pulling this off.


The Coven 

Cavendish College seems to be the perfect place for someone growing up. It’s inclusive, queer, and pretty much student-first. It looks as if nobody can be mean, gossip, or make unsustainable choices at this college, but at the same time, there are no outcasts or “weirdos.” Everyone is free to be their own person. So, when Ruby, the resident mean girl of Moordale, arrives in her car, she’s sent to park outside the school, where she can’t come walking because of her heels, and she’s shown that she may not be as cool here as she thought. She’s also not surrounded by her usual posse and is on the lookout for a new one. The Coven is a group of three including Abbi, Aisha, and Abbi’s boyfriend, Roman. Although there isn’t really anybody in charge at this college, Abbi may be the queen bee that Ruby once claimed the throne of. Now, Ruby must try and infiltrate the Coven so she can be cool again, but instead, they find a liking for Eric, who saved Abbi from Ruby’s car earlier in the day. Ruby eats alone in the toilets alongside Mr. Groff. On the other hand, Viv seems to have formed a new crush on a person named Beau, while she tells Jackson they have no time for dating. Viv is finding it a little bit hard to adjust to the technologically advanced schooling techniques of Cavendish, just like Mr. Groff.

Aimee and Art

Isaac’s also at Cavendish, and Aimee comfortably asks him if he’s doing art as therapy to get over being “disabled.” Isaac calls her an ableist but doesn’t really take it to heart. Aimee still has a long way to go in this department, but she sure knows how to satisfy herself in other ways. Aimee isn’t great in art class, and she thinks Isaac hates her, but they may soon kindle some unexpected feelings (by now, we know how these things go).


Mr. Groff 

Remember Adam’s dad? Well, he’s now a sub at Cavendish, and Eric is very startled to see him there. It looks like headmaster Groff, or rather, Mr. Groff, is working really hard on himself and trying to reconnect with his son Adam. Unfortunately for him, Adam has decided to give up on school and not go back. His mom respects his decision but tells him to try and find something else to do rather than lying at home, drinking the milk from his cereal bowls, and looking at pictures of his ex.

Jean and Joy

Well, Jean is a big mess with Joy in the picture. It’s been 8 weeks since she had the baby, and Jean may be facing some postpartum issues. Not only is she quite old to be doing this, but she’s been working a long time and loving her freedom, so this is all too different for her. As much as Otis can help, he’s 17 and needs to go to school, so Jean is on her own there. She gets a job interview for a radio show, and with no other option, she takes Joy with her. The interview goes rather well, even though she has to feed Joy in the middle of it, but the job starts immediately.


O! The other therapist

Otis isn’t the only person with an O in his name treating people’s sex problems. There’s a highly dignified therapist in school already, and she’s just as good, if not better, than Otis. She’s got a busy clinic running in school, and she knows everything about Otis when they meet. She takes him in for a session, ignoring his experience in the field. Instead, she gives him advice on what to do about the obscene pictures that he wants to send Maeve. Otis thinks she stole his idea and decides to tell the whole school about how he’s the original therapist. Not only does he make a fool of himself by describing his therapy in the most absurd way, but he ends up projecting his explicit photos on the big screen in front of the whole school (bold move, Otis).


Seeing the chaos sets Cal off (yes, just how you’re thinking), and they need to talk to someone about their feelings immediately. Cal chooses to come to Otis, who gives the perfect support and advice that Cal needs to accept their own feelings and not feel like a freak. They’re taking testosterone, and that is causing them to feel like they’re going through puberty a second time, but Otis reminds them that they’re happy to feel that way, and that’s the experience they’re looking for. Cal tells Otis they felt there’d be no judgment from him because he showed his boy parts to the whole school, and that’s why they came to him. Otis takes that as a cue to tell Maeve his real feelings. The thing he’s best at is talking.


In the meantime, Eric’s mom asks him to get baptized by the new priest because he seems to be more open-minded. Eric says he’ll think about it. I wonder what this is all about.

Otis and Maeve

Otis ends up going home and having an argument with his mom, only to see that she’s a real mess. He calls somebody and tells them he needs help with Jean. Later at night, Otis tells Maeve that he felt like she wasn’t coming back, which is why he didn’t want to send her his pictures. He also says he’s not someone who does very well with pictures, but they could try something else. This leads them to get it on the phone, and they’re both satisfied and happy by the end of it. But there’s yet another hiccup. Maeve tells Otis she’s going to grab pizza with a classmate named Tyrone, who, in Otis’ eyes, is, of course, handsome and girlfriend-stealing material. Will Otis continue to be jealous and ruin his chances with Maeve, or will he learn to be mature and wait for her?


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