‘See Hear Love’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Do Shinji And Hibiki End Up Together?

In a world where the unexpected can herald the most enchanting changes, Shinji Izumoto’s life takes an unforeseen turn that challenges the very core of his existence. Shinji, once a celebrated manga artist, sees his vibrant world suddenly engulfed in darkness, robbing him not only of his sight but also of his hope. Little does he know that his extraordinary love story is about to unfurl, breathing new life into his once desolate existence. And then, like a gentle whisper of fate, Hibiki enters Shinji’s life. A deaf and mute girl who brings a unique perspective that stirs Shinji’s views towards life. Though their modes of communication are unconventional, their connection transcends words. Through the simplicity of their interactions, an unbreakable bond forms, giving birth to a relationship that defies all expectations.


Spoilers Ahead 

Why Does Shinji Lose Hope?

Shinji Izumoto is a renowned artist known for his masterpiece, ‘Only For You.’ With each chapter, he captivates the hearts of thousands of fans eagerly awaiting the next installment of his beloved creation. Happiness fills his days as Shinji learns that his manga will soon be printed into a book and even adapted into a live-action movie. The future seems bright, but little does Shinji realize that his neglect for his own well-being will soon shatter his world. Blinded by his passion for his work, Shinji becomes oblivious to his declining health. He pushes himself to the limit, disregarding any signs of exhaustion or discomfort until one fateful day when his body finally gives in. Collapsing unconscious, he is swiftly rushed to the hospital, only to receive a devastating diagnosis: acute-angle closure glaucoma. In an instant, Shinji’s world turns dark as he loses his vision completely.


The weight of this life-altering news crushes Shinji’s spirit. His cherished manga goes on an indefinite hiatus, leaving his fans in suspense and his dreams shattered. As if that weren’t enough, Shinji is forced to make the heartbreaking decision of sending his grandmother to a nursing home, seeking the care she needs after suffering from a stroke. Overwhelmed with guilt, Shinji finds himself trapped in a cycle of self-blame, punishing himself for every misfortune that has befallen him. The simplest tasks now seem insurmountable, and hope fades from his heart. Consumed by his anguish, he contemplates ending his life, seeking an end to the pain and darkness that surrounds him.

How Does Hibiki Change Shinji’s Life?

Hibiki works as a supervisor at the Mizusu Academy, absorbed with children. But Hibiki also loves to read manga, and among the countless works she adores, one holds a special place in her heart—Shinji’s masterpiece, ‘Only For You.’ With fervent anticipation, she waits for the new chapters while her admiration for the artist grows with every page. When the latest chapter fails to materialize, Hibiki’s passion takes an unexpected turn. Driven by her dedication, she embarks on a mission to locate Shinji, utilizing his social media images to uncover his address. Oblivious to his condition, she sets out to communicate her eagerness for the next installment. Yet, fate plays its hand in an unforeseen twist. At the first encounter, neither Shinji nor Hibiki realizes the hidden depths within each other. Unbeknownst to Hibiki, Shinji is blind, while Shinji remains unaware of Hibiki’s inability to speak. Their initial encounter leaves Shinji bewildered, closing the door on the unsuspecting Hibiki. However, a miraculous moment unfolds as Hibiki, compelled by an inexplicable intuition, turns back to catch a glimpse of Shinji’s balcony before leaving.


In a twist of fate, Hibiki’s timely return proves to be a turning point. As Shinji teeters on the edge of the balcony, Hibiki rushes in and rescues him from the fall. This extraordinary act of courage bridges a connection between them, forever altering their destinies. From that moment on, their lives intertwine, and an unbreakable bond forms. Shinji struggles to comprehend why someone like Hibiki would find love and solace in him, plagued by self-doubt and haunted by his own perceived shortcomings. Yet, as he observes Hibiki’s love for him, he begins to understand her intentions. Hibiki, who has faced countless challenges with a radiant smile, draws strength from Shinji’s work. His manga, once a source of inspiration for her and many other fans, now breathes life into Shinji himself. From the depths of despair, he emerges, rekindling his own zest for life. The tables have turned, and Shinji, once the creator of dreams, now finds himself inspired by the very person whose life he has touched.

Why Does Shinji Change The Ending Of His Manga?

Consumed by a desperate desire to provide for both himself and Hibiki, Shinji finds himself at a crossroads, willing to compromise his artistic integrity to ensure their financial stability. In an attempt to earn money and fulfill Hibiki’s dream of becoming a bride, he contemplates changing the ending of his manga to align with his boss’s preferences. However, deep down, Shinji knows that such alterations would compromise the essence of his work—a story meant to inspire hope and showcase the transformative power of love. But his boss, driven by commercial interests, pressures Shinji to introduce elements of tragedy, a deadly disease, and a fatal accident to the narrative. Despite the potential monetary gain, Shinji’s heart rebels against this forced deviation from his original vision.


When Hibiki stumbles upon the revised ending, her emotional turmoil reaches its peak. The jarring departure from Shinji’s usual storytelling style causes her to lose her grip on reality. As days pass and the weight of his decision weighs heavily on his conscience, Shinji begins to question the authenticity of his work. He realizes that the revised story lacks the soul and authenticity that is characteristic of his artistic voice. So Shinji musters the strength to stand up against his boss’s demands, refusing to compromise his artistic integrity any longer. He understands that his art is not solely about monetary gain but about touching the hearts and souls of his readers. He rejects the notion that tragedy and despair are the only driving forces in storytelling, embracing instead the power of love, hope, and the capacity for change.

How Does ‘Träumerei’ Hold Significance In Shinji And Hibiki’s Lives?

Within the pages of Shinji’s manga, the enchanting melody of “Träumerei” by Robert Schumann becomes a recurring motif that binds Hibiki and Shinji’s memories together, weaving their experiences into a beautiful tale. The delicate and introspective melody of the piece mirrors the dream-like quality of their relationship, evoking a sense of nostalgia and inviting the reader to delve into their own cherished memories. Just as ‘Träumerei’ represents a yearning for something unattainable or lost, it becomes a vessel for Hibiki’s longing to surprise Shinji with her love. Despite the difficulties she faces as a deaf person, she embarks on the journey of learning composition to express her feelings for Shinji in a way that surpasses words.


As Hibiki immerses herself in the world of ‘Träumerei,’ she not only explores her own desires and hopes but also creates a parallel with Shinji’s own yearnings and aspirations depicted in his manga. The contemplative nature of the piece encourages introspection, inviting both characters and readers to reflect on their personal journeys. Through the evocative power of the melody, their bond becomes tangible, with each note representing a precious moment and every pause carrying the weight of unspoken emotions. Ultimately, ‘Träumerei’ captures the essence of their unique and heartfelt connection, inviting readers to be swept away in the beauty of their relationship. 

What Leads Shinji To Take The Difficult Decision To Part Ways With Hibiki?

In a twist of fate, Shinji’s world is shattered once again when he learns that the real cause of his blindness is a malignant tumor, impossible to operate in the suprasellar region. So to protect Hibiki from suffering, Shinji makes a difficult decision, and he leaves behind a heartfelt letter and sets out on a journey to complete the ending of his manga, leaving Hibiki unaware of his intentions. Meanwhile, Hibiki, filled with worry and determined to find Shinji, searches tirelessly for him, combing through every corner of their shared world. But little did he know that recognizing the need for financial support to facilitate a corneal transplant for Shinji, she seized an opportunity to work as a model for the Kaleido Company, participating in a contest that offered a substantial cash prize. 


However, a powerful figure named Daisuke Uemura, the CEO, develops strong feelings for Hibiki since they grew up in the academy together. Aware of her devotion to Shinji, he proposes a relationship, hoping to separate her from Shinji’s side. But Hibiki, resolute in her loyalty, firmly rejects his advances, understanding that no one can come between her and Shinji. With Daisuke’s help, Hibiki utilizes his vast network and resources. In a grand gesture, he orchestrates the airing of a video showcasing Hibiki’s heartfelt performance of ‘Träumerei’ throughout the city. The captivating melody resonates through the streets, capturing the attention of countless individuals, but Shinji is nowhere to be found. 

‘See Hear Love’ Ending Explained: Do Shinji And Hibiki End Up Together?

As the movie comes to an end, Shinji completes his manga, pouring his heart and soul into every panel and word. Hibiki, eager with anticipation, reads everything, realizing that the story has become a reflection of their own lives. But as she delves deeper into the narrative, one particular scene captures her attention—a bench in a familiar park where they had shared countless moments together. Filled with concern, Hibiki rushes to the park, her heart pounding with fear. And there, amidst the glistening snow, she finds Shinji unconscious and seemingly lifeless. For a brief moment, panic grips her, but true love proves resilient, refusing to yield to such darkness. In a miraculous twist, the story takes a leap, and Shinji is brought back to life, his tumor seemingly removed.


As the narrative unfolds, Shinji and Hibiki embark on a new chapter of their lives. Their love blossoms, culminating in a joyous celebration of their marriage. And in a beautiful testament to the power of love, Shinji’s vision is restored, allowing him to witness the world in all its vibrant colors. Hibiki, too, finds her voice able to communicate her thoughts and feelings more fully. The mesmerizing and happy ending of See Hear Love serves as a poignant reminder that true love possesses the extraordinary ability to transcend any obstacles and reshape destiny. Shinji’s journey from despair to hope, from loss to restoration, showcases the transformative power of love and the indomitable spirit of the human heart. 

See Hear Love stands as a remarkable movie, captivating audiences with its compelling characters and undeniable chemistry. The portrayal of Shinji and Hibiki’s intricate relationship and their unwavering devotion to one another captivates viewers, leaving a lasting impression of the boundless possibilities that love can bring. It serves as a heartwarming reminder that even in the face of adversity, true love can ignite a flame of hope, leading to a future where dreams are realized, and hearts are forever intertwined.


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