‘Scalper’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Who Is The Real Killer?

Oh my, Scalper was quite a ride for me! Honestly, you know those scenes with the killers wearing funny gory masks and wigs? They were a bit more funny than scary if you ask me. The characters and plot didn’t fully grab my attention, but guess what? The supernatural stuff did spice things up a bit. Now, let’s talk about this horror flick. There’s this crazy serial killer scalping victims, and the detectives are all in a frenzy to catch this sadistic murderer. They even bring in Clementine Carter, a psychic with visions, to help unravel the killer’s identity. Things get even crazier when they discover similar murders have taken place in the past, supposedly by a dead guy named Andrew Lubitz. That’s why it was a bit interesting to see who did the murder if not Andrew Lubitz. Talk about a plot twist! Clementine, the brave soul that she is, dives headfirst into danger to uncover the truth. Scalper weaves together horror and mystery, promising a real rollercoaster of emotions. The killings are gruesome, and the whole scalp signature thing? It’s both horrifying and strangely fascinating. In the end, the movie left me with mixed feelings, but that blend of horror and mystery did keep me on the edge of my seat. Oh, the darkness that unfolded – it’s something you won’t easily forget!


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Clementine Get Involved In The Investigation?

Clementine Carter, a psychic with a unique gift, found herself entangled in the Scalper murder investigation through a series of chilling events. It all began when she discussed Andrew Lubitz, the real Scalper who is now dead and the initial suspect in these murders, on a talk show. In a haunting vision, Clementine recounted witnessing Andrew Lubitz brutally murdering a young woman named Ann Jennings before the unsettling chain of new murders began to unfold. This marked the start of Clementine’s involvement in the hunt for the elusive Scalper by talking about how she has seen these murders through her vision using her psychic abilities. As she shared her experiences on a podcast, a masked figure, the actual Scalper, keenly listened to her discussions about her extra-sensory visions.


The Scalper then embarked on a gruesome killing spree, starting with a man screaming in terror. He repeatedly stabbed him from behind before scalping him and leaving the crime scene. The horror intensified when a model and actress named Jane wanted to discuss her concerns on the radio with Clementine, and as she was talking away, the scalper attacked her as well. Clementine, through her psychic connection, heard Jane’s desperate cries for help during the live radio program. Terrifyingly, the Scalper entered Jane’s house, and Clementine, realizing the imminent danger, urged the radio host to call 911. Upon the arrival of the cops, Clementine faced skepticism due to her previous connection with Lubitz and her apparent involvement in the murders. But she pleaded with the detective to allow her to enter the crime scene. It was only after reaching the gruesome scene, visualizing the Scalper’s methodical killings, and encountering the terrifying vision of Jane’s murder that the detective began to grasp the gravity of the situation. Clementine’s involvement became critical as she unraveled the patterns and messages left by the Scalper, eventually leading to the revelation that her psychic abilities held the key to understanding and potentially stopping the relentless killer. The journey from Lubitz’s vision to Jane’s tragic death showcased the intricate web of horror and mystery in which Clementine found herself entwined.

What Did Clementine Find?

Detective Hayden wasn’t sure about Clementine’s psychic skills at first, and he thought the original Scalper, Andrew Lubitz, was already dead, so there was no point in involving Clementine in this case. But Clementine was persistent, saying that a different person was behind the recent murders. Detective Hayden let her help when she revealed a personal connection with her close ones, who were victims of these murders as well. Thus, he saw her insights could be useful and let her in on the investigation process. As the story unfolded, the Scalper targeted Clementine’s father, making Detective Hayden realize the danger. Plans were made to protect him in the hospital, but shockingly, the police had different intentions. Instead of safeguarding him, they secretly wanted to follow Clementine to see if she was the one behind all these murders. But Clementine dug into the Scalper’s files and found a surprising twist: the real Scalper wasn’t Andrew Lubitz, but there was a possibility that it could have been his twin brother, Antone. This discovery added a layer of complexity to the case. The police, following Clementine’s leads, thought they had cracked the case.


After arriving at Antone’s house, Clementine was confronted with a horrifying revelation. In a room, she saw a vision of the Scalper’s past crime: a young girl had been assaulted, her skin peeled off, and the Scalper was wearing it as a disguise. This shocking discovery shattered Clementine. As the weight of this revelation settled in, Andrew suddenly woke from sleep, screaming in terror. The police, who had been discreetly following Clementine, swiftly intervened. Upon entering the house, they noticed something peculiar in the back of the room. To their surprise, they found a picture of the same girl Clementine had seen in her psychic vision, along with her hair and scalp preserved. This eerie find led the police to suspect that Antone might indeed be the elusive Scalper. The connection between the vision, the preserved items, and Antone Lubitz suggested a disturbing link to the gruesome crimes. However, Antone denied any involvement in the case, claiming he was elsewhere during the crimes. With Antone’s adamant denial, the search for the real murderer persisted, leaving the true culprit hidden in the shadows. The unresolved nature of the situation added an extra layer of suspense to the ongoing Scalper mystery.

Who Is The Real Scalper?

During Scalper‘s ending, when Clementine’s father passed away, she received an urgent call from the funeral home. But little did she know that the funeral home owner had been attacked by the Scalper, who wore a peeled-off face and held a knife to his neck, forcing him to make the call. After hanging up, the Scalper killed the funeral home owner and attacked Father Burman, who tried to help him. Meanwhile, the police discovered a crucial clue: a glove found at a crime scene, worn by the Scalper himself, matched the fingerprints of a man named Bob Tarkovsky. Bob’s wife, Jenny, had been killed by Andrew Lubitz.


The police suspected that Bob might be the real Scalper, seeking revenge for his wife’s death, and could be present at Clementine’s dad’s funeral. In a tense confrontation, the Scalper attempted to harm Clementine, but Detective Lupino intervened, aiming his gun at him. The Scalper accused Clementine of failing to save Jenny from Andrew Lubitz and threatened to end her life. However, a surprising turn of events occurred when Clementine, using her psychic abilities, summoned Jenny’s spirit. Jenny persuaded Bob to stop this madness of committing these violent crimes and join her for eternity. Ultimately, Bob chose to listen to Jenny and took his own life by shooting himself, sparing Clementine from further harm. This unsettling conclusion revealed the true identity of the Scalper and the haunting motivations behind the series of murders, weaving together revenge, grief, and supernatural elements.

Well, after that wild ride, I just want to say, may the killer rest in peace. Also, those poor souls he murdered, may they find peace too. And you know what? Let’s hope Clementine Carter can catch a break from all those visions and gory stuff. It’s got to be tough seeing all those murders. Now, the killer, Bob Tarkovsky, is done and dusted. May the murders finally come to an end. Fingers crossed, right? Oh, and maybe Clementine can take it easy on the visions and, well, her drinking habits too. Here’s hoping things calm down, and we all get a breather.


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Sutanuka Banerjee
Sutanuka Banerjee
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