‘Rumah Masa Depan’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Mrs. Kokom Forgive Surti?

The Indonesian film Rumah Masa Depan, helmed by Danial Rifky, is a family drama. The relationships between parents and their children often weaken due to certain prejudices, but Sukri didn’t let his dominating mother’s ego engulf their relationship. Sukri, along with his wife Surti, was always there to support his mother after his father’s death and when the village leader’s wife tried to frame her for a crime. The already fragile relationships these days need special care to thrive! Why was Mrs. Kokom so averse to Surti? Will her relationships with Surti and her grandchildren change? How will Surti help the villagers? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Sukri Decide To Go To His Village?

Even though Surti had a loving husband and super-adorable kids, she was stressed regarding their business hitting rock bottom. No matter how hard she tried to promote their culinary business through social media posts and videos, it didn’t seem to gain momentum. Surti advised Sukri (her husband) that they go on a vacation to refresh their minds and think of new ways to push their business forward. 


Just as they were about to leave for their vacation, Sukri received the news of his father’s death and decided to go back to his village. He decided to take his father’s car to his village, as it was his father’s last souvenir. Upon reaching Sukri’s village, they felt that Surti was being maltreated by Mrs. Kokom (Sukri’s mother) for some reason. When Surti asked her why she hated her so much, she said that it was because Surti’s grandfather had taken away her father’s farm in the past. 

Why Was Mrs. Kokom Arrested?

While returning from the funeral, Sukri got a call from Netty that his mother had been taken by police. Upon reaching the police station, he realized that Suwito had complained that Mrs. Kokom had hit her husband (the village leader). Mr. Karsan (police) told Sukri that last week, the village leader had gone to Mrs. Kokom’s house and he wanted to see Mr. Musa, but she refused him, saying that he was sick. Later, an altercation arose between them, where she hit the leader, and it upset him a lot. Some people had also seen Mrs. Kokom arguing with the village leader right after her husband’s funeral. Later, the village leader was found unconscious on the farm, and his head was bleeding. It was suspected that Mrs. Kokom was the one to have caused that injury. However, there was no proof against her, and hence Mrs. Kokom had to be released. However, Sukri and his family decided to stay at her place until the police investigation was over. 


Did The Family Have A Good Time Around The Village?

When their stay in the village was extended, the family decided to go to the village market to get some clothes for themselves. Bayu told his parents that he wanted to leave the village, as his grandmother was mean and hid the Eid cookies from him. Sukri told him that his grandma had a very rough childhood and had no food to eat. That is why she was so protective about food, often making her come across as stingy! 

When Surti decided to explore the market on her own, a food stall owner recognized her as Chef Surti from her YouTube channel and said that she was a great fan. Surti helped the food-stall owner improve her recipe so that she could bring in more customers to her stall. Soon, Surti’s name spread all over the village, and many women gathered at her house to take cooking lessons from her. However, Mrs. Kokom didn’t like it one bit and said that it was Surti’s plan to trick her and take her house. Meanwhile, Bayu had also been having a rough time at the house, as his grandma didn’t let him play video games at home. He was so mad that he went out to play with his video game controller. He was engrossed in his game, and right then a kid ran past him on the bridge, causing the game controller to fall into the water. Later, when he went to confront her, she introduced herself as Cempaka, took full responsibility for ruining his console, and took him to a genius kid, Sangaji, to fix it. Gerhana was having her best time with her grandma, as she had grown close to her. Mrs. Kokom would give her chocolates and listen to her sing. The kids had grown so fond of the place just within a few days that they refused to leave! 


Why Was Mrs. Kokom Arrested Again?

Mrs. Kokom was arrested again when the leader had taken her name after coming back to his senses for a while before slipping back into a coma. The leader’s son recorded his father’s voice (taking the name of Mrs. Kokom) and handed it over to the police. When the police came to arrest Kokom again, she confessed to having hit him. She was locked up and refused to go back home, even when Sukri got a suspension of detention for her. Maybe she didn’t want to step back inside her house as long as Surti was still living there. The next day, some village women went with breakfast for Mrs. Kokom, wanting to thank her for letting them use her kitchen. 

How Did Surti Help The Farmers?

Meanwhile, Surti and Sukri’s culinary business had gone bankrupt in Jakarta. When they were looking for new ways to earn a livelihood, they were faced with a new challenge. A farmer came to Surti, saying that the village leader’s wife wanted to buy vegetables from him at a very low price, which he refused. This led to the leader’s wife instructing the villagers not to buy vegetables from him. Surti took pity on the man and bought all his vegetables for charity. When other farmers heard about it, they came up to meet Surti so she could buy all their crops. Surti and Sukri wanted to help the farmers and bought all their vegetables. They came up with the idea of selling the fresh vegetables online so that they could directly reach the chefs (excluding the need for a middleman). 


How Did Bayu Collect Evidence To Prove His Grandmother’s Innocence?

When Bayu went to Sangaji to get his video console, he saw that he had set up surveillance cameras near the fields. He asked Sangaji to help him with footage from the day of his grandfather’s funeral. When they went through the footage, they realized that the village leader had been robbed by two people before being hit in the head. They immediately rushed to the police station to show them the footage. Surti and Sukri had also called Netty to the station to testify that, at the time of the attack, Mrs. Kokom was at home. While she was on her way to the station, the robbers followed her and tried to rob her too. The village kids somehow managed to drive away the robbers, saving Netty’s life. When she came to the station, she saw the footage, recognized the two robbers, and lodged a complaint against them. The footage was evidence enough to free Mrs. Kokom. 

Did Mrs. Kokom Forgive Surti?

When she was brought back home, Mrs. Kokom was suffering from a high fever. Surti had been doing everything to take good care of her. She cooked her food and also tried to pick her up when she fell inside the washroom. However, Mrs. Kokom wanted to tell Surti off. She said that when she was just a child, her family had no money, and as a result, they couldn’t take her brother to the doctor when he fell ill, resulting in his death. Mrs. Kokom told Surti that the poverty that they had faced was only because of her grandfather, who had taken away their land (as her family owed him a lot of money), which was their only source of income. Despite having no fault in this, Surti sought an apology from Mrs. Kokom (for her grandpa’s faults), and eventually, she forgave Surti. 


Who Was The Real Culprit?

Sukri went to the market to get medicines for his mother and was attacked en route. The robber wanted to steal his car, but it was all in vain. The police came at the right time and arrested them. When they took off their masks, it was revealed that the leader’s son, Hartono, was the main culprit. Later, the village leader came to meet the family and said that he was ashamed of what his son had done and hence had resigned from his post. His son had attacked him after he refused to give him the money that he had asked for. The leader also revealed that Mr. Musa had wanted to buy back the land that belonged to his wife, asking him to keep it a secret. He wanted to make sure that all the disputes among his family over the land were resolved once and for all. 

What Happened In The End?

The village leader finally handed over the land to Mrs. Kokom, which was once her father’s. Finally, after the dispute was resolved, Sukri and Surti decided to live in the village. They also decided to open an online store to sell fresh vegetables, and they asked Sangaji to help them build an app for e-commerce to sell the crops of the local farmers directly to chefs with no middlemen. 


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