‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Morty Turn Into A Kuato?

Rick and Morty season 7 episodes are getting too weird to explain. Dead bodies turning into spaghetti, a universe full of vacuum cleaners, and now Morty turning into a kuato are some of the crazy stuff going on in this universe of Rick and Morty. Episode 7, titled Wet Kuat American Summer, which is a parody of one of the most popular sci-fi movies, “Total Recall,” is all about Summer using an attribute slider to upgrade her physical strength, but everything goes wrong when Morty pokes his nose into it.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Morty Turn Into A Kuato?

Episode 7 kicked off with Summer doing all the chores for Rick in his lab to get the attribute slider for a birthday party where she would flex her skills. As per the deal, Rick handed her the slider, which enhanced Summer’s physical strength, making her a muscular woman. Seeing Summer get the super strength, envious Morty asked for a similar slider, but Rick told him to pay up to get one. Morty told him that he had helped him take his nemesis out, but Rick quickly vanished to get out of the conversation.


Summer arrived at the party and began to flex her intelligence and strength. She attracted everyone in there and even pulled the most popular handsome guy in her class. However, while Summer and the guy were hitting on each other, Morty interrupted and asked his sister to give him the slider for a while. Summer pulled him aside and asked him to stay out of this. They got into a fight, and soon enough, Morty managed to remove the slider from Summer’s wrist. Morty put on the slider, but Summer didn’t let him flex his strength. They got into a huge brawl and, subsequently, fell into a pool. An explosive reaction took place in the water, causing Morty to turn into a kuato coming out of Summer’s belly. Summer didn’t have any idea about “Total Recall,” so she simply didn’t know what a kuato was. Everyone started clicking pictures of her, which further embarrassed Summer. Moreover, as she didn’t know what a kuato was, other people at that party began to boo her. Having nowhere to turn, Summer hurried home and asked her grandfather if he could unmerge them. But their grandpa asked for another pay-up; otherwise, he wouldn’t help them. Heartbroken Summer sat alone in the lab, watching her viral pictures with kuato Morty. However, Morty kept on saying, “Open your mind,” so that Summer could open her mind and connect with her brother psychologically to get to a solution. But Summer, who recently discovered that there was a kuato bar where everyone with their kuatos hung out, didn’t pay much attention to Morty. She took a cab and arrived at the kuato bar, where she met Kwyatt, a handsome guy with a lady as his kuato.

How Did Rick Save Morty?

Kwyatt impressed Summer and took her to introduce her to Kenneth, the guy who paid for all the parties in that bar. Everyone was there with their kuatos, and all of them said that one phrase, “Open your mind.” After some boozing and dancing, Kwyatt asked Summer if she wanted to get out of there. Summer thought Kwyatt was into her, but he was just a human trafficker who took Summer outside to hand her to the kidnappers. Although Kwyatt didn’t seem like he was enjoying it, it seemed that he was forced into it. Summer, who was sedated by the kidnappers, woke up and found herself handcuffed in a furnace with no Morty in her belly. Morty had been cut off from her belly and stored elsewhere. She instructed her upgraded ponytail to unlock the handcuffs, by saying that she never gave her grandpa enough credit, and managed to get out of there. She returned to the bar and found Kwyatt. She punched him hard and took him captive.


Meanwhile, Beth asked Rick if he had seen the kids, which worried him. Rick immediately looked for Summer and found footage of her taking a cab. Rick began to look for Summer and beat up every guy on his way, from an innocent cab driver to a bartender who didn’t know anything. Finally, he spotted Summer, who was already beating up Kwyatt to find out where Morty was kept. However, Rick told her that only she could connect mentally with Morty to know where she was. Summer, who had never thought of it before, finally opened her mind and communicated with Morty. Morty said that he had been captured by the traffickers, who were about to sell him.

The mastermind behind all this kuato trafficking was none other than Kenneth, who instructed his men to capture Summer and Rick. He also instructed his men to kill Kwyatt, whose head exploded, causing his death. Summer kept the communication going with Morty, who was struggling to survive as well. Some of those traffickers tried to sedate Morty, but he managed to bite their fingers and  rescue himself. After beating up Kenneth’s minions, Summer and Rick finally confronted Kenneth, who was ready for his final reveal. Kenneth’s kuato slid out of his body and hopped onto a spider-like device, revealing that he was the mastermind who was merely using Kenneth’s body. Morty managed to get there and got into a fight with Kenneth’s kuato. The kuato was somewhat more powerful and intelligent than Morty, but he kind of bored Rick and Summer by revealing his kuatos one after another. He even pulled out a knife which had its own kuato. Rick had had just about enough, so he put a device on Kenneth’s kuato and directed it into the ocean. The kuatos were finally defeated, but Morty liked the spider device Kenneth’s kuato used. So Rick retrieved the device and gave it to Morty.


In the concluding part of the episode, we saw that Morty wasn’t yet back to his original shape and was enjoying the device that was enabling him to jump high in the sky. Summer also got famous in her school for having Kuato Morty. Probably in the next few episodes, we will get more of kuato Morty, or perhaps Rick will find a way to get him back to his human form.

In the post-credit scene, we saw that the buyers of the kuato were still waiting for their delivery. One of them said to his friends that his new kuato is Morty, but he’s going to call him sixty-nine. The episode ended with three of them laughing over some sixty-nine jokes until one of them made the situation awkward by bringing up his wife. Weird enough? Stay tuned for more such crazy stories in the upcoming episodes of Rick and Morty.


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