‘Rick And Morty’ Season 7 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did The Observer Do?

Rick and Morty season 7 episode 6 titled Rickfending Morty opens with Morty opening their garage only to find Rick on a drinking binge, lying on the floor. Morty reminded him of their plan to go on adventures. Rick didn’t want to go on an adventure, telling Morty that they might push it to next week. However, Morty pulled out some punched cards, each one entitling him to an adventure of his choice. These punched cards first appeared in Rick and Morty season 4, on the Vindicator’s episode. Morty had been saving those cards to get a free adventure with Rick, but Rick was not ready for that as he found it very annoying. Morty even pulled out a notebook containing notes about their adventures, with made-up titles as proof, but Rick didn’t accept it. Rather, for a better inspection, he decided to take the help of a cosmic observing stone, the observer. Rick brought the observer stone to their universe, hoping to perform an audit of all their adventures, but Rick’s plan backfired when the observer stone revealed a little too much.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did The Observer Do?

The observer showed them video clips of their adventures as Rick read the names made by Morty one by one. One of those adventures, titled “Truth or Dare,” showed how Rick and Morty entered a sanctuary where two security guards fought with each other after they came to know that one of their wives was sleeping with the other. Next, the adventure titled “Late Night Western” featured how Morty brought a Western bacon for his grandpa from a different dimension. Rick was furious, as it didn’t even fall under the adventure category, so clearly Morty was lying about most of these adventures. However, next up, some of the adventures titled “Maximum Overdrive with Clothes,” featuring some feral clothes ripping people’s faces off, or “Whistlering Dixie,” featuring Rick and Morty dealing with a blabbermouth weapons dealer in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, were literally adventures. But even though Morty didn’t classify it as an adventure, the next title, “Leg Rick,” featuring Rick being a leg for one day, became Rick’s favorite of all.


However, in the midst of these, the observer chose not to follow Rick’s orders. He began to show some of the adventures that Morty experienced without Rick. In one of them, Morty became a boat, and some of the bullies in his neighborhood took him out into the ocean only to get stranded on an island after Morty reverted to his original shape. The observer being suddenly autonomous worried Rick, so he cornered Morty to talk to him privately about getting rid of this cosmic guy. But the observer observed that too and showed it to them. The observer became a grave concern for Rick and Morty, so they asked the observer to just return to its universe. The observer portaled back to the cosmos, but he returned once again to mess with Rick and Morty.

After a while, Rick and Morty spotted the observer on the street, showing them video clips of some of the unscrupulous and awkward things they had done in the past. One of them was when Rick almost forced Morty to lick a gorilla’s nostrils by emotionally blackmailing him. However, before Morty could react to that, Summer, Beth and Space Beth appeared there. The observer didn’t spare them from the embarrassment. He showed how Beth secretly chugged wine in the bathroom and how Space Beth had farted in the middle of a conference. Summer was also embarrassed as the observer openly showed a video featuring her dealing with her insecurities. After Jerry joined the group, the observer showed how one day he looked for a diamond in the dustbin but got pricked by the syringes containing drugs. Later, his incontinent urine made a huge hole in the bathroom, allowing him to see a different universe. The observer even went so far as to show Morty and Rick embarrassing moments during the adventure, which infuriated Morty. He couldn’t stand this anymore and kicked the observer. It got hit by a truck and shattered into pieces. Morty and Rick realized that they had messed up big time, as they had killed a cosmic rock from the universe of the observers, who would not rest until they brought Rick and Morty to justice.


What Happened To Rick And Morty?

After the observer’s death, Rick and Morty were brought to court in the universe of the observers. The judge played the clip of how the observer died and accused Rick and Morty of the murder. However, Rick and Morty maintained their innocence, but the prosecution played one after another clip showcasing their murderous inclination. In one of those clips, Rick was seen giving Morty a gorilla gun to fight back against a bully, but Morty thought this gun would make the other person a gorilla. However, he was wrong when he actually shot another guy with the gun. Later, Rick gave him a bully gun, but instead of shooting his bully, Morty shot himself. After Rick revived him and gave him an actual gun to get rid of the confusion, Morty took aim at a miscreant, but instead of a bullet, Jeffrey Dahmer popped out of the gun.

Rick and Morty found the claims made on the basis of these clips baseless, so they said in their defense that they had made more friends than enemies. The prosecution had a clip against this statement too. They showed how Rick had brought a churro to life on Morty’s demand, but eventually, they left it to die in a deserted land where all the ancestors of the churry were buried. Even Rick and Morty’s efforts to resurrect Ben Franklin, who accidentally came back evil, were also shown in one of their clips. Therefore, the observer declared Rick and Morty guilty and gave them the death sentence. But Rick, who also had some secret footage of the observers’ questionable behaviors, played it, which incited a fight amongst them. The fight took massive form, prompting those observers to break each other. Rick and Morty grabbed the chance and escaped the scene through a portal. After returning home, Rick appreciated Morty as his adventure partner and decided to go on another adventure. They hopped onto their spaceship and returned to their own universe.


In the post-credit scene, we see Morty back in school, where he opens his locker and finds a churro kept there. He was scared as the churro he left alone in the deserted land had cursed him and vowed to take revenge on him. But this churro was not that one. A guy picked it up and ate it as it fell to the ground. Though Morty was relieved, he saw someone had written “Soon” with the churro in his locker, meaning that the churro would soon be taking revenge on Morty.

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