‘Revenge Of Others’ Ending, Explained – Who Killed Park Won Seok?

Chan Mi came to Seoul to find her brother’s murderer after the police concluded it was a suicide. In “Revenge of Others,” the suspicion of Won Seok’s murder went from Ji Soo Heon to Gi Osung. However, Chan Mi heard Osung sharing his secret with Jae Bom whom he informed that it was Won Seok, who pushed him down the building. She got devastated after hearing that her brother tried to kill someone and went back to Busan. However, while going through the old pictures, she finds out that Won Seok was with her in Busan on the day of Jae Bom’s accident.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Has Won Seok’s Phone?

Chan Mi returns to Seoul and shows Soo Heon and Jae Bom her photograph with Won Seok in Busan. Jae Bom is shocked to learn that Osung lied to him, and he wonders if everything Osung told him is a lie. Chan Mi and Soo Heon return home together, and when Chan Mi goes to get her bag from the convenience store, Jung Kyung’s gangster cousins abduct Soo Heon. Chan Mi sees them, but Jung Kyung threatens to kill Soo Heon if she reports to the police. She calls Jae Bom instead, and he promises to find Soo Heon before morning.


Jung Kyung takes Soo Heon to a warehouse and ties him to a chair, exactly as Soo Heon did to him. He beats him up and tells him that Osung wants to end him with his hands tomorrow. Jae Bom has put his men to work, but he still cannot sleep as he wakes up after a nightmare. He sees himself falling down the building, and it is Osung pushing him down. His men follow Osung as he leaves home early in the morning. Osung enters the warehouse and starts beating Soo Heon while asking him questions. He tells him that he will cut one of his fingers for every answer that he doesn’t want to hear. Osung wants Soo Heon to confess to crimes he didn’t commit. Just when Osung is about to cut Soo Heon’s finger for real, Jae Bom’s men enter the warehouse and stop him.

Jae Bom comes, following his men, and curses Osung. Soo Heon finds it odd, as he had never seen Jae Bom react this way. Jae Bom acts differently than usual as he signs a document with the name Jae Joon by left hand when he is originally right-handed. The hitman has to remind him that he has signed the document with the wrong name, and only then does Jae Bom realize his mistake. Chan Mi goes to the police station not to report Jung Kyung but to tell the detectives that she has received a call from Won Seok’s number. Detective Hyun writes down the number to check the call logs and whether someone else has been using the phone. Chan Mi tells them directly that she suspects Osung to stop Osung from hurting Soo Heon further. While leaving, Chan Mi overhears the detectives talking about how Hyeok Geon’s murderer is left-handed.


Detective Hyun finds out that Won Seok’s phone was active under a church’s name, but it has been turned off since the day Chan Mi said she received the call. Hyun goes to Yongtan Park, where Won Seok’s number was last used to call Chan Mi. However, he sees Su Yeon and Chan Mi talking. Su Yeon leaves as soon as he arrives because he has interrogated her suspiciously before. Su Yeon has made the decision to drop out of school because the only way to save Soo Heon is for her, who was the mediator, to disappear. Soo Heon tells Chan Mi about Jae Bom’s ambidexterity and his using the wrong name, which makes Chan Mi think of the conversation she had with Jae Bom about his twin brother, who is no longer alive. Their conversation shifts to whether right-handed people are right-footed as well. Soo Heon has seen many athletes use the same dominant leg as their dominant hand. This makes Chan Mi think about checking what leg Won Seok’s murderer used, and she asks Sejin for the video. Though both Soo Heon and Chan Mi think it is the left leg, they are not sure.

Jae Bom has started regaining his memories, and he has something to say to both Osung and Ji Hyun. He meets both of them and tells them that he knows that Osung likes Ji Hyun, but Ji Hyun doesn’t know that Osung has a video of him kissing her. He asks Osung why he tried to kill him and further asks if it was because he defended Won Seok. Osung confesses all of it to be true and also agrees that he tried to frame Won Seok. However, he further asked Jae Bom if he held a grudge against Won Seok and pushed him out the window. Osung knows a lot about Jae Bom, including that Jae Bom has a multiple personality disorder. Chan Mi and Soo Heon have become a little suspicious of Jae Bom, but their suspicion gets stronger when Soo Heon sees Jae Bom stealing his phone. Soo Heon makes a plan to see if Jae Bom could be the murderer. He makes an excuse to go to Jae Bom’s home, and Chan Mi sends him a photo of a phone, saying that she has found Won Seok’s phone and that he has been caught. Soo Heon notices Jae Bom getting uneasy. Jae Bom tells Soo Heon that he has urgent work and leaves the house. He goes straight to the horse stable and starts searching through a box. He finds Won Seok’s phone and gets relieved. However, Soo Heon has been following him and catches him red-handed. Won Seok’s phone clearly proves that Jae Bom is his murderer.


Why Did Jae Bom Run Off?

Soo Heon catches Jae Bom red-handed, but Jae Bom acts clueless as if he doesn’t know what he is doing. Soo Heon calls him a murderer, but before he can speak further, Osung hits him in the head, and he faints. Jae Bom should be happy that Osung saved him, but he has a lot of questions for him. He asks Osung how he knows that he killed Park Won Seok and if he took advantage of his multiple personality disorder to gaslight him into killing Won Seok. If Osung hadn’t manipulated Jae Bom’s memories, his alternate personality, Jae Joon, wouldn’t have killed Won Seok. Osung tells Jae Bom that whichever personality it is, he is still a murderer. Soo Heon returns home and informs Chan Mi that Jae Bom has Won Seok’s phone so he is the murderer. However, he thinks that the person who hit him is the accomplice. They meet the detectives to tell them everything that happened the previous night, and that’s when they find out that Jae Bom has been reported missing. Detective Hyun received the CCTV footage from Yongtan Park on the day Chan Mi received a call from Won Seok’s phone. Both Osung and Jae Bom were in the park that day. However, detective Hyun notices something odd.

Chan Mi meets Osung to apologize to him for accusing him of murder. Osung doesn’t accept her apology and asks her who the real murderer is, to which Chan Mi replies that he already knows. Osung guesses that Soo Heon must have seen him at the horse stable. Chan Mi asks him about the whereabouts of Jae Bom. Osung claims that he doesn’t know, but Chan Mi calls him an accomplice in Won Seok’s murder. Osung loses his temper when Chan Mi shows him that she has recorded everything and calls detective Jin in front of him to tell her that Osung was with Jae Bom in the horse stable. Soo Heon requests that Ji Hyun put a GPS tracker inside Osung’s bag, but Osung doesn’t step out of his house. However, Su Yeon, who has dropped out of school and has been working in another city, sees Jae Bom on a Yacht. Chan Mi goes to meet Jae Bom but lies to Soo Heon that she is going to Ajung. On the other side, the detectives confirm that the other person at Hyeok Geon’s murder site is Jae Bom.


Chan Mi confronts Jae Bom, and he confesses that he did kill Won Seok, and he remembered all of it only a few days ago. Jae Bom looks sincerely guilty, but soon enough, his other self comes out and becomes violent. Jae Joon inside him attacks Chan Mi, but Chan Mi requests that he get out of Jae Bom’s body. Jae Joon claims that he and Jae Bom are one, but Chan Mi tells him that Jae Bom is a nice person, and that Jae Joon should leave him alone. Jae Joon appears only when Jae Bom seems to be in danger, and all the crimes that Jae Bom committed were actually committed by his alternate personality. At the time of Hyeok Geon’s murder, Jae Bom had followed Soo Heon, but Hyeok Geon started accusing him of assault when he tried to untie him. That’s why Jae Joon came out and killed Hyeok Geon. Jae Bom comes back to his senses and tries to shoot himself in the head with Chan Mi’s gun, but she manages to stop him. The detectives arrive and finally arrest Won Seok’s murderer.

Osung, the reason behind all the chaos, is still not satisfied. He ties up Ji Hyun on the school terrace and tells her to call Soo Heon. Osung threatens to kill Ji Hyun and orders Soo Heon to kneel and apologize. Osung has a knife with him, and while Soo Heon defends himself, Osung loses control and slips. He falls down the terrace, and the students see Soo Heon as well. 


‘Revenge Of Others’ Ending Explained

The students start discussing whether Soo Heon will get arrested now, but as soon as Minha hears the news, she broadcasts a message to all the students saying that the hero who beat up her rapist is Soo Heon, and she requests them to support him. As this message goes viral, the students start gossiping about how bad Osung is and how he deserves to get punished. In no time, the students find out that Jae Bom got arrested for murdering Won Seok and that Osung gaslighted him into doing so. When the detectives interrogated the students, all the students lied that there was no one else with Osung when he fell down and that he probably jumped by himself. The detectives know that they are all lying, but they cannot force a testimony out of them. This sets Soo Heon free, but he still drops out of school to enjoy his uncertain life. Chan Mi graduates from high school and joins the Marine Corps as a non-commissioned officer. Though Chan Mi and Soo Heon take different paths, they continue to support each other as partners. 

“Revenge Of Others” revolved around two suspects for one murder, and a third person turned out to be the culprit. The story managed to keep Jae Bom’s secret for a long time without giving any obvious hints. The characters were written and acted so well. Osung’s confidence while refusing to commit crimes was too convincing, and at the same time, everything in the story was plotted in a way to point out Osung as the culprit. Though he was not the direct murderer of Won Seok, he committed all the other crimes and gaslighted Jae Bom with a straight face and no regrets.


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