‘Red Queen’ Episode 4-5-6 Recap Summary: Who Is Mr. White? 

In the previous three episodes of Red Queen, we witnessed Ezequiel’s abduction of Laura Trueba and Ramon Ortiz’s firstborns as a form of vengeance for their parents’ actions, intending to make the children suffer for the parents’ guilt. To solve these crimes, Antonia, a woman with an IQ of 242, along with Jon Gutiérrez, a cop, embarked on an investigation while collaborating with the Red Queen organization to tackle dangerous cases like these. However, the plot takes a dramatic turn when Antonia herself is abducted. Red Queen Episodes 4, 5, and 6 unravel numerous mysteries that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Will Antonia manage to save herself and the other victims? And will the truth behind the crimes, including Ezequiel’s true identity, finally be revealed? These questions keep the audience eagerly awaiting the recap of episodes 4, 5, and 6 of the Amazon Prime series Red Queen.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Mr. White? 

One night, Antonia and her husband were enjoying a romantic dinner at a restaurant when a mysterious figure approached her, warning her about Mr. White, the most intelligent and dangerous man in the world. This individual claimed that Antonia’s actions as the Red Queen had caused Mr. White to lose everything, prompting him to seek revenge not only on her but also on others associated with the secretive activities of the Red Queen organization. Later that night, as Antonia returned home with her husband, they were ambushed by someone clad in white. Tragically, Antonia’s husband was shot in the head, resulting in his hospitalization, while Antonia herself was injured. This incident shattered Antonia’s sanity, leading to her losing custody of her son, Jorge, as her father deemed her unfit to care for him. Ever since this horrific event, Antonia has been haunted by the enigmatic Mr. White. She keeps tabs on him, desperate to prevent any further harm to herself or others. However, Mr. White remains an elusive figure, with his true identity and motives shrouded in mystery. Despite her efforts, Antonia struggles to confront this formidable adversary, whose unparalleled intelligence poses a significant threat to her well-being and that of those around her. As a result of the trauma inflicted by Mr. White, Antonia has withdrawn from her work with the Red Queen organization, grappling with the mental and emotional toll of his torment.


What Did Antonia Find Out About Ezequiel? 

When Antonia regains consciousness after being kidnapped by Ezequiel, she finds herself surrounded by murals above her head. These murals depict scenes of “bilita mpash,” which means “dreams of happiness,” and include various images of different places in Madrid, along with newspaper clippings detailing illegal evictions, mortgages, and fines. These clues suggest that Ezequiel intended for Antonia to uncover something about his past without causing her harm. Using her phone, Antonia contacts Gutiérrez, who rescues her. Together, they investigate how Ezequiel abducted Laura Trueba’s son from a highly secure residence. Reviewing CCTV footage, they discover a glitch that shows the identity of the abductor, later revealed to be a woman. Seeking more information, Antonia and Gutiérrez visit a tattoo parlor about the tattoo on Ezequiel’s hand, which was done for NBC police officers. They went to a former NBC police officer’s house in the city and found out about someone named Fajardo. He disappeared from their group and was later admitted to a mental hospital following the death of his daughter. Struggling to cope with the loss, he descended into madness and eventually burned in a fire in a dungeon. Shockingly, no one has seen his body, which makes people think he is not dead but has vanished. Antonia suspects a connection between Fajardo and Ezequiel. Further investigation leads them to a mental hospital where Fajardo stayed. They uncover documents revealing Fajardo’s troubled past, including instances of sexual abuse and struggles with PTSD and bipolar disorder. Meanwhile, some women called Officer Parra about Ezequiel’s car being found in a parking lot with Carla Ortiz’s shoe inside. This leads Antonia to a startling revelation: perhaps Fajardo’s daughter is not dead after all; rather, she is very much alive and has been helping her father in his wrongful actions all along, and maybe she is the one who abducted and killed Alvaro and Carla, not Fajardo. 

Who Is Sandra? 

In the midst of the chaos, Sandra finds herself trapped alongside Carla in the dungeon, enduring the brutality of rape and torture. Carla tries to empathize with her, as she realizes they are both in this together. However, it’s later revealed that it was all a false show. She is the true mastermind behind the whole ordeal, as she is the real Ezequiel, acting as her father Fajardo’s accomplice. Orchestrating the entire abduction and murder scheme, she lured the police to their house so that they could rescue Carla, only to trap and bomb them. Her father, Fajardo, obediently follows her commands as he seeks to make amends for past wrongdoings inflicted upon her. This suggests a cycle of abuse, where Fajardo might have subjected his daughter to the same torment he had endured from his own father. Recognizing his sins, Fajardo complies with her demands in hopes of earning her forgiveness. This revelation occurs when she visits Carla in the basement, taunting her with the assertion that she has killed those who attempted to rescue her. She portrays Fajardo as weak, contrasting herself as resolute and unwavering. She reveals her sinister plan to poison Carla with drugged water, aiming to replicate the fate of her previous victim. Additionally, she inflicts psychological torment on Fajardo, cutting his finger when he questions her actions. In the end, she disguises herself with a black wig and goes to Jorge’s school to abduct him, aiming to draw Antonia into her scheme by exploiting her intellectual prowess.


Ultimately, Sandra issues an ultimatum to Antonia, giving her a choice between her son Jorge and Carla, with a deadline of 30 hours before both victims are killed. Meanwhile, Jorge’s grandfather suspects Antonia herself may have abducted her son, leading to the arrest of both Antonia and Gutiérrez. Determined to rescue her son and bring Sandra and Fajardo to justice, Antonia adopts a disguise to evade the police and pursue her mission. Will she succeed? The final episode holds the answer.

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