Amazon’s ‘Red Queen’ Episodes 1-2-3 Recap Summary: Is Alvaro Trueba Dead?

Red Queen is an Amazon Prime TV series based on a popular Spanish-language book by Juan Gómez-Jurado. The story centers around Antonia Scott, a remarkably intelligent girl with an IQ of 242. She’s recruited to be part of a secret police project in an organization called Red Queen. Police officer Jon Gutiérrez asked to be her squire, and they’re tasked with solving two interconnected crimes. The first case involves the gruesome murder of the son of a powerful banker named Laura Trueba in her mansion. Simultaneously, the daughter of the wealthiest man in Madrid named Ramon Ortiz is kidnapped. Antonia and Jon suspect these crimes are linked, orchestrated by the same perpetrator to send a chilling message. As they dive into the investigation, they encounter numerous challenges. Will they be able to decipher the clues and catch the culprit before it’s too late? Or will they fall victim to the sinister plans of the perpetrator? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Mentor Ask Gutiérrez And Antonia To Join Forces? 

Gutiérrez is a police officer known for his kindness and tendency to help those in need, even if it means he gets into trouble. Unfortunately, his good intentions sometimes backfire, leading people to wrongly label him as a corrupt cop. This misunderstanding costs him his badge and gun, despite him never doing anything wrong. Mentor, the supervisor of the secret Red Queen organization, recognizes Gutiérrez’s potential. He knows Gutiérrez understands the streets well and can be trusted, especially with Antonia Scott, their most valued asset. Mentor promises to restore Gutiérrez’s badge and gun if he can persuade Antonia to join their cause. Initially, Antonia is hesitant to trust Gutiérrez. However, she eventually agrees when she realizes the importance of the Red Queen team’s mission. Mentor also sees that both Antonia and Gutiérrez can be trusted to keep the group’s operations confidential, as they deal with shady crimes that are unknown to most people. Mentor explains that dangerous criminals are committing terrible crimes unnoticed by the police. That’s why he formed the Red Queen agency in Europe, gathering the best agents with exceptional abilities to stop these criminals. Antonia, being their top asset, receives special capsules to help manage her anxiety and occasional hallucinations due to her excessive brain activity. Gutiérrez vows to protect Antonia with all his heart, recognizing the significance of their partnership in the Red Queen organization. Together, they embark on a journey to tackle the darkest corners of society and bring justice to those who operate in the shadows.


What Was Revealed About Alvaro Trueba’s Murder? 

Antonia and Gutiérrez arrived at Laura Trueba’s house, a banker whose son, Alvaro Trueba, had been murdered. As they entered, Mentor urged Antonia to remain calm and utilize her high IQ to uncover the truth. Inside, they discovered the body of Laura Trueba’s son seated, his upper head missing along with his eyes, leaving only the lower portion intact. Brain matter, eyeballs, and cartilage were scattered, indicating severe damage likely caused by liquid nitrogen in the brain. The Red Queen forensic team assisted Antonia in the investigation. Antonia used her unique ability to connect with the deceased, touching the body and surrounding objects to reveal the cause of death. She determined that Alvaro had succumbed to hypovolemic shock and hypoxemia, bleeding to death. The perpetrator had deliberately introduced a cannula into his carotid, draining his blood slowly and purposefully. Before death, the victim had ingested oil and wine, suggesting a religious ritual conducted by the killer so that his sin could be washed off and God could be with him. Antonia further understood from the autopsy report that Alvaro had been kidnapped from the residence, evading tight security, before being murdered elsewhere. His body was then strategically placed in the home to hurt his mother, which showcases the careful planning by the perpetrator.

What Was Revealed About Carla Ortiz’s Kidnap? 

On the same night, the perpetrator kidnapped Carla Ortiz, the daughter of millionaire Ramon Ortiz, as she was returning home. While she was passing through a jungle in her car, the perpetrator attacked and killed her driver and the horse she was taking with her, attached in a cart with the car. Despite Carla’s attempts to escape, she was captured and locked in a dark tank. Deprived of food, water, and sleep, Carla endured torture until she reluctantly provided the perpetrator with access to her cloud account password for some peace. The perpetrator, using the pseudonym Ezequiel, contacted Carla’s father, Ramon, asserting his role as an agent of retribution. He claimed to be punishing Carla and others like her for the sins of their parents. Thus, he inflicts pain on them for vengeance. Carla and Alvaro were both tormented by him for their parents’ guilt so that they would suffer. When questioned by Carla and Gutiérrez during the investigation, Ramon’s silence when asked about any demands made by Ezequiel further raised suspicions. Antonia began searching the house for any clues regarding Carla’s abduction. Utilizing her vivid imagination, she examined various items, such as photographs, medications, and even a comb used by Carla. Antonia gained insight into Carla’s deep affection for her hair, contrasted with her disregard for her body. She made herself believe she had a happy childhood. Despite her love for her son, Carla grappled with self-loathing and a desire to distance herself from her father’s influence, striving to create her own identity.


How Was Antonia Kidnapped By Ezequiel? 

Antonia and Gutiérrez went to the forest in search of Carla or any signs of Ezequiel, hoping to find clues to rescue Carla. Antonia noticed the presence of numerous bugs in the area where they discovered the dead bodies of the driver and the horse. As they investigated, Ezequiel suddenly appeared behind them in a car, intending to harm Antonia. Gutiérrez intervened, saving her, and they followed Ezequiel in a car. Ezequiel fired shots at their vehicle as they drove recklessly behind him, attempting to get a picture of him. Although they could not get hold of him, they did manage to learn from the photos that Ezequiel had a tattoo on his hand, which could potentially provide a lead to his identity. Despite questioning Laura and Ramon, they were of no help, which indicates they were hiding something, fearing the consequences of revealing their guilt in front of the whole world. Realizing their efforts were of no use, Antonia took a cab, only to find out Ezequiel was driving the car. She attempted to attack him and escape, but Ezequiel warned her that she had nowhere to go. Trapped in the car with the windows shut tight, Antonia realized the imminent danger she was in.

The next episodes of Red Queen will be packed with suspense and intense drama with lots of twists and turns! Viewers may witness Antonia’s harrowing ordeal as she becomes trapped by Ezequiel in a dark dungeon, much like his previous victims. However, her exceptional IQ of 242 presents a glimmer of hope, as she may uncover an escape route and rescue herself and others entrapped by the perpetrator. As the plot unfolds, the mystery surrounding the parents, particularly Ramon and Laura, deepens. Ezequiel’s actions suggest a desire for revenge, as he continuously claims he is not weak while writing his letter to his father while tormenting the inmates. It is hinted that they may have a dark history with Ezequiel’s father, possibly linked to past wrongdoing. 


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