‘Red Queen’ (2024) Ending Explained & Finale Episode 7 Recap: What Happens To Antonia?

In the previous episode, Antonia and Gutierrez were determined to locate where Ezequiel had hidden Carla Ortiz. Their investigation led them to uncover the true identity of Ezequiel, who turned out to be Sandra, Fajardo’s daughter. Sandra, the real mastermind behind the murders and abductions, sought revenge and aimed to emotionally break Antonia by also kidnapping her son, Jorge. Now, the pressing question remains: Will Antonia be able to save her son, rescue Carla, and bring Sandra and Fajardo to justice? The answers lie in the final episode of the Amazon Prime series Red Queen.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Laura Help Antonia? 

Ezequiel, aka Sandra, has given Antonia a deadline of 30 hours to find her son Jorge before she makes good on her threat to kill both Jorge and Carla. Faced with this ticking clock, Antonia is desperate to evade the police’s attention and take Gutierrez’s help, even involving his mother to secure his release from the hospital and avoid arrest. Meanwhile, Sandra prepares to carry out her deadly plan, donning a striking red attire to execute Carla and Jorge and take her revenge. Before embarking on the rescue mission for her son, Antonia visits Laura Trueba and drops a bombshell revelation: Alvaro Trueba, Laura’s son who was believed to be murdered by Ezequiel, is actually alive and hiding at Laura’s assistant Teresa’s house. It was actually Teresa’s son who was killed by Ezequiel. Antonia realizes this when she notices that her son’s dead body did not have the distinctive chin dimple that Alvaro had. Antonia observed this from their pictures during her investigation. Recognizing Antonia’s sharp intellect, Laura hands her a firearm, encouraging her to take down Ezequiel and her partner in crime. However, Antonia remains unsuccessful in persuading Laura to speak the truth about what Ezequiel demanded from her to secure the return of her son—this still remains a mystery.


How Did Antonia And Gutierrez Save Carla And Jorge? 

As Antonia decoded Sandra’s clue, she realized that their secret cabin was hidden in the underground world of Madrid, in the center of the city. Fajardo’s past as an NBC officer provided him with intricate knowledge of the underground passages. Venturing into the depths of the tunnel, Antonia and Gutierrez encountered a chilling sight: bombs strategically placed throughout the tunnels, ticking away to destroy the city and everyone in it. Sandra’s sinister plan was revealed—she intended for Antonia and Gutierrez to unwittingly step on the bombs so that it could lead to their demise. During their journey, Gutierrez came across some old photos of himself, Antonia, and his cherished mother. This discovery stirred up a whirlwind of emotions within him and reminded him of the sick psychological game Sandra was playing with him and Antonia. While walking through the tunnels, Antonia battled her hallucinations induced by the strain on her mind.

Drawing upon her inner resilience, she focused on the thoughts of her son, using them as a stabilizing force. Together, they walked through the treacherous tunnels, dodging the imminent danger of an explosion. Finally, as they reached the location, Antonia planted a phone with a voice recording to signal her arrival. This was a ploy to distract Sandra, also known as Ezequiel, so that Gutierrez could proceed to rescue Jorge and Carla. Upon Sandra’s departure from the basement to get hold of Antonia, Fajardo made his move to execute Carla and Jorge, following Sandra’s orders. When he entered Carla’s cabin, she swiftly grabbed a tile from the wall, shoved it into Fajardo’s eyes, and seized his keys to free Jorge. Despite Fajardo’s attempt to pursue them, Gutierrez intervened, holding a gun to his head to ensure Carla and Jorge could flee from there safely. They got out of the cabin, but Ezequiel fired a gunshot at Gutierrez and resumed his chase. Surprisingly, Fajardo spared Jorge, as he was a little boy, and he believed that God was observing his actions. As Fajardo prepared to kill Carla, Gutierrez intervened again, prompting Ezequiel to stab him in the back. However, Carla summoned the courage to shoot Fajardo from behind, ultimately ending his life. Taking Jorge with them, Gutierrez and Carla escaped. Antonia informed Ezequiel that she was alone now, as Gutierrez had successfully rescued both her son and Carla. This signified that her father’s death had rendered her entire plan futile. However, Ezequiel defiantly said that she was not alone and refused to accept defeat. Then, she stepped on the bomb, triggering an explosion that caused her to vanish before Antonia’s eyes, much like her father Fajardo had vanished many years ago. This disappearance led people to believe she was dead, though she was not. Fortunately, Antonia was saved from the explosion.


What Is Finally Revealed? 

At the series’ end, Antonia finds solace in reconnecting with her son, much like Alvaro Trueba did with his mother, Laura. Gutierrez receives recognition in the police department, transforming him from a corrupt officer into a respected and courageous cop. Antonia’s evolution is evident as she embraces Gutierrez, expressing gratitude for his unwavering support and protection. This gesture marks a significant shift for her, from avoiding physical contact to embracing her most trusted ally. However, Gutierrez delivers a shocking revelation to Antonia. He discloses that the police conducted a DNA test on Fajardo’s daughter’s grave, uncovering the truth that his daughter is indeed dead. This revelation casts doubt on Sandra’s identity. If Sandra is not Fajardo’s daughter, then who is she? It seems impossible for her to be Fajardo’s daughter. This revelation deepens the mystery surrounding the twisted situation even further.

Then, Antonia realized something profound. This whole ordeal wasn’t merely an act of revenge or a game of good versus evil. After Antonia’s husband was hospitalized, she spiraled into deep emotional turmoil, leading her to the brink of committing suicide. It became evident that someone orchestrated this entire situation to draw her out of her cocoon and use her intellect to solve the crimes. Antonia pondered to herself, considering who could be behind it all. Perhaps it was Mr. White, the mysterious figure who manipulated her and others like puppets, much like he did with Fajardo, convincing him that Sandra was his resurrected daughter to play this elaborate mind game.


It seemed everything unfolded according to his sinister plan, where Antonia, Gutierrez, and everyone else were mere pawns. There is a possibility that Mr. White might be none other than Mentor, as he was the one who recruited her for the mission, sent Gutierrez to bring her from her home, and put her under psychological strain and drugged her to exploit her intellect. This revelation hinted at something more sinister within the Red Queen organization than meets the eye, suggesting that its purpose may extend beyond solving heinous crimes. Ultimately, Red Queen serves as a riveting exploration of human nature, filled with twists, turns, and unexpected revelations. Antonia, Gutierrez, and other survivors must grapple with the aftermath of their harrowing ordeal while striving to rebuild their lives.

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