‘Rain Dogs’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Does Costello’s New Date Go?

Of late, it’s been rougher than usual for Costello. She has an article in the London Informer newspaper addressing her as a prostitute; she has lost her job and is completely broke and mentally broken. Florian and Gloria have been her only windows, but one can only vent so much through windows, especially when the windows themselves are broken. She needs a door that lets her out and maybe even lets her start over, leaving behind her past and present for a new future. But can you ever make the past stop chasing you? Here’s what happens in Episode 3 of “Rain Dogs.”


Spoilers Ahead

An Inmate’s Debt

Florian is at a posh restaurant, where he encounters his not-so-posh friend from prison, Mason. It is time for Florian to clear his debt, which is 20k. As expected, he doesn’t have the money and feels that he will get away with asking for more time. But when Mason brings up Iris in a threatening tone, Florian realizes that Mason means business. Indeed, Mason has bought stakes in a bar in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, and thus needs the money. He gives Florian 48 hours’ notice as an ultimatum and leaves. Florian tries his hand betting at the races but fails. He then goes to his mother Allegra’s mansion, with whom he has an inexplicably strained relationship, which is also the reason why he has never addressed her as “mother” or “mommy” but just “Allegra.” They are clearly rich, but money cannot mend broken relationships. And Florian apparently has better things to do than listen to Allegra’s hopes for him about achieving fortune and acclaim. Unable to bear these words from her, Florian leaves, thinking that she is a lost cause. He still doesn’t have 20k in his pockets.


Time To Sleep

Costello is with Gloria inside the morgue of the funeral home where Gloria works, talking about Costello’s new supposed fling. Talk about a time and place for everything. She tells Gloria that Richard, the photographer (“Rain Dogs” Episode 2), is cooking dinner and hopes that it will finally be her chance after a very long time to sleep with a guy. Gloria hopes the same for her. Costello is all dressed up and looks at herself in the mirror, all set to go to bed with Richard. But the dinner date turns sour as Richard tries to usher her inside a garbage bin of all places imaginable for a dinner outing. Richard is the “Robin Hood of the bins,” apparently, and Costello has no idea what to make of it. Thankfully, it is Florian who comes to the rescue. He takes them both to a restaurant, where they all eat together. The dinner ends with Richard believing that Costello and Florian have a very toxic relationship, which is quite true. Florian acknowledges it too. Later on, Florian tries to make Costello understand that she cannot spend her time with Richard as he is using her. But she is ready for whatever Richard has to offer, or so she thinks.

While Costello is away, Iris is with Gloria at a gaming parlor. While playing, Iris asks Gloria the meaning of an obscene word, something that her friend, Ava’s mother (“Rain Dogs” Episode 2) saw in an article in the newspaper addressing Costello. Gloria makes up her mind to “rectify” Ava and her mother’s impression of Costello. Some people really need to take a look at themselves in the mirror.


Letter For Later

That night, Costello and Richard are at the former’s flat, but her yearning to sleep with a guy remains unfulfilled. The next morning, fed up with all of it, Costello tells Richard to get out of her flat and leave immediately. As Richard leaves, an emotionally bugged-up Costello picks up some pieces of mail from the floor that have arrived. One of them catches her eye as it looks different than the rest. It has a heart on it. She opens it only to find that it is from her mother. She rushes out to the corridor to check, but there’s no one. It seems that her mother has found her. And she isn’t glad about it at all, quite the opposite. She is scared.

Costello heads to Gloria’s and asks her to pick up Iris from school. Gloria informs her of the Ava situation that she has to sort out with the mothers of Iris’s friends. She also asks Gloria to pick up Ava, as Iris has a playdate that night. After this, she leaves.


Bruton Bound

Florian is back at Allegra’s, and this time he isn’t alone. He has brought along Mason to persuade her to give him the money. Allegra pays Mason the 20k and tells Florian that he will be moving to their house in Bruton that night. The house has been empty all this time. He will receive his allowance, but that’s all. There is no discussion to be had on the matter.

Costello is at Lenny’s place (Episode 2) and tells him about Richard and her mother’s return. Lenny apparently knows about her mother; from his words, it seems that Costello’s mother isn’t likable. Throughout the conversation, Lenny had been painting Costello. Once he is done, he pays her for it, and she leaves. In a way, Lenny, too, is one of her customers.


‘Rain Dogs’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Who Is Costello’s Mother?

Costello returns home and finds that Iris has locked herself inside a room, with Gloria trying to console her and apologize to her. She finds out that Gloria abused Ava’s mother in front of Iris and has thus made Iris look stupid in front of her friends. Costello had told Gloria that she would take care of it herself, but Gloria apparently let Ava’s mom get on her nerves. Costello asks Gloria to leave. She leaves after apologizing to Iris. Iris then comes out and hugs her mom. The fact that Iris was hurt by the way Gloria behaved with Ava’s mother in public proves that Iris has a mature sense of social understanding. She knows that Gloria didn’t have to pull a stunt like that.

Florian arrives at the flat and finds out about Costello’s mother’s letter from her. It seems that he, too, knows about her mother. Seeing how scared Costello is, he asks her to come with him to Burton. They would have a fresh start, and he would adopt Iris. That way, the child could also go to a new and better school. As taken aback as Costello is by the offer, she knows that it is her only chance to escape from this life and get a new one, especially for her daughter. “Rain Dogs” Episode 3 ends with Florian, Costello, and Iris leaving London in the middle of the night in Florian’s car.


We need to know who Costello’s mother is. The way Lenny and Florian react when they find out about her proves that she didn’t make a good impression on them. But since the three people are moving to a new place, it might still take time for Costello’s mother to catch up to them. “Rain Dogs” Episode 4 might throw some light on this mystery.

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