‘Platonic’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Sylvia Get Kirk Friedkin’s Portrait Fixed?

In the previous episode of Platonic, Will broke up with Peyton, but she isn’t the one to undergo the pain that comes with it; Will is. For Peyton, they never had anything that even called for a breakup. And Will almost yelled at his best friend (Sylvia) for what he believed in, i.e., he and Peyton have a deep connection. Well, there was never any connection to begin with, it seems. We must remember that Peyton is Sylvia’s new babysitter, and we doubt that she will sack her just because Will has broken ties with her.


Spoilers Ahead

Association And Creation 

It is Sylvia’s first day on the job, and it gets two beginnings: the first one being hampered by her son Simon’s love for milk, which causes him to spill some of it on her new suit; that leads to the second one. Some might consider this a bad omen, especially after what transpires later, but for others, it is just how things are with Sylvia, i.e., never simple. She will be joining the company as an associate. Katie is glad to see Sylvia’s new avatar, and it is apt how Sylvia speaks to others about her new job, which only shows how proud she is of herself. This happens to all of us, doesn’t it? Maybe she and Katie won’t be able to hang out like they used to, but it’s the best feeling to tell a best friend about an achievement. But she will be working with people half her age. And this is what worries Charlie, thanks to Stewart, who tells him how awkward it can get for her. Stewart is Charlie’s reality-check guy.


Meanwhile, Sylvia appears more than ready to take on her new role, one that she has apparently waited for for 13 years. She is glad to be back at work but has to make do with a group of people she has no idea how to interact with. Sometimes, being overly friendly can be offensive. She manages to get over it, but not over what follows. On her first day itself, she has a lot of files to go through, and she gets tired, but she isn’t the one to crumble under pressure. It is a portrait of Kirk Friedkin that she accidentally hits, that has to suffer; and it rips right across the face. Thankfully, it is nighttime, so there isn’t anyone around other than her and one other associate, whom she manages to prevent from seeing it. But that doesn’t mean that the problem is solved. She cannot be responsible for a torn portrait of the owner of the company she has just joined. As always, there is only one person she can think of who might just be able to get her out of this situation, i.e., Will.

Will gives his business partners, i.e., Reggie and Andy, glasses of his newly made beer that they both love. But it is too costly and isn’t profitable. Will believes that the beer will raise the standard of their bar, and Reggie agrees to apply Will’s strategy for a month. If it doesn’t work, they will use Reggie’s strategy. As a return gift for his new beer, Will even gets the day off. But we know that all Reggie wants is to keep Will away from the bar so that he can arrange for his own Kombucha party, something he knows Will will never agree to. Reggie is the more money-minded of the two, while Will always looks at the bar as a way to showcase his love for beer. Naturally, arguments will arise, but they need to be addressed rather than turned into disputes. And Reggie, Will, and Andy do look like guys who want what’s best for their bar, and each of them has a say in every matter. But there are exceptions, and one of these is on its way.


Rebuilding Bridges

After being unable to help Sylvia and spoiling the portrait further, Will reaches out to his ex-wife Audrey, an art consultant. Apparently, Will and Audrey are trying to rebuild bridges. Really? In the middle of the night, Will and Sylvia meet Audrey, who is clearly over Will. She owns a Porsche, which is indicative of how well she is doing in life. Her friend and professional art restorer, Gregory, aka Lord Rotero, agrees to repair the damage, but only after Audrey convinces him to. Sylvia’s pseudo-coolness almost got Gregory to say no to her. This is another time when Sylvia tries to adapt to her surroundings but fails, just like at her office. Maybe it is her overconfidence or just her trying to come out of the shell she has been in for a very long time, but she seems out of place, just as Will told her before they entered Gregory’s place. However, she isn’t as out of place as Will, who has no idea that his business partner Reggie is throwing a party at his bar and only comes to know about it from Audrey, who, by the way, is Reggie’s stepsister. Is this really why Reggie wanted Will to take the day off? He knew that Will wouldn’t agree to it, so he just sent him away. That’s twisted. 

Hard Kombucha 

Will and Sylvia arrive at the former’s bar, which is filled with people, including Peyton and Katie. Peyton is no longer the babysitter for Sylvia’s kids and is now a waitress. And from what she tells Sylvia and Will, she is the one who left the babysitting job. We cannot expect Sylvia to have fired Peyton because she is not like that. As for Katie, she is dating Andy but hasn’t told Sylvia about it. But why? No reason comes to mind other than that since Sylvia now has a different lifestyle, Katie, too, has decided to have a life of her own, one that she doesn’t feel the need to share with Sylvia. Will and Sylvia are both upset, but if you measure the quantity of their stress on a set of scales, Will’s stress will be heavier. But unbeknownst to him, Sylvia has already taken care of it. She has reported a gas leak. So no more partying. Sometimes sadistic pleasure is a lot of fun, especially when it is your labor that is being exploited.


Does Sylvia Get The Painting Fixed?

Sylvia and Will had no idea what was waiting for them at Gregory’s place. The guy, using his artistic mind, botched up the painting even more instead of fixing it. Imagine a Proboscis Monkey in a suit. That’s what the portrait seems like. Since there is no way to change it anymore, Sylvia has to make do with it in whatever way possible. She does manage to hide it from Kirk the next day, but it is CCTV that captures her ruining the portrait the previous night. We all know what is coming for her, and maybe even Sylvia does, but in such cases, denial reigns supreme. So, when Jessica from HR calls for her and shows her the footage, Sylvia goes on apologizing until Jessica stops her. Sylvia takes Jessica’s assurance as a positive sign and returns to her office. It is only later that Jessica finds her in her office and tells her that she has been fired. This is when the truth slowly sinks in. Sylvia has thus been fired on her second day on the job. Platonic Episode 7 ends with her “floating” out of her office. This shows that she doesn’t want to leave but is forced to.

We must see how Charlie reacts to Sylvia’s firing and the reason behind it. As for Will, he will probably take action against Reggie—not legal action but something that will be personal. After all, he went behind Reggie’s back to throw the party. Let’s wait and see what Platonic Episode 8 has in store for us.

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