‘Platonic’ Season 2: What Can We Expect Next From Apple Series?

The brand new Apple TV show Platonic is one of the endearing representations of friendship on television in recent memory. Even though there was nothing much to explore content-wise, the show does have a decent repeat value because with every 30 minute episode, it ends up sharing a lot of stories  of love, friends, and understanding. Created by Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco, Platonic is about a pair of old friends who have reconnected after many years and are trying to understand if things between them are still the same.

Platonic season one’s finale had a mini-showdown between Will and Sylvia. It was about how they perceive things around them, and Will expecting Sylvia to be herself, the free, independent woman that she always was. As per the long-term friendship that they shared, Will had always seen her as a go-getter, but this brand-new Sylvia is a people-pleaser, and he spends a lot of time looking for the older version of her. Maybe he didn’t realize that people grow up, and it is only the core that never changes. This is the case with Sylvia as well. She is the same with her husband Charlie, best friend Katie, and now Will, and it is only to the public that she must be another version of herself. Will probably does not understand that and ends up calling her a bored housewife, a bit of an insensitive remark. All Sylvia tried to do was be there for him as he was going through a tough time after the divorce.

Sylvia, on the other hand, feels Will is trying too hard to recreate some old magic in their friendship, and he is unwilling to see that he is stuck in time and does not want to move ahead. She ends up calling him an aging, frustrated hipster who is unable to channel his anger. This might be true of him because he is not allowing himself to deal with reality and expects things to fall into place as per his whims. Sylvia turned out to be the mature one of the lot because she pushed him to get hold of the high-paying job of his interest at Johnny Rev’s company. He ends up taking up the job offer after realizing he needs to move forward in life and take up the challenge.

They meet after a year, and by the looks of it, things are civil between the two. They are appreciative of what they have achieved so far, and it wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t nudged each other. Sylvia is a full-time event planner, whereas Will is running the beer and spirits division and is now engaged to the new CEO of the company he is working for. Will and Jenna are showing interest in hiring Sylvia as their wedding planner because they are impressed with what she did with Katie and Andy’s wedding.

Season two will most probably begin with Will and Jenna living a blissful life as an engaged couple, and Sylvia might end up finding some flaws in Jenna just as she did with Will’s first wife. She might have promised to keep her nose out of his relationship, but she probably won’t be able to stop being herself and talking about a major red flag she came across in Jenna. This is just speculation for if Platonic is renewed for a second season. There could be a possible scenario where, as a wedding planner as well, she would want the wedding to go through because it pays her bills, but on the other hand, she wouldn’t want for Will to go through another painful divorce, which will result in him winding up alone.

Apart from this conflict, the two of them might retain their friendship while living in two cities and still always turn up for each other. This time around, Charlie would help and encourage her to meet Will as much as she could. There is a probability that Jenna might have an issue with how involved Sylvia might get in the wedding intricacies. Hopefully, Will this time will try to strike a balance between Jenna and Sylvia without upsetting either of them. There is a chance he will come up with a logical solution to this problem. In season two, we might also get to see how busy Sylvia will get with her job, in a manner that makes her feel content because she is not in a rut anymore. She will surely come across some bizarre problems related to her work, and she will end up finding decent solutions to them. She might also end up using Will or Charlie’s help to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Will seems like a person who is very secure about the fact that Jenna earns more than he does, but we might get to watch an insecure side of Will as well, like how he had a meltdown defending himself for dating Peyton. He felt insecure about his age and the fact that he thought people around him would judge him for dating a woman a lot younger than him, and he connected it to his post-divorce blues and mid-life crisis. There is a chance that a similar scenario might happen with Jenna because he is bound to showcase his insecurities in one way or another. He might have an issue with Jenna working more hours than he does. This is probably where Sylvia would come in handy to save their relationship. Jenna would finally be the woman who understood why Sylvia was important to Will, and the two women would get along.

Charlie could turn out to be a better husband than he was in the first season. He might become the epitome of a supportive spouse who pushes Sylvia to be the best version of herself. It would be interesting to see what turn his arc would take because he comes across as the goody-goody man who’s not above admitting to his mistakes as well. We are hoping Platonic will get a second season because it comes across as a decent entry into comedy drama where the writers are taking the work seriously and genuinely attempting to do something different from the usual clutter of television shows in the same genre.

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