‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Yi-Joo Ask Her Father?

Previously on Perfect Marriage Revenge, we caught a glimpse of Han Woon-Jae’s biggest secret, which he had hidden from everyone. In the past, Woon-Jae used to give out loans on heavy interest to people looking to borrow quick money. Woon-Jae had given some money to a woman, but when she was unable to return it, he’d started breathing down her neck. In the end, the woman hanged herself. Unfortunately, she was expecting at that time. Woon-Jae blamed himself for the woman’s death. His astrologer told him that Woon-Jae could get both his wealth and peace of mind back if he adopted a child. His son, Jin-Woong, did what he was asked to and adopted Yi-Joo. However, as the fifth episode was about to end, we learned that Yi-Joo was actually his own blood. Meanwhile, we also noticed that Yoo-Ra had a new plan in place: to wed Jung-Wook, Do-Kook’s older brother. Episode 6 kicked off with the moment we had all been waiting for. That moment was Yi-Joo’s long-awaited marriage to Do-Kook. Like always, her mother was there to mock her and remind her that she was adopted. While she left, Yi-Joo tried to raise a hand on her when Do-Kook intervened and stopped him. He made her understand that if she acted on her current feelings, she would ruin everything. At that point, Yi-Joo could very well understand that she would do more damage to Jung-Hye than a glass vase. Thus, she peacefully tied the knot and subtly hinted to Jung-Hye that she would destroy her family and everything that she loved.


Spoilers Ahead

Does Do-Kook Come Clean About His Past?

The couple’s first morning together wasn’t all giddy and romantic. However, one couldn’t deny that there were some romantic feelings between them. Do-Kook didn’t cook her breakfast, but he knew he could find her at the beach. He was right, and Yi-Joo couldn’t believe it. He also told her something she had been wanting to hear. Do-Kook told her what happened between his brother and him and what made Jung-Wook so bitter. The story dates back to the brothers’ formative years. When both Do-Kook and Jung-Wook were little, they went to the party on a cruise with their parents. Do-Kook played a prank on Jung-Wook, who was leaning on the rails. But he was startled and dropped his phone into the water. The phone belonged to Jung-Wook’s mother, and it was something she gave him before leaving his father. Since it was the last gift from his mother, Jung-Wook kept it like a treasure. He asked Do-Kook to get it, and he shoved him in the water. Do-Kook resisted and mistakenly pushed his brother into the water. Jung-Wook survived but hit his leg on the rails and got nerve damage. As a result, the injury left him crippled. Do-Kook tried to defend himself telling everyone that it was just a mistake, but no one believed him. Everyone said he’d pushed Jung-Wook intentionally. Jung-Wook reminded Do-Kook every day about it, and thus, he left home. Now that Do-Kook himself had come clean, Yi-Joo could rest easy, knowing her husband wasn’t in the wrong.


What Blunder Did Jung-Wook Make?

Taeja Construction’s Jung-Wook made a pretty big blunder. Jung Wook was handling a major housing project, and suddenly, without any prior increase in the price, the project needed some dough to stand as according to Jung-Wook said. His actions and decisions made a lot of buyers furious, because they were promised that there wouldn’t be any added cost. He also bribed many executives to back his claim, but it backfired. The union held them accountable and dismissed the old executives. Now, Jung-Wook needed to bribe that committee as well, but he had no money. The slush fund he’d withdrawn from the emergency fund was gone, exhausted. He needed to find a way real fast, or he would have no choice but to ask Taeja Group as a guarantor. This could not happen in any way, as it would tarnish both his and the company’s image. At this point, the only thing Jung-Wook could do was seek a private loan. But who would give the man such an outrageous amount? Maybe someone who benefited from their friendship. Maybe Jung-Hye from the Hanwool group could help him out. Even though Jung-Wook didn’t want to do it, he had no other choice.

Remember the cooking class that Yi-Joo joined to impress her mother-in-law? Well, from the host of that class, Yi-Joo learned that Jung-Hye had been selling her art abroad to wealthy clients without even giving her credit or money. This was news for Yi-Joo, as she had always believed that her mother had been throwing her paintings into the storeroom. Yi-Joo figured it was about time she put a dent in her mother’s plan. She did two things: she made her reporter friend write an article about her and asked her father to hand her the Han Gallery. This was too much for Jung-Hye to bear, as she wanted Yoo-Ra to inherit the gallery. The latter also believed that since she had millions of followers on Instagram, she would get the gallery. She was mistaken, and her father proved it. Jin-Woog immediately agreed and asked Jung-Hye to make the necessary preparations. Do-Kook also backed his idea, saying his company could also collaborate with the gallery and yield profit. He said that his company dealt with posh apartment buildings that were often in need of good painting to hang in their complex. As a final punch, Yi-Joo asked for complete credit and 50% as compensation.


So, what were Jung-Hye and Yoo-Ra’s reactions? Seeing the Han Gallery slip out of their grasp hit them like a concrete block. For a while, they turned on one another. Yoo-Ra called her mother a manipulator who manipulated her father into marrying her. In return, Jung-Hye raised his hands on her and hit her for such harsh words. Yoo-Ra didn’t expect such abuse from him as she had sacrificed so much for her. But we all know that she hadn’t sacrificed anything but gobbled up everything, including Yi-Joo’s rights and peace of mind.

What To Expect Next?

The climax of the episode shocked us, too. When Yi-Joo and Do-Kook were having dinner with their family, Jung-Wook walked in. He wasn’t alone but was accompanied by Yoo-Ra. The duo said they were dating and had been considering marriage. So, how did this happen? It was possible that Jung-Wook contacted Jung-Hye for some emergency funds, and the latter agreed on one condition. She asked Jung-Wook to marry her daughter so she could have one win over Yi-Joo. Jung-Wook was the official head of the Taeja Group and had more say in family and company matters. Jung-Wook’s decision shocked everyone, especially Yi-Joo and Do-Kook. Maybe in the next episode, Yoo-Ra will start to capitalize on this opportunity in ways that will hurt both Do-Kook and his wife. Who knows, maybe in the next episode, we will be seeing Yoo-Ra and Jung-Wook getting into a marriage contract just like Do-Kook and Yi-Joo?


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