‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: What Was Woon-Jae’s Biggest Secret?

In the last episode of Perfect Marriage Revenge, we got a glimpse of Do-Kook’s biggest secret. He had never told anyone this, but he suffers from past trauma and fears going anywhere near the water. This was why he collapsed near the pier and was rushed to the hospital. In reality, when he was a kid, he’d accidentally pushed Jung-Wook into the water. Jung-Wook sustained serious injuries and, sadly, became handicapped. Very few people knew about this because the Taeja Group used their name and power to cover up the incident. But ever since, Do-Kook has been having panic attacks and seeing a psychiatrist to control his episodes. From what we had seen so far, it was clear that Jung-Wook abhorred his stepbrother more than anything in the world. He couldn’t stand Do-Kook being happy, and maybe that was why he called Yi-Joo so he could turn her against her fiancé. But Yi-Joo refused to meet him and said she would rather hear the truth from Do-Kook himself. Wook also tried to cancel the contract with Do-Kook’s company but failed.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Yoo-Ra Isn’t Jin-Woong’s Favorite Daughter Anymore?

Madam Lee Taeja had made a decision: Do-Kook and Yi-Joo’s marriage would happen next month. Everyone in her family tried to get her to change her mind, saying it wouldn’t be possible to make preparations this soon. Following a lengthy conversation, they decided on a simple ceremony that would be arranged in their own house. Only a few guests, including the Taeja Group’s closest relatives, would be allowed to attend the event. However, Yoo-Ra and her mother weren’t delighted to hear it, and why should they be? Their entire plan was about to be obliterated.


Yoo-Ra made it clear that she wouldn’t be a part of Yi-Joo’s wedding. Unfortunately, she was no longer Jin-Woong’s favorite daughter. He had sidelined her and was showering Yi-Joo with blessings and love since she was soon to become a permanent part of Taeja Group, Korea’s biggest company. Moreover, Madam Lee Taeja, Yi-Joo’s soon-to-be mother-in-law, was on good terms with the head of the Financial Supervisory Service. Woong wanted to use her connection for his personal gain so he could acquire the savings bank. Not only this, he even decided to make Yi-Joo the head of the gallery, something Jung-Hye had wanted for Yoo-Ra for years. Jin-Woong believed that Do-Kook might spearhead the Taeja Group someday, and it would be good for their image if Yi-Joo had a leadership role somewhere. She also happened to paint, so Jin-Woong figured that a gallery might be a good place for her. Jin-Woong did have some plans for Yoo-Ra. He wanted to set her up with the second son of the Yookyung Group, who was now back from the States after completing his studies.

Why Did Jung-Hye Meet Wook?

Jung-Hye was resourceful, and thanks to manager Kim, she had no trouble finding out that Do-Kook wasn’t on good terms with his stepbrother, Jung-Wook. As expected of her, Jung-Hye decided to press that nerve. She met Jung-Wook in a cafe and staunchly claimed that, like her, Jung-Wook wasn’t happy about Do-Kook’s marriage. Jung-Hye figured that it wouldn’t be ideal from Jung-Wook’s position.


Jung-Hye showed him multiple photos of Madam Lee Taeja meeting her father-in-law, Woon-Jae. The photo showed him handing a bag filled with cash to Madam Lee Taeja. Moreover, the bank statement she presented next proved that he even took money out of his non-taxable account and transferred it into his friend’s. Since Woon Jae never spent a penny on anyone without gaining something from it, Jung-Hye suspected some foul play. She sowed the seeds of doubt in Jung-Wook’s mind that he wanted to harm the Taeja Group. Why? So, Jung-Wook could do her bidding. Jung-Hye was a genius when it came to exploiting people for her personal gain. It was easy for her to turn Jung-Wook against Yi-Joo; for him, the most important thing was the untarnished image of the Taeja Group.

What Happened Between Do-Kook And Jung-Wook At The Cafe?

Yi-Joo eventually decided to meet Jung-Wook. Like her, Wook was also an overlooked child. His parents got divorced when he was little. Later, his father married his stepmother and had Do-Kook and Do-Na. In his house, Jung-Wook was half the person the others were, as only he had a different mother. Yi-Joo had gone through the same predicament. She was never loved and was often ignored by her adoptive parents. Jung-Wook asked Yi-Joo why her grandfather, Woon-Jae, was so desperate to get her married to Do-Kook that he even tried bribing Madam Lee Taeja. However, before he could say another word, Do-Kook arrived. He tried to take Yi-Joo away, but Jung-Wook incited him by reminding him of their old memories. Do-Kook lost his cool and pushed him in front of the entire crowd. He even tried to beat him but was stopped by the cafe’s employees. Yoo-Ra was also in the same cafe and saw everything. Like her mother, she figured she could also use Jung-Wook for personal gain. As soon as Yoo-Ra was back home, she asked her mother to set her up with him.


What Was Woon-Jae’s Biggest Secret?

Madam Lee Taeja took Yi-Joo to an astrologer after the latter asked her to tell her everything she knew about her grandfather. Woon-Jae was a regular customer of the astrologer and once asked her for help to save him from a curse. In reality, Woon-Jae used to be a loan shark and had loaned some money to a woman. Unfortunately, the woman wasn’t able to repay the loan and killed herself. She was also 9 weeks pregnant at that time. Woon-Jae blamed himself for her death and tried to return the money he took from her but was kicked out of the funeral. Following that, his business went kaput, and he started bleeding money. The astrologer told Woon-Jae that he was cursed by the spirit of the deceased, and the only way to escape it was to adopt a child. That was why he made his son adopt Yi-Joo before he got married. Yi-Joo visited Woon-Jae in the retirement home, and he accidentally revealed something he had been hiding for years. In reality, Yi-Joo wasn’t Jin-Woong’s adopted daughter but his real one. She had no idea and always believed his family hated her because she was adopted. But in reality, Yi-Joo was the legitimate child and the heir to Jee Woong’s company. Jung-Hye, too, knew about this and had been sitting on it so she could use it at the right time. On the day of Yi-Joo’s marriage, Jung-Hye mocked her by subtly calling her an adopted child. Yi-Joo lost it and picked up a vase to hit her but was stopped by Do-Kook.

Final Verdict

Episode 5 of Perfect Marriage Revenge was the shortest so far, but definitely packed the most punch. The episode revealed something that had been sitting around since episode 1: Why was Woon-Jae so empathetic towards Yi-Joo when everyone in his family hated her? In reality, Woon-Jae had a guilty conscience, and Yi-Joo was his redemption. Now that Yi-Joo had learned about her true lineage, she would not back down and claim what was supposed to be hers: the gallery, the company, everything. However, this time, she might get cornered by Jung-Hye, who has now joined forces with Jung-Wook. She would also fight tooth and nail to ensure Yoo-Ra got married to Jung-Wook.


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