‘Other Monsters’ Ending, Explained: What Happened To Connor?

Ben Lanoha’s recent release, “Other Monsters,” is a thriller drama film starring Kris Park and Chloe Farnworth. The film contains several action sequences depicting violence and portrays a deep emotional attachment between the two lead characters. The screenplay could have been much better. However, the actors did an excellent job in making the film quite engaging.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Other Monsters’: What Happens In The Film?

The film starts with a scene where Connor Holloway (Kris Park) kills an old man after getting someone else’s address out of his mouth. Connor Holloway was a former army man who is now struggling to cope in society. He has become a regular drinker and begs around the corners of the streets. One day, he asks for a penny from two strangers, and they start beating him. One tries to pour alcohol on him and then burn him alive. Right at that moment, a woman comes and points her gun at them. They run away, and the woman brings Connor to her home. Connor later gets familiar with the woman who saves his life. Her name is Mary, and she is a prostitute. However, at first, Connor does not believe that she is helping him without hoping to achieve something in return. Her kindness makes Connor feel loved and respected at the same time. Soon, Mary asks Connor to be her bodyguard because she fears that some of her clients may cross their lines sometimes, and then Connor may help her get out of such situations.


One time, when Mary is entertaining four of her clients at a gig, Connor watches her from a distance. One of the four old men suddenly hits Connor with a bottle, making him unconscious. Later, Connor finds himself holding Mary’s dead body. Mary was brutally raped and murdered by the four old men. Connor is sent to jail with the accusation of murdering Mary. He spends 13 years in prison, and when he is finally out, he seeks revenge. Soon, Mary’s sister, Laura, introduces herself. In the beginning, Laura thinks that Connor killed Mary and tried to shoot him. She shot him with a.22 caliber, which didn’t kill Connor at that instance. Later, Connor tells her about Mary and how she died. Laura helps him kill the other person responsible for Mary’s death. However, the bullet from Mary’s gun did not kill Connor but gradually infected his whole stomach. The last and main person responsible for Mary’s death, Dennis, hires some random person and asks him to kill Connor and Laura. The contract killer succeeds in killing Laura, but Connor eventually kills him. Later, Connor goes to Dennis’s house and kills him there. We see police arriving at the spot, and Connor shooting at the police. The police fire back, and we see Connor finally visiting his favorite person, Mary, in his eternity.

Other Monsters’ Ending, Explained: What Happened To Connor?

Connor was sure to meet his death with each kill sooner than later. When he kills the first person, Laura visits him and shoots him. Since then, he has been carrying the wound, gradually tearing up his soul. He was long dead when he found out that Mary was dead. The physical pain tortured him, but it failed to deter him from the goal he had set. Being a military man, when he had developed a target, he would do anything to achieve it. No one ever really bothered about Connor. As told by Connor himself, his birth father asked his mother to flush him down the toilet, but his mother did not do so. Later, he was all on his own. He never really cared for the world since he was its victim. Until one day, a woman walked up to him, saved him from some random bullies, fed him, and cared for him. Connor could not always express his feelings toward her.


On the other hand, as told by Laura, Mary has had a knack for caring for stray animals since childhood. She would bring random animals to her house and nurture them. Connor, too, was a stray when Mary had met him. She brought him home and took great care of him. In return, Connor was to  rescue her from all the bad influences in her line of work. They even planned to move away from the city, but never wanted each other to stop what they did for a living. Their love was inspired by the fact that they were both victims but had each other’s back. So, when the mission of hunting down the people who killed Mary was over, Connor had nothing to live for. He knew he was dying; even if he surrendered, the police would give him medical treatment and send him to jail. Connor would only live longer with the more significant regret of not being able to save Mary. So, he decided to shoot at the police, and they fired back at him.

Connor discovered an easy way to avoid all the upcoming pains. It is time to let go of the pain you have nurtured for so long. Connor died in the chaos, only to find himself resting in peace in the hands of Mary.


“Other Monsters” is a 2022 action thriller directed by Ben Lanoha.

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