‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 10: Recap And Ending: Did Ji Hoon Find Ju Yeong’s Murderer?

We got a glimpse into how “One Dollar Lawyer” came into existence, and the story behind it was rather heartbreaking. Ji Hoon lost many people close to him in the past, and he was still unable to find the culprit behind them. However, a mysterious man made an appearance in Ji Hoon’s office, and Ji Hoon got perplexed after seeing that person.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Ju Yeong’s Murderer?

Ji Hoon had seen the man who killed Ju Yeong, and he remembered his eyes clearly, if not his face. Another person named Cho Woo Seok surrendered as her killer, but Ji Hoon never believed that he was the killer. Ji Hoon made Woo Seok confess that he was not the killer and that he could recognize the real killer from his picture. Ji Hoon has been looking for the real killer for three years since then.


The CEO of Cayman funds, Kim Seong Wook, gets murdered, but the prosecution has been trying to cover it up as a natural death. Ye Jin and Min Hyeok are not giving up on the case yet because they suspect it to be a case of murder. Ji Hoon meets the man who has come to meet him, and he finds everything about him suspicious. The man wants Ji Hoon to take care of his past crimes that are interfering with his present. Ji Hoon refuses to do it, but just minutes after, he complies and asks the man for his citizenship card.

The man selects one of the many cards that he has and hands it to Ji Hoon. Ma Ri takes a photocopy of his card, and the man leaves the office after giving his case files to Ji Hoon. The photocopy comes out blurry and darkens the man’s face. Ji Hoon runs after the man but loses him. The man is named Cha Mi Chul, and he informs his boss that Ji Hoon doesn’t remember him.


Ma Ri knows Ji Hoon’s story and that he needs help. She offers him her help because she cannot see him in pain. Ji Hoon doesn’t want her help, but it is her wish that Ji Hoon grants. The next day, Mu Jang and Ma Ri try to draw the man’s face, and Ji Hoon joins them. Ma Ri has drawn his face perfectly, and they visit Cho Woo Seok in prison. He recognizes Mi Chul and tells Ji Hoon where he met Mi Chul.

‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Episode 10: Ending, Explained

Woo Seok was a gambler, and he agreed to get arrested because Mi Chul promised to pay off his debt. Three of them find the gambling spot, and the manager tells Ji Hoon about the person who paid off a big debt for someone else. That person is the leader of the Fire Bear gang, and Ji Hoon already knows him. He had been informed to just transfer the money, but he never saw the person who ordered him. However, he gives Ji Hoon the VIP pass for the JQ group’s party that he had received.


Ye Jin and Min Hyeok had been staking out to see who the car at Kim’s murder site belonged to. The car’s owner turns out to be Mi Chul, and Ye Jin follows him alone because Min Hyeok has gone out to get drinks. Mi Chul slipped away from her sight, but she found the VIP invitation for the JQ group’s party.

Ji Hoon and Ma Ri attend the JQ group’s party along with Mu Jang, and Ye Jin and Min Hyeok also show up, all with the same intention of finding Mi Chul. All of them go in different directions, and Ji Hoon spots Mi Chul first. He follows Mi Chul, which leads him to his boss. Surprisingly, his boss is Ma Ri’s grandfather. He is the one who ordered the killing of Ju Yeong, who once used to work for him.


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