‘Numbers’ Episodes 9 & 10 Recap And Ending: What’s The Secret Behind Ho Woo’s Parents’ Death?

Previously, in Numbers, Han Je Kyun was revealed to be the manager of HK Private Equities and we learned that he had been manipulating business deals for his personal gain. Je Kyun has been trying to hide his wrongdoing for so long, but people have started to turn their backs on him. Jae Hwan, who contracted an incurable disease because of the type of work Je Kyun made him do, threatened to expose Je Kyun’s illegal activities. As usual, Je Kyun gave an order to Hyung Woo to remove Jae Hwan from their path, but Hyung Woo was done getting his hands dirty for Je Kyun. He tried to protect Jae Hwan by fighting with the hitmen that Je Kyun sent but couldn’t defeat them. He got trapped inside the burning warehouse with Jae Hwan but it was too late before he could be rescued.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Sung Ju Get The Ownership Of The Sanga Group?

Shim Hyung Woo tragically dies in the warehouse explosion, which was initially planned to kill Jae Hwan. It is a huge shock for all the accountants at Taeil, but most of them don’t even bother to attend the funeral. Seung Jo and Ho Woo know the truth, but they can’t say a word about it without any evidence. Je Kyun pretends to be sad at the funeral but goes back to work on a new deal right away, and he has already found a replacement for Hyung Woo. He has a new offer for Jisan Bank, but the president of the bank, Jin Tae Soo, is against it. However, Je Kyun still tries to convince him by saying that he can benefit Jisan one last time before his term gets over.


Meanwhile, Ho Woo and Seung Jo get Jae Hwan on their team to get revenge against Je Kyun. Jae Hwan is impatient, but Seung Jo makes him realize that the best way to get his revenge is to keep working close to Je Kyun and attack his weakness suddenly. Kang Hyun is also helping them, as Hyung Woo left him a USB with confidential information as if he knew something bad was going to happen to him. Now, they have evidence of all the deals that Je Kyun manipulated and the companies that he forcibly shut down.

Even after his first attempt to take over the Sanga Group failed, Sung Ju didn’t give up. This time, he targets Chan Ju’s son, Bo Sung. Bo Sung is a troublemaker, and it is easy to deceive him. His friend at Taeil firm makes him take a loan on his shares at Sanga Group on Sung Ju’s order, and later, he makes sure to spread the rumors that Bo Sung took minor girls to a bar. The news causes the stock price of the Sanga Group to fall and Bo Sung’s shares to be liquidated. This is what Sung Ju wanted, and he buys Bo Sung’s shares to become one of the group’s top shareholders. Right after getting the shares, he reports Chan Ju’s illegal activities and gets him arrested, thanks to Je Kyun’s connections. He finally gets to sit in the chair of the Sanga Group. While Je Kyun is celebrating the win with Sung Ju, Ho Woo has found the records that Hyung Woo has left behind for him. It has voice recordings of every crime that Je Kyun ordered Hyung Woo to commit. Ho Woo discovers the recording from the day In Ho died and finds out that In Ho didn’t kill himself but was murdered by Hyung Woo on Je Kyun’s orders. Ho Woo is already upset and infuriated, and Sung Ju tells him further that Je Kyun is also responsible for the deaths of his biological parents.


Why Does Tae Soo Sign A Deal With Je Kyun?

Even though Je Kyun helped Sung Ju, Sung Ju still hates him and wants to use Ho Woo to get his revenge. He weaves a story about how Ho Woo was orphaned when his father, a construction supervisor, died with his mother when the building collapsed. Je Kyun had embezzled the construction budget, and that’s why he covered up the issue. Ho Woo confronts Je Kyun about it and realizes how helpless he is when Je Kyun isn’t even bothered. He says to him that he doesn’t have evidence to prove his claims, so he should not get ahead of himself. He gets disturbed thinking that both his biological and adoptive parents were murdered by the same person. He gets into a fight with strangers on the street, goes into lockup, and doesn’t leave his bed for days after coming back home. While he is not showing up at the firm and Seung Jo has also taken a break from work, Je Kyun has sold the online loan company to Jisan Bank. The company is facing a loss, and it’s been a harmful deal for Jisan Bank. Tae Soo’s daughter, Yeon Ah, who works at Taeil, had warned him about it. However, Tae Soo signed the deal because Je Kyun threatened him that he would expose his corrupt business to his daughter.

The very next day after the deal was signed, Je Kyun’s acquaintances in the publishing industry spread rumors that Jisan Bank was facing operational issues and could go bankrupt. The rumor wreaks havoc on the public, and all their customers flood to the bank to withdraw their deposits. Despite the ongoing chaos, the bank is safe as long as the corporate accounts don’t withdraw their money. Seung Jo and other senior accountants believe that Je Kyun intends to buy the bank, and it could be his most ambitious takeover yet. Jisan is the biggest private bank, and having control over the bank means having control over the economy of the country. Seung Jo returns to work as things start getting out of control, and he also brings Ho Woo out of bed. He wants Ho Woo to get back on his feet and finish what he started.


Ho Woo resumes digging into the financial records of HK Private Equity and the Sanga group and finds something odd that no one noticed before. HK Private Equity has donated money to a children’s foundation under different company names, and the children’s foundation is a subsidiary of the Sanga Group, owned by Sung Ju. With further investigation, Ho Woo discovers that all the companies making donations are paper companies, and there is no record available of the expenditure of the money. This can only mean that the money is being laundered. Meanwhile, Jisan Bank takes a hit after many corporate accounts withdraw their funds.

Je Kyun holds the power to make all those companies do it. “Numbers” Episode 10 ends with a surprise attack from Je Kyun on Sung Ju. He found out that Sung Ju was trying to use Ho Woo against him and decided to show him who had more power. He makes his prosecutor friend put a search and seizure on the children’s foundation for embezzlement. Sung Ju thinks that he can bring Je Kyun down with him, but Je Kyun has more dirt on him and more connections in every field than he has, so he can help him get away with literally anything. However, Ho Woo has just found the most powerful card against Je Kyun. He finally gets to meet the president of Taeil, whom he had been trying hard to get in touch with.

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