‘Numbers’ Episodes 7 & 8 Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Does Seung Jo Help Chan Ju?

Apart from being an accountant in Numbers, Jang Ho Woo has also been acting as a good samaritan. He saved Soma Tech from getting sold off illicitly because In Ho’s downfall had been triggered by the same maneuver. However, Ho Woo hasn’t forgotten about getting his revenge. Despite being a rookie, Ho Woo has become the center of attention, and not everyone appreciates it. He is the first one who openly went against Han Je Kyun, which even his son, Seung Jo, couldn’t do. Ho Woo is not afraid to take risks because things turn out in his favor somehow, as if fate wants him to win this battle against Je Kyun.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Seung Yeon The Manager of HK?

Ho Woo stopped Chan Ju from buying Cakebean, the fraudulent company, and Je Kyun faced a big loss. Je Kyun is furious and threatens to destroy not only Ho Woo’ss career but his life as well. Je Kyun takes away all of Ho Woo’s ongoing projects from him, and Ho Woo is now back at square one. He worries that he will get fired soon. However, he meets the right person at the right time. Je Kyun has been trying to regain Chan Ju’s trust after he lost it while trying to sell him the fraudulent company. Ho Woo finds Chan Ju on his way to Je Kyun’s office and mentions how Je Kyun is treating him after he ruined their deal.


Chan Ju takes Ho Woo to Je Kyun’s office and praises him for his determination. Je Kyun needs to win Chan Ju’s favor and gets the hint to not bother Ho Woo more. He even lets him sit for a discussion about the Sanga group’s future business plan. While Chan Ju is trying to save his company, his younger brother, Sung Ju, is planning to take over. Chan Ju had heard rumors about it, but when he saw Sung Ju coming out of Seung Jo’s office, he got furious, and the two brothers later got into a fight. Sung Ju holds a grudge against Chan Ju, which scares the latter. Out of anger, Chan Ju crashes his car into Sung Ju’s car, and both of them get injured, making headlines. The feud between the brothers became national news in no time, thanks to Chan Ju’s immature behavior.

Yeon Ah has joined Ho Woo to investigate the Sanga group’s investments because they want to find out who is running HK Private Equity. Chan Ju is one of the partners in Hong Kong, but he doesn’t know who is running it either. Ho Woo finds one suspicious transaction in the Sanga group’s financial records, and it is in the project that An Seung Yeon worked for. The code name used for HK’s manager is AN, which only increases Ho Woo’s suspicion about Seung Yeon. While he talks about it to Seung Jo, Seung Yeon overhears them.


Seung Jo doesn’t think that Seung Yeon could be running HK, and that’s what Seung Yeon tells Ho Woo. She agrees that the suspicious transaction is a slush fund sent to Hong Kong, but she is not managing it. If she did, she would look for more profitable projects than transferring slush funds. Ho Woo finds her explanation convincing, and the same explanation also helps him find out who the real manager of HK is. He accidentally finds the records of an old project for which both the Sanga group and HK applied. It was a long-term project, and HK beat Sanga to the contract by only a small margin. The only person who knows about all of Sanga’s contracts and how much they are going to bid on a project is Han Je Kyun, and he has always been the middleman in most of Sanga’s dealings with Hong Kong. Ho Woo is sure this time that the person named AN is none other than Han Je Kyun.

Why Does Hye Won Get Suspended?

Before Ho Woo can inform Seung Jo about Je Kyun’s association with Hong Kong, Seung Jo has already found it out for himself. Seung Jo went through the auction documents of Haebit and found noticeably odd differences in the bidding amounts between Hong Kong and Sanga. Seung Jo meets Ji Soo first and reveals to her that she is working for someone responsible for her father’s death. He urges her to stay away from his father because he is an unpredictable and dangerous man. She tries to use this information against Je Kyun, but Je Kyun has better cards in his hand. He knows that Ji Soo has a child and indirectly threatens her with his safety.


What Je Kyun is doing is illegal because he is manipulating business deals with confidential information. Even if Je Kyun is reported, the most he will have to do is pay a fine, which he can escape easily with his power. It is not easy to bring down Je Kyun, and for now, Ho Woo, Seung Jo, and Yeon Ah are focusing on Ilseong Company, which is run by their colleague, Hye Won’s father. Ilseong makes lactose-free formula for babies, but the company is facing losses and could go bankrupt soon. Hye Won is already going through a tough time as her husband, Jae Hwan, has been diagnosed with an incurable disease that will make him blind soon.

Jae Hwan also works at Taeil and is devastated that he will have to give up on his career. He blames Taeil and, particularly, Je Kyun for sending him to do inventory checks at toxic factories. He goes to Je Kyun to ask for compensation for causing his disability. Jae Hwan has to quit his job soon anyway, so he doesn’t think twice before threatening Je Kyun. He tells Je Kyun that he has call records of Je Kyun suggesting he bribe employees on strike. Je Kyun is not scared at all and shows Jae Hwan the consequences of his action the next day as his wife, Hye Won, gets suspended. Jae Hwan can take any blow, but he can’t see his wife getting hurt. He sets his pride aside and kneels before Je Kyun to spare Hye Won.

Je Kyun likes to see people know their place and act like it. He gives Hye Won another chance in exchange for making Jae Hwan destroy all the evidence that he has against him. Je Kyun orders Hyung Woo to make sure Jae Hwan does as told and also tells him to get rid of Jae Hwan after he is done with his task. Meanwhile, Ho Woo and Seung Jo are busy on two important matters. Ho Woo has found a solution to increase sales at Ilseong and is also helping Hye Won build a proposal to attract new investors. That’s one weight off Hye Won and Jae Hwan’s shoulders. Seung Jo, on the other hand, has been working with Sung Ju to take over the Sanga group, but he finds out that he is only being used as a smokescreen, and Sung Ju has joined hands with his father, Je Kyun.

Seung Jo pretends he doesn’t know anything until the meeting of the board of directors and turns the game against Sung Ju. Since Sung Ju has Je Kyun on his side, Seung Jo offers his help to Chan Ju in convincing shareholders to vote for him. Sung Ju and Chan Ju get equal votes but in the tiebreaker vote of one of the largest shareholders, HK Private Equity, Seung Jo votes for Chan Ju with his right to power of attorney for HK. Sung Ju fails to take over the Sanga group, and Je Kyun fails to finish yet another project. Je Kyun is getting attacked by Ho Woo and Seung Jo consistently in Numbers, and, as episode 8 ends, another one of Je Kyun’s plans fails.


Je Kyun wanted Hyung Woo to get rid of Jae Hwan, but Hyung Woo was tired of doing the dirty work for him. He tried to save Jae Hwan but got trapped in the burning warehouse with him. He had asked Ho Woo to meet him at the warehouse, and thanks to that, Ho Woo rescues Jae Hwan, but the warehouse explodes before Hyung Woo can make it out. Ho Woo doesn’t know enough about how vicious Je Kyun is, but he experiences its intensity for the first time.

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