‘Numbers’ Episode 11 Recap And Ending: Does Je Kyun Take Over The Jisan Bank?

Previously, in Numbers, Sung Ju acquired the Sanga Group with Je Kyun’s help, but he still held a grudge against Je Kyun. He needed to use someone to get his revenge against Je Kyun, and he found Ho Woo. He spun a tale about the death of Ho Woo’s parents and that Je Kyun was responsible for them. Ho Woo got depressed, but Seung Jo got him to snap out of it as Yeon Ah needed help. Yeon Ah’s father, the president of Jisan Bank, has been facing a crisis as Je Kyun forced the bank to sign a problematic deal. The issue escalated quickly, and the bank was on the brink of being auctioned off. Je Kyun wants to have more power in his hands, and if he gets ownership of Jisan Bank, he will become invincible. He will be able to control the country’s economy, and knowing his attitude, this would be harmful to common citizens. Seung Jo can’t let Je Kyun have control of the biggest bank in the country and needs to stop him.


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Why Does Je Kyun Postpone The Meeting Of Shareholders?

President Jin desperately needs to find a solution to stop the bank from getting auctioned off. They are running out of funds, and the only solution they have is to sell government bonds. Jin has discussed it with a member of the FSC—the Financial Security Commission—who is close to Je Kyun. Je Kyun hears Jin’s plan and gets assured that his idea is working out the way he wants. Je Kyun has acquaintances in the FSC and suggests they hold a meeting of major shareholders to decide the future of Jisan Bank.


Meanwhile, Ho Woo, Yeon Ah, and Ji Soo meet the president of Taeil and inform him about Je Kyun’s unlawful association with HK Private Equity and his plan to take over Jisan Bank. The president assures them that he will handle the matter in his way because he doesn’t want Taeil to get involved in an activity that will have a negative impact nationwide. Seung Jo, Ho Woo, and other accountants have been looking for a solution together because all of them want to stop Je Kyun. All of them have been hurt by Je Kyun in some way. Seung Jo has thought of a solution, but it will be difficult to bring other banks together for it. He wants the other banks to change their policies for the time being to help Jisan Bank.

Ho Woo and others are meeting with other bank representatives to inform them about Seung Jo’s proposal. It will take time to convince them all, but they still have a little hope. Ji Soo is the managing director of the Korean branch of HK Private Equity and will be attending the meeting of shareholders of Jisan Bank as a representative. She can stall the takeover for some time. To her surprise, the meeting gets postponed, and she is not informed about it. She understands that Je Kyun must be searching for someone to replace her. He needs someone who will act on his orders. Je Kyun uses his influence to buy some time for himself, but Seung Jo has to attack first if he wants things to work in his favor. The meeting of the shareholders needs to happen while Ji Soo is still the managing director and has influence. Ahn Seung Yeon comes up with a quick solution and is confident that it will work out.


How Do Je Kyun’s Crimes Get Exposed?

Many members of FSC have benefited from HK Private Equity, and Ji Soo has dealt with them. She has kept records of their dealings with the company and uses them as leverage. She threatens them to hold an urgent meeting of shareholders and vote against the takeover by HK Private Equity. On the other hand, Seung Jo’s proposal has managed to bring the representatives of other banks together. He asks them to help Jisan Bank because if it loses to HK Private Equity, it will only catalyze other Private Equity companies to do the same. It is threatening other banks as well.

The bank representatives understood Seung Jo’s concern and opened accounts with Jisan Bank to increase their cash inflow. It stabilizes Jisan Bank, and at the shareholders meeting, Ji Soo declares that HK Private Equity is reckless with money. She calls the company irresponsible and not fit to handle the work of a bank. Just as Ji Soo planned, the members of the FSC voted against the takeover. Je Kyun learns about the meeting and their decision too late. He didn’t expect things to turn out this way, but things are only going to get worse for him.


Numbers Episode 11’s ending shows the total defeat of Han Je Kyun. After Je Kyun failed to take over Jisan Bank, all the national and international newspapers published the news of the bank takeover attempt by HK Private Equity and Je Kyun’s involvement with the company. This leads to Je Kyun’s immediate termination from Taeil. Moreover, Ho Woo reports Je Kyun to the authorities and hands over all the documents regarding Je Kyun’s illegal deals too.

Jae Hwan contacts Hyung Woo’s reporter friend and tells him that Hyung Woo didn’t die in an accident but was murdered on Je Kyun’s orders. His friend interviews people who worked for Je Kyun, which makes things even more difficult for him. With so much evidence, it is impossible for Je Kyun to prove his innocence, and he gets sentenced to 10 years. Ho Woo and Ji Soo finally get their revenge and return to a normal life. Ho Woo and Yeon Ah are together, and Ji Soo goes back to Seung Jo. They find it tough to adjust to a life without the goal of revenge, but their partners give them a reason to forget the past. Seung Jo is ashamed of his father, but he still feels a bit guilty for sending him to prison. However, Je Kyun isn’t worried about his future. He is a powerful person, and going to prison isn’t a big deal to him. While his enemies are celebrating their win, Je Kyun is already planning his next move, even if he is locked up.

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