‘Numbers’ Episodes 5 & 6 Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Does Ji Soo Want To Work With Taeil?

Ho Woo joined the Taeil accounting firm to discover the truth behind the fraudulent liquidation of In Ho’s company in Numbers. Ho Woo suspected Seung Jo to be the culprit behind the fraud, but Seung Jo showed him proof that he wasn’t the one. He came to know that Hyung Woo manipulated the records on the order of Han Je Kyun. Seung Jo and Ho Woo are both fighting against the same people, and that’s why they join hands to bring them down together.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Ho Woo Save Soma Tech?

Je Kyun and Hyung Woo have been trying to sell Soma Tech so that Je Kyun’s VIP client, Jisan Bank, can benefit from it. Soma Tech has no issue with its current financial condition, but Hyung Woo is going to trap it in the same way he did Haebit Constructions. Both Seung Jo and Ho Woo know that as accountants, they are only supposed to bring profit to their client, which is Jisan Bank, but they cannot stand the injustice anymore. HK Private Equity has shown interest in buying Soma Tech, and Seung Jo and Ho Woo are going to prove to them that Soma Tech should be spared because it shows no sign of going bankrupt. They are prepared, but the representative of HK surprises them with her arrival. It is Jang Ji Soo, In Ho’s daughter, and this is her first appearance after In Ho passed away. Ji Soo is keeping it professional and refuting all of Ho Woo’s claims about Soma Tech. She is adamant about buying the company, and nothing seems to change her mind. Ji Soo is a changed person now and doesn’t mind doing business with Je Kyun, who didn’t help her father in trouble. However, she still blames Seung Jo for the tragedy with her father. Je Kyun didn’t like Ji Soo when she was Seung Jo’s girlfriend, but now he likes her because of her bold attitude.


Ho Woo is trying to understand Soma Tech’s situation to find a solution, but the company seems to be trapped from all sides. The owner of Soma Tech tries all that he can, but when nothing seems to work out, he tries to kill himself out of depression. However, Ho Woo happens to find him before it is too late. In this helpless situation, Ho Woo comes up with a solution, though it is not in the best interest of Soma Tech. Soma Tech uses patented technology, and HK is willing to buy the company for the same. Ho Woo tells Ji Soo that he is going to reveal the patent to the public, so HK’s money will go to waste if they buy the company. Ji Soo is unphased and tells Ho Woo that Soma Tech will still go bankrupt. Jisan Bank has already stopped giving them any more funds, and with their patent disclosed, anybody will be able to copy their method, making things more difficult for them. Despite many hurdles, Ho Woo is not ready to give up and finds another solution thanks to his senior, Yeon Ah’s advice. He registers Soma Tech’s patent with the Intellectual Property Office to lease their technology, and Soma Tech pays off its entire debt with the amount it receives from it. The entire deal falls through, and Je Kyun is not happy with it. His own son gets in his way more often than he should. However, one more problem comes to him suddenly. The head of the audit team, Ahn Seung Yeon, returns after her medical break and attacks his team right away. She is upset that Kang Hyun, her important and close ally, resigned because of Je Kyun, and as revenge, she tries to steal his VIP client, Jisan Bank, from him. However, Je Kyun’s advisory department brings more profit to the company than Seung Yeon’s audit department, and that’s why Seung Yeon fails in her mission. Even if she has lost now, she has given a warning to Je Kyun that she is not going to sit still if he gets in her or her team’s way.

Why Does Je Kyun Threaten Chan Ju?

Even after losing an important deal, Ji Soo insists on working with Taeil Accounting, which Je Kyun finds suspicious. Ji Soo clears his doubts by stating that she doesn’t have a lot of time in Korea and needs to get things done quickly. Taeil is good at what they do, and Ji Soo is just there for business. This time, she wants to sell a company named Cakebean that HK has invested in and is ready to pay double the commission to get it done quickly. Seung Jo is worried for Ji Soo because he knows what kind of person his father is and doesn’t want her to get into any trouble. Ho Woo has told Ji Soo that Seung Jo was not responsible for the liquidation of Haebit Constructions, but Ji Soo still can’t forgive him. She neither wants to be friends with him nor wants professional advice from him. Meanwhile, Je Kyun is looking for a buyer and asks Ho Woo for a suggestion because he acknowledges his talent. Ho Woo suggests that the Sanga group buy Cakebean because they are the easiest clients to convince. However, the Sanga Group is facing losses and can’t afford to buy another company. Je Kyun only needs to get his work done, and he subtly threatens Lee Chan Ju, the president of Sanga, saying that Taeil can ruin his company with only one report. Ho Woo’s suggestion works, and he is happy that his plan worked out. Chan Ju has some connection with Hong Kong, but not a lot of people know about it. Yeon Ah, Ho Woo’s senior, got this information for him through her big connections just because she has a crush on him. Ho Woo wants to find out more about whom Ji Soo is working with.


Ho Woo has something on his mind, and both Yeon Ah and Seung Jo notice it. When Yeon Ah and Ho Woo visit the office of Cakebean, they notice that their sales records are fabricated. Yeon Ah trusts that Ho Woo will inform Seung Jo, but he doesn’t, and Seung Jo overhears them arguing. Seung Jo confronts the owner of Cakebean about it, and she tells him that Ji Soo told her to fabricate the records. Seung Jo digs more into Ji Soo’s work and realizes that she is involved in money laundering for big businessmen. Ho Woo has also discovered it with his own research, but he doesn’t ask Ji Soo about it because he knows that she won’t change her way of living just because he is concerned about her. He wonders if she has some plan behind it. Right now, Ho Woo himself is conducting his plan in secret. Ahn Seung Yeon told him to leave Taeil just because he made Kang Hyun resign, but he showed no intention of doing so. Ho Woo is not a pushover rookie that Seung Yeon can scare away. Moreover, Ho Woo has doubts about Seung Yeon. In the report on Haebit Constructions, Seung Yeon’s name is mentioned, but Ho Woo doesn’t know about her role in it yet.

Numbers Episode 6 takes an intense turn as it ends with yet another deal falling through for Ji Soo and Je Kyun. Ho Woo waits until the last moment to inform Lee Chan Ju about the falsification in Cakebean’s records. He almost loses his chance but finds Chan Ju just in time before his flight. However, to his surprise, Seung Jo had already informed him about it, and the deal had already been canceled. They are happy that they stopped yet another fraudulent deal, even when they didn’t need to. Seung Jo did it for Ji Soo, and Ho Woo did it to get on the nerves of Hyung Woo and Je Kyun. They are happy, but they have another matter to look into. HK has bought a lot of patents and sold them in the names of the children of big politicians and businessmen. Ho Woo questions if Ji Soo is targeting certain people only. On the other hand, Seung Jo has a big task to do. Chan Ju’s brother, Sung Ju, demands all the bonds in his brother’s name be transferred to him in any way possible, as he is finally ready to get his revenge.


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