‘Numbers’ Episodes 3 & 4 Recap And Ending, Explained: How Does Ho Woo Find Out The Real Culprit?

Ho Woo joined the Taeil accounting firm to discover the reason behind the fraudulent bankruptcy of In Ho’s construction company. Previously, in Numbers, Ho Woo overcame a hurdle and proved his capability to the senior accountants. He refused to join Seung Jo, a highly respected senior accountant’s team, because he had a plan against Je Kyun, the firm’s vice president. Ho Woo believes that he is behind the bankruptcy of In Ho’s company. He got noticed by Hyung Woo, a person close to Je Kyun, and started working as his spy. However, Ho Woo betrayed Hyung Woo. Instead of helping Hyung Woo, he helps Kang Hyun and lands Hyung Woo and Je Kyun in trouble.

Spoilers Ahead

How Does Seung Jo Trap The President Of Sanga?

Kang Hyun resigns after declaring the People Entertainment Company bankrupt and leaves the mess to Je Kyun to handle. Je Kyun works only for money, and the firm’s reputation is important to maintain the inflow of cash. He needs to alter the audits of previous years to prove that they have been fair in their work. He doesn’t want to get his hands dirty either, and hence he threatens to fire the audit team. The audit team knows that they have to create fake documents to save themselves, and that’s how Je Kyun and Hyung Woo get their work done without having to do anything illegal themselves. While their one problem is solved, they still need to find a new way to make money since the merger between People Entertainment and Sanga Group has fallen apart. Hyung Woo brings up the idea of auctioning People Entertainment, but to do that, the bank has to agree to it. The president of Jisan Bank is close to the president of the Sanga Group, and he won’t side with Je Kyun easily. This is all new for Ho Woo, and he learns that company profit is more important than client loyalty. He comes up with a solution to convince the president of the Jisan bank, which impresses Je Kyun. People Entertainment has taken loans from other small banks too, and Hyung Woo convinces those banks to get their money back from the company, which leaves Jisan with no other option but to do the same. Otherwise, the shareholders of the bank and the media will question him instead.

Just like Je Kyun wanted, they got Jisan Bank as their new client, and they are going to handle the auction process for People Entertainment. Je Kyun plans to make Sanga buy the company, but the president does not seem interested in it anymore. His son has stayed away from jail thanks to the fake document, and he doesn’t want to associate himself with that company anymore. Je Kyun is stuck with a problem once again, but he doesn’t have any idea that his son is plotting something behind his back. He has convinced Sung Ju, the brother of the president of the Sanga group, to bid on People Entertainment. Sung Ju has a feud with his brother, and that’s why he took Seung Jo’s offer. He is not interested in buying the company, but he wants to see his brother scared. If Sung Ju buys the company, he will get access to financial records, with which he can put his brother in a lot of trouble. The president of Sanga gets scared of the news and agrees to bid on the company right away. He bids a higher price than Hyung Woo suggested just to make sure that he doesn’t lose it. He even tries to stop Seung Jo from attending the auction by trying to get him into an accident, but Ho Woo helps Seung Jo, and he reaches the auction on time. As Seung Jo predicted, Sanga won the auction, which benefited both Taeil and Jisan Bank, and the only one at a loss was the president of Sanga. This is what Sung Ju wanted. Ho Woo gets his first field experience as an accountant, and his respect for Seung Jo increases. However, he overhears some people talking about Seung Jo’s involvement in the liquidation of Haebit Construction, and he wonders if he is respecting the wrong person.

What Does Ho Woo Want From Seung Jo?

Ho Woo gets upset when he hears that Seung Jo wrote the report that caused Haebit Construction to shut down. Instead of monitoring Seung Jo more, like he has been doing with Je Kyun, he confronts him right away. He reveals his connection to Haebit construction, but Seung Jo isn’t surprised. He already knows who Ho Woo is, and that’s the reason he was hired by Taeil despite being a high school graduate. Seung Jo was the boyfriend of In Ho’s daughter, Ji Soo, and that tragic incident ruined their lives. Ji Soo disappeared after In Ho’s death, and no one has seen her since—neither Ho Woo nor Seung Jo. Seung Jo doesn’t answer Ho Woo’s questions; instead, he asks him to join his team if he wants to get his hands on the original report. Ho Woo has been looking for Haebit Construction’s report, but it’s nowhere to be found among the old records. He has to join Seung Jo’s team if he wants to get what he wants. After Seung Jo’s recent success in auctioning People Entertainment, Je Kyun has taken him into Jisan Bank’s team, which Hyung Woo is not happy with. Seung Jo has been assigned Soma Tech’s project, but Hyung Woo still insists that he manage the team.

Soma Tech is a growing company built with a loan from Jisan Bank. Seung Jo has been given the task of checking if the company is profiting enough to pay its debt on time. Ho Woo is helping Seung Jo, and with every task he completes, he gets some pages of the report on Haebit Construction. Meanwhile, Hyung Woo is plotting something else behind Seung Jo’s back. Hyung Woo is hungry for success and willing to go to any lengths to get promoted, despite being in a higher position already. He found a foreign company, HK Private Equities, that wants to buy Soma Tech. Selling Soma Tech is going to be more profitable for Jisan Bank than keeping it in debt. The president of Jisan Bank opposes the idea because he knows that Soma Tech has the potential to grow more, and he can’t be the one to bring it down. However, Hyung Woo is adamant and convinces the president by assuring him that he can blame it on Taeil. On the other hand, Seung Jo has finished his report and concluded that Soma Tech is profitable. As they finish their work together, Seung Jo also gives the entire report of Haebit Construction to Ho Woo. However, Ho Woo quickly finds out that there is a discrepancy in the report and asks Seung Jo for the real report.

Seung Jo has nothing to hide from Ho Woo anymore and gives him the original report, which concluded that Haebit Construction was profitable. Ho Woo doesn’t understand why the report was changed later, but this time, Seung Jo tells him to find the answer himself. Seung Jo still regrets and blames himself for the death of In Ho, even though he wasn’t directly responsible for it. He was supposed to marry Ji Soo, but Je Kyun didn’t approve of their relationship because of Ji Soo’s family background. He felt helpless for the longest time until he saw Ho Woo’s job application. Seung Jo couldn’t fight his father to make things right, but Ho Woo wasn’t the same. When he hears that Soma Tech is being sold, he rushes to see Hyung Woo, and Ho Woo follows him. He tells him not to repeat what he did with Haebit Construction, and that’s when Ho Woo finds out the truth. Now, he knows the real culprit who switched the report is Hyung Woo. He gets the answers to his questions and agrees to join hands with Seung Jo in getting revenge. Numbers Episode 4 ends with Seung Jo and Ho Woo getting together to achieve their common goal, but they are also met with a surprise. The president of HK Private arrives at their firm, and the person is none other than In Ho’s daughter, Ji Soo.

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