‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: What Was Edward’s Gift For Lexi?

Episode seven of season two of Not Dead Yet ended with Dennis prioritizing his family over exacting revenge on his ex-girlfriend, and as a result, the SoCal Independent lost the softball match against their biggest nemesis. Nell and TJ declared their feelings for each other during the match and agreed to date each other moving forward. Sam, on the other hand, was happy to be helping her friend. Lexi and Edward managed to break the ice and find comfort in each other. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why was Nell at her gynecologist’s clinic?

Nell was at a gynecological clinic with the sole intention of freezing her eggs. This indicates that she wants to have children, and she was making this move for her future. She was followed around by the ghost of a writer whose obituary she’d been assigned to. Nell was confident about her move to freeze her eggs. The only procedure that bothered her were certain dietary restrictions she would have to follow before her eggs were extracted. She will have to stop drinking alcohol and caffeine and avoid any processed food to make sure the final procedure is a success. 


What was Sam’s big news?

Nell reached the office to be offered coffee by TJ, as they had begun to date. She had yet to inform him about his big step because she didn’t want to scare him off. Sam informed Nell about her filing for divorce, and she was finally off the hook. Nell was very happy for her, and joining her in her celebrations was Lexi, who was equally excited for Sam. Sam’s only aim was to eat as much junk along with alcohol, and Nell chose not to mention her dietary plans. Nell did not want to overshadow her best friend’s news with hers and agreed to head to a day social for a fun filled time surrounded by alcohol and food. 

How did Lexi guess Nell had plans to freeze her eggs?

At the party, Nell chose to refrain from drinking alcohol and hardly touched the fries. Lexi picked up on Nell’s unusual habits and she quickly pointed out her plan to freeze the eggs. Sam was excited for her best friend and chose to help her stay away from everything that would affect the quality of her eggs, which would be stored away forever. Lexi slowly became good friends with Nell, and she was keen on helping Nell as well in making her mission a success. Lexi may have frozen her eggs in the past, and she may have noticed Nell following the same patterns as she had picked up as per the doctor’s instructions. 


How were the girls planning to have a divorce party for Sam?

The divorce party moved to a loud bar where Sam was instructed to act like Nell usually would while Nell would be sober like Sam. Sam’s only goal was to meet men, as she was heading towards divorce. The only way to move on was to hook up with men. Meanwhile, Nell was supposed to be keeping herself away from everything that brought her happiness, which was coffee and alcohol. Sam was happy to have located a hot man, but that fizzled out quickly because the kiss turned out to be bad. Nell, on the other hand, was freaking out over the entire procedure and what would follow down the line when she chose to have children. Sam and Nell were there for each other at the end of the day, and they hoped life going forward wouldn’t be that difficult. Sam’s divorce was not a dull affair, but it also helped her realize her second innings had just begun.

What was Edward’s gift for Lexi?

Edward was excited about the one-month anniversary of his and Lexi’s date, and he wanted to commemorate it by giving her a gift. He framed a photo of them together, which Nell thought was a cute idea. She gave him the idea of placing the frame underneath her table in the office to surprise her. Edward, for the first time, was expressing his fondness for someone in such a manner, and he believed having Lexi in his life was a good thing. 


Was Duncan trying to intimidate Edward?

Edward arrived on a Sunday at the SoCal office to place the photo frame he had made for Lexi and hoped to surprise her when she reached her workplace the next day. He was surprised to find Duncan at the office. Duncan took him to his office in the building and tried to intimidate him, just like he did with Lexi’s other partners in the past. Since Duncan was a towering figure, he tried to compete with Edward by playing a game of arcade basketball. Duncan tried to break Edward and looked for a moment where he could push him into cowering to his girlfriend’s dad. Edward, who was always known for being himself, was hardly affected by Duncan’s towering figure and kept winning in the game of basketball specifically designed to help Duncan win. 

Duncan was impressed. Edward did not feel the need to please him to get into his good books, unlike Lexi’s ex-husband and old boyfriends. Duncan broke the cardinal rule by liking Edward for who he is, which was rare for him regarding his daughter’s ex-partners in the past. To Edward’s surprise, he realized Ducan was in the office on Sunday to discuss the details of the newspaper’s sale. Edward was in a dilemma about whether he should share this detail with Lexi or whether his girlfriend was aware of the changes her father was making. 


Did Nell and TJ talk about her freezing her eggs?

Not Dead Yet episode 8 ended with Nell having decided to speak to TJ about her life-changing decision that could potentially affect their relationship as well if they continued dating. Nell wanted to be clear with him instead of staying in the dark so that it could define the relationship. Her honesty stems from the fact that her old relationship fell apart because she and her ex-fiancé refused to talk about concerns that bothered her, which is why Nell decided to take the path of being clear with communication and being honest. Nell and TJ met, and she revealed her plans to have a baby sometime in the future, and for that to happen without any hassle, she had decided to freeze her eggs. This was easier than she had imagined, but TJ revealed he had spent most of his teenage life taking care of family members, which makes him good with children. However, this also made him decide he probably would not want to be a father. Nell was not expecting this answer, but since this came out way early in their dating phase, she was happy they could exit this relationship without getting hurt. They had only been on a few dates, and the conversation about having children may have freaked TJ a bit, which made him and Nell decide to call it quits. Nell and TJ broke up because they had two different goals, but he decided to help her stay healthy in her pursuit of being a mother. 

Edward shared his gift with Lexi, and she claimed him to be predictable, which she was happy about. Edward was not sure if he should be revealing her father’s plan for the newspaper, which Lexi had been working on and nurturing for a while. 


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