‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Who Won The Game Of Baseball?

The sixth episode of Not Dead Yet ended with Edward and Lexi establishing boundaries since they had decided to date each other. Nell did not want to play any part in making their decisions for them. She wanted them to be together but also hoped they would decide regarding their relationship on their own. Sam and Duncan realize they are not obsolete. The former also revealed that the newspaper is popular because of Sam’s style section.


Spoilers Ahead

Does Nell Still Like TJ?

Nell was still attracted to TJ, but she was always hesitant to ask him out because she worried things would fall apart quickly. She feels TJ is too good a guy to be her partner. Sam, who was separated from her husband now, had all the time in the world to research relationships. TJ had asked Nell about joining the softball match between SoCal and a rival television news channel. Nell refused because, even though she was good at the game, her competitive streak always took over. She was never ready to showcase this side of herself to him, worrying he might not like her as a person. Sam encourages her to play the game with him to get closer to him and figure out if he likes her as well. 


What Was The Softball Game All About?

The softball game was happening between the SoCal Independent and their rival television news channel. It was a friendly match, but it had become a case of life and death for several people working at SoCal. Dennis was an ex-employee of the television channel, and his ex-girlfriend still worked there. His breakup with her was nasty, and he still harbored a lot of hatred towards her. 

For Duncan, the rival channel is run by his nemesis Sandra, and they have another competition going on—the classic battle over the relevance of newspapers in the world of televised media. Dennis and Duncan were looking forward to this game more than anybody else because of their rivalry, which had been going on for many years. It was expected of Duncan to have formed a rivalry with someone, but Dennis having a nemesis was funny and serious at the same time. His having a husband and child does not negate the fact that he was hung up on an old relationship he shared with his ex-girlfriend and how things ended between the two. 


Why Was Lexi Nervous?

Lexi had asked Sam to help her get rid of the first-date jitters. Even though Lexi and Edward were the most awkward people Nell and Sam knew of, they are coming together as a couple, which is unusual. Edward had autism spectrum disorder, while Lexi was a control freak owing to her life being in complete disarray since her divorce. Lexi had not been on a date for a long time, and the jitters she was experiencing were normal. Sam was the best person to ask about the things she could prepare before heading out to meet Edward for dinner. She was also helping Nell to be herself for TJ. Sam was the perfect girlfriend Nell and Lexi could have asked for, as she agreed to help them figure out solutions for their issues concerning their personal lives in no time. 

Why Were Lexi And Edward Feeling Awkward?

On the day of the match, Lexi and Edward ended up meeting inadvertently. Edward’s second nature was to be awkward with conversation, and he had no topic at hand to speak to her about while at the game. He had planned everything for the dinner, but not for the surprise that life had just thrown at him. 


Lexi was feeling the same since she was not good at communicating and was having a hard time being around Edward. She was used to having him in bed next to her. Since dating was new to her, both were trying hard to get out of their comfort zone to come to terms with life outside their bubble. Both began to make jokes about the match that was being played, which broke the ice for them and made it easy for them to converse over subjects that were not necessarily decided. 

Did Duncan Meet His Nemesis?

Duncan and Sandra met at the game, only for both to begin their classic trash talk. Sandra was busy asking him about the relevance of the newspaper, while Duncan did not have much to say. Since both were rich, there was never a dearth of money to be invested in their team or the employees playing the game. Sandra and Duncan could not stand each other. Duncan claimed Sandra had taken a food item he had been eyeing for at a dinner party a while back, and this was the reason for their arch rivalry.  


Did Nell And TJ Express Their Feelings For Each Other?

Nell was having a hard time expressing her feelings to TH, as she was busy paying attention to Sam’s instructions about how to react when TJ conversed with her about the game. Nell held back from showing off her competitive side even on the field to avoid being rejected by the man she liked after a long time. She and TJ could make it work since they were journalists. She was also keen on finding out if he liked her, as she learned boys move on quickly if a woman rejects them. 

Nell wanted to get into the window before it closed. Nell and Sam had returned to using social media to receive ideas on how to approach men, which Cricket disregarded. She encouraged Nell to ask him straight away about his feelings instead of playing mind games. Nell found the courage to ask him about how he felt about dating her. TJ confessed to visiting Nell’s floor to get a glimpse of her every day. This established the fact that TJ and Nell liked each other and were waiting for one of them to make the first move. This time, Nell made the first attempt to get it out of the system. Since the cat was out of the bag, Nell and TJ could not wait for the game to be over and go on their first official date. 


Who Won The Game Of Baseball?

Everyone from SoCal Independent was focused on winning the game, yet the scoreboard had something else to say about them. The consensus was that SoCal would not win the match because the team was in disarray. Nell brought her A-game and replaced many people as per her expertise. This brought some changes to the result and soon SoCal was getting close to winning the match. Since TJ had admitted to having loved her for who she was, she went all guns blazing to make sure SoCal won the game, but fate had other plans. 

Since Dennis was the one at bat, he was distracted by his ex-girlfriend on the rival team. He was close to winning the game for SoCal. Since Dennis was unaware of the softball rules, instead of running in the direction of his ex-girlfriend, he had an epiphany about the life he lived now with his partner and children. On learning that being bitter toward his girlfriend was not the right thing to do since he had a family who loved him, Dennis unknowingly walked towards his family, showcasing his love and gratitude to them. The episode ended with SoCal losing the game to this rival channel, but TJ and Nell figured out a lot of details about each other.


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