‘Not Dead Yet’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap Summary: Did Nell Fix Lexi And Duncan’s Relationship?

Not Dead Yet season one ended with Nell breaking up with her boyfriend Philip. Nell was quick to conclude she lost the ability to converse with the deceased she would be writing obituaries for after reconnecting with her ex-fiancé Philip. She chose to break up with him so she could start connecting with the souls that would slowly help her get over her issues and problems.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Nell’s Latest Obituary?

Nell was still an obituary writer for the Pasadena newspaper, the SoCal Independent. Her job profile had not changed, and she was still haunted by the ghosts of the men and women she was writing obituaries for. This time around it was a very famous realtor based in Pasadena, California, who died when he was run over by a bus. Teddy Thompson was the most in-demand realtor and had already begun to judge Nell by looking at her home, job, and general state of mind. He dubbed her a condo near the airport whose value is depreciating. Nell did not appreciate being objectified and compared to real estate, as she felt she had a lot to offer. Nell likes being single and is appreciative of the job she still has. She almost lost the job a while back, but she is back and almost in Lexi’s good books.


Why Was Lexi Tense?

Lexi was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, but it was her father, Duncan Rhodes, who owned the daily. Duncan was a business mogul, and Lexi had been trying hard for years to impress her father. As a daughter who was trying to emulate her father’s success, Lexi hoped he would appreciate her hard work. Duncan was her hero, and she was tense about his visit to the office. She wanted to keep any distractions at bay and wanted Duncan to focus on Lexi’s growth as a businesswoman, as she was keen on receiving some words of acknowledgment from him.

Did Duncan Want Nell To Write The Obituary?

Duncan walked into the newsroom and claimed he wanted to contemplate the life he had led so far. Duncan wanted to speak to Nell, and since she was the obituary writer, he wanted to get his one ready ahead of time. Nell was happy to have been given attention, and she began spending time with the business titan. Lexi was taken aback by her father’s interest in Nell, as she had planned a day full of meetings discussing her success. Lexi felt a tinge of jealousy as she began witnessing her father conversing with Nell, and she had to prove herself to get his attention.


Why Was Nell Helping Duncan Be A Proper Conversationalist?

Nell tried to tap into the emotional side of Duncan for the obituary, but all he could talk about was his business conquests and other materialistic wins he has had in life so far. There was never any mention of his wife or children, or any act of service he did out of love and not for publicity. Nell was considerate enough to teach him to be generous yet simple with his compliments and never bring up borderline sexist comments or anything that gives away that he is rich. She tried to make him perceive women as human beings, not as people who were only seeking his money. Nell was happy to be receiving all the attention from Duncan. She was borderline jealous of Lexi for being in a position of power and being able to make decisions about her work. For a change, Lexi’s father appreciated Nell and announced she would be receiving a raise effective immediately. 

Was Lexi Jealous Of Nell?

Lexi was jealous of Nell because her father was willing to spend time with a colleague instead of her. Duncan’s unavailability as a father bothered her, which made Lexi try harder to obtain his attention. She had never witnessed her father having a deep conversation with anyone at the workplace, and the sight mortified her. Her jealousy made her kiss Aaron, Nell’s environmental lawyer roommate. Lexi seems to be attracted to him because he is the opposite of every man she has been with, including her ex-husband. There were some perks to being jealous of Nell, and that included having Aaron around. The show is setting the two of them up for a whirlwind romance between a person with spectrum disorder and a successful businesswoman.


What Was The Reason Behind Lexi And Her Father’s Distant Relationship?

Duncan was impressed by the conversations he had with Nell over the course of a few hours. He was happy about Nell’s penchant for being honest with him, something he believed was lacking in many of his colleagues and employees. Sam requested that Nell go easy on Lexi because she was having a hard time getting her father’s attention. Nell was initially enjoying the attention poured on by Duncan but could soon understand what Sam meant. Nell was never treated as a part of the team by Lexi, and having her father’s attention was Nell’s way of getting back at her boss for not recognizing her talent and giving her a chance to contribute to the growth of the newspaper. Nell internally rejoiced at all the compliments being showered on her by Duncan, but she soon learned he was not a perfect man himself. Nell quickly learns Duncan has a twisted habit of praising other girls or women to trigger Lexi in the hope she will work harder towards her goal and impress him further.

Duncan was a typical father who never found time for his children, especially Lexi. This was a disturbing way of motivating his daughter, and Nell understood she was only a ploy to get Lexi to push herself to work harder to impress Duncan. Nell quickly realized the relationship was toxic, and she would rather not get involved in the sick mind games a father was playing with his daughter.

Did Nell Fix The Relationship Between Lexi And Duncan?

Nell wrote an obituary that did not glorify Duncan, and to some extent, Lexi knew she was right about her father’s attitude all these years. Nell had to speak the truth because nobody can get away from reality. Duncan, being rich, was surrounded by people who would never question his moves. Nell was supposedly one of the few who showed him the mirror, and Lexi was satisfied with her work, though discreetly. Lexi was probably aware of her father’s mind games and had gotten used to them. This led to her working doubly hard all these years to get his attention. The relationship was not fixed, but the father had taken the first step of reaching out to Lexi, and she appreciated his move. Nell may have caused a change of heart in Duncan, and she was glad she was probably the only one who witnessed a flawed Duncan behind the façade of the business tycoon. The episode ended with Nell realizing Duncan could become a regular part of the office, as he was seen being nice to random employees in the newsroom. Duncan could be wanting to stay closer to his daughter and work on the strained relationship they have had over the years.

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