‘Nitham Oru Vaanam’ Ending, Explained: Does Arjun Finally Learn To Appreciate Life?

They say life imitates art and vice versa. Art has a lot to offer to people. If one digs deeper, one might even find answers to the issues troubling them. Living one’s life is not an easy task, for it comes with its own set of challenges, some small, some big, but they all take up a considerable amount of time and energy. People often get very careful and think twice before taking the next step; this thinking also might lead them to become cynics and pessimists. People stop appreciating the finer offerings of life and instead indulge in behavior that only makes them frown. Failure in love can also lead one to think negatively about the remotest aspect of opening up to another individual. One might lead a closed-off life, much to the chagrin of those around them. The protagonist of the movie “Nitham Oru Vaanam” is one such embittered soul. He was rejected in love and had to face a lot of embarrassment as well. Even prior to that, he had been a very aloof fellow and strict in his endeavors. Things are often difficult for those around him because of his frigid personality.


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Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

The movie opens with a flight announcement citing a flight cancellation due to bad weather. As a result, Arjun, who doesn’t know Hindi, is stranded at a bus stop in the middle of the night in a new city. He meets Subha there, who knows Hindi and is a feisty woman. The two slowly warm up to each other, and Arjun tells the story of how he ended up at a deserted bus stop in a new city in the middle of the night.


Arjun is a 30-something individual working in a corporate farm in India. He is quite reserved and rigid with his terms of living. He does not touch foreign surfaces without disinfecting them with a sanitizer or a handkerchief; he does not eat street food; he is not friendly towards his family dog; and overall, he always has a frown upon his face. His family is looking to get him married, and he agrees as well. He meets a girl and also starts to like her. The couple soon gets engaged and is set to wed. Just before the wedding, she comes clean to him that she was in a relationship with another man but has now broken up. She cites the reason for their breakup as their constant fights and issues with each other. Arjun listens to her and offers her advice as well. He is happy to know that his fiancée is not keeping any secrets from him. The girl instead acts upon the advice and contacts her former lover. The two get together, leading Arjun to feel shame and embarrassment on his wedding day. Arjun is embittered after the incident and loses his faith in love. He soon meets a psychologist as well. She advised him to take some rest and sleep at the hospital itself. She also gives him two short stories to read. Thus begins a tale of Arjun imagining himself as the male lead in those stories.

The first story is a love story between Veera and Meenakshi. The two meet at their engineering college and fall in love. Meenakshi’s father disapproves of their relationship, so Meenakshi and Veera decide to have a life of their own instead. They get married, and Meenakshi is soon pregnant. One day, there is a high alert for rainfall in the city, but Veera rushes to his construction site due to an emergency. As fate would have it, a huge lightning bolt strikes the half-built building. The pages of the later part of the story are missing, and Arjun is furious. He immediately calls the doctor and asks for the next part. The doctor tells him that there is another book as well and asks him to read that.


The next story is again a love story between Prabha and Mathi. Prabha and Mathi had a rather unconventional start to their relationship. Mathi is a 25-year-old girl whose father wants to get her married at the earliest possible date. Mathi always runs away from her arranged matches because she wants to have a love marriage. When she runs away one day yet again, she ends up at a bus stop. Her father comes to pick her up. He arranges another match for her and informs her that she will be getting married in a week. She decides to run away yet again. When she does, she meets a man who has apparently eaten poison and is off to kill himself because his lover jilted him at the altar. While driving the car, he faints, and Mathi takes him to the hospital. Mathis’s father and the rest of the family arrive at the hospital, and her father says that now the two have to get married since they were found eloping. Prabha and Mathi reluctantly agree, and just as Prabha is going to tie the ceremonial thread around Mathi’s neck, she faints. The scene cuts there, and Arjun is once again furious to find no closure in the story.

His psychologist tells him that if he wants answers to those stories, he will have to put himself out there and actually visit the people. He is still furious, but he reluctantly agrees. Subha also asks him if she can join him on his adventure. Arjun agrees, and the two set off to meet Veera and Meenakshi first. Meenakshi is a sports teacher at a college, and she lives with her daughter. She tells Arjun that on that rainy night, Veera lost his life. Meenakshi, who was pregnant, soon gave birth to their daughter. She decides to live her life for her daughter and comes to Kolkata to start afresh. She settles her career and also helps her daughter have a life. Seeing an incomplete love story scares Arjun. He thinks for himself that he has not accomplished anything in his life and that falling in love is also a waste because his partner might die. Subha and Arjun have a tiff over this. Arjun calls Prabha and Mathi next. They are located in the chilly hills of Himachal Pradesh. Arjun and Subha start their journey to find answers to the next story.


It is soon revealed that Mathi has a life-threatening condition. It is also revealed that Mathi and Prabha’s marriage was, in fact, a well-planned story by Prabha and Mathi’s father. Prabha is a DSP at the local police station. Prabha, who first saw Mathi at the bus stop, is smitten by her. When one-day Mathi’s father visits the police station in regard to a case, Prabha puts across his proposal for Mathi. Thus begins an elaborate but quirky plan to get Mathi and Prabha married. They meet Prabha and Mathi just in time for their year-end celebrations. Mathi is ailing, and she might not wake up the next day, but Prabha does not lose his heart over this and decides to live every day to the fullest with his love, Mathi. Seeing Prabha and Mathi’s determination, Arjun has found new hope. Prabha also advises him that life is too short to worry about trivial matters. One must live the life they have, and one must live it as happily as one can. When Arjun and Subha return home, they stay in touch after parting ways. Arjun is a jolly fellow, unlike his previous self. He is accepting of his family dog and is also in a happy mood at work. One day, Arjun takes Subha to her ex’s house. Subha had earlier mentioned to Arjun that her ex had dumped her without giving any reason. They were in a relationship for two years. Subha takes her anger out on her ex. She dumps a potted plant on his car and also slaps him. The ex is now angry and follows her. Arjun and Subha make a run for it.

‘Nitham Oru Vaanam’ Ending Explained – What Does Arjun Do After Finding Out Each Story?

Arjun, who is embittered in life, goes through a life-changing experience after learning about those two stories from his psychologist. He finally learns the meaning of living a life and is happy with his approach to it. He also learns that love and death are experiences of life that one has to go through at some point or another. He also learns to open his heart to new people and new experiences. Subha, who has also moved on from her past, learns to accept reality. When Arjun and Subha reach their homes, Subha meets her parents, with whom she seems to have had a tiff. Subha and Arjun maintain their friendship, and a hint of romance blooming between the two can also be seen.


Arjun and Subha learn about two love stories, each tinged with sadness, but amidst that sadness, they find that the people involved have sought happiness and peace with the situation. Veera, Meenakshi, Prabha, and Mathi’s story gives not only Arjun but also Subha the lesson that people in your life should be appreciated. One often takes their loved ones for granted, and it often leads to regrets later in life. It also makes one bitter about their approach to life. A cynical and pessimistic approach starts to take shape, which harms not only the individual but also those around them.

“Nitham Oru Vaanam” is a meta-narrative story that has life lessons all along the way. Arjun and Subha as individuals grow as the movie progresses. They both learn to mend their ways and lead fulfilling lives. The makers of the film did a brilliant job of using stories within stories to deliver a wonderful slice-of-life film. It is also interesting to see how they have incorporated the landscape of each town the characters visit to give depth to the stories that Arjun and Subha have heard. Movies like these seldom come along. They leave a lasting impression on the viewers and also leave them with a learning or two.


“Nitham Oru Vaanam” is a 2022 movie directed by Ra. Karthik, marking his directorial debut. The movie stars Ashok Selvan and Ritu Verma in lead roles. Actor Jiiva makes a guest appearance in the film as Prabha, aka Prabhakaran.

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