‘Ninja Kamui’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Higan Make It Into Auza City?

Adult Swim’s latest Shinobi series is back with its fourth episode, and once again, we have a perfectly balanced episode to watch. I had thought that Ninja Kamui would be more about mindless action, which I’m honestly not very fond of, but in this episode, the series ends up exploring Higan, Mari, and Zai’s shared past. It’s a pretty nice touch, I must say, and it even adds another layer of complexity to Higan and Zai’s relationship. Personally, I used to watch anime quite a lot when I was in school but stopped resonating with the majority of anime, thanks to the high school-based plotline and childish characters they tend to have. But then, here we are with an anime that is actually aimed at an older audience. 


Spoilers Ahead

The Story So Far

To avenge his wife, Mari, and his son, Kyle, with whom he had been living an ideal life in the American countryside, Higan, a Shinobi in exile, sets out to find the ninja clan he used to work for. The clan head, Yamaji, wants Higan dead for his betrayal of the clan and to protect the secret arts that have been handed down over the generations. Higan, being the most powerful ninja to exist in the history of Shinobi, causes more problems for the clan. They believe that he possesses a secret ninja art that helped him resurrect from the dead. Considering the rarity of this skill, they must kill Higan and retrieve it. 


Meanwhile, FBI Special Agent Morris uncovers the existence of the Shinobi and eventually collaborates with Higan, against the orders of his superiors, who suggest he take a leave instead. Their suspicions lead them toward AUZA, a multinational company researching all sorts of technology, including military equipment. AUZA has been involved in assassination plots around the world as well. Recently, the leader of a socialist country in Europe was assassinated because he was prohibiting the entry of Western industries into their country. After his assassination, a de facto leader was installed who allowed companies like AUZA to operate in the country. It was later revealed that Auza is actually working with Yamaji’s Shinobi clan. 

What Does The Anonymous Caller Want With Higan?

Episode 4 of Ninja Kamui begins where it left off in the previous episode. Higan receives a mysterious call on one of his many burner phones. He is surprised when the caller mentions his real name, which is not known to anyone. The caller refrains from revealing his identity but shows interest in Higan’s mission. Claiming to know a way into AUZA City, he offers to help Higan, but Higan is naturally suspicious of the caller. Surprisingly, the caller recites a poem that is only known to members of the Shinobi clan. Higan suspects that the man might be an exiled ninja; therefore, he hesitantly contemplates considering the caller’s assistance in infiltrating AUZA City. 


What Happened In Agent Morris’ Past?

This episode takes a glimpse into Morris’ past as well, to understand why he is so hellbent on helping Higan and uncovering the conspiracy against direct orders. Agent Frank Morris once had a family; however, he had been too preoccupied to tend to their emotional needs. One fateful day, he received a call from his wife informing him of their child’s death. The reason for the child’s death has not been revealed yet, but his wife ultimately blamed Morris for not being available, even after she had reached out to him multiple times. In her anger, she expressed that she had believed she could handle the challenges of family life with Morris being an FBI agent, but this tragic event proved otherwise. She felt Morris was not adequately prepared for the responsibilities. Following their child’s death, his wife left him as well. 

Perhaps this is the reason why Morris is so unhinged in his pursuit of justice for Higan. Somewhere, he sees himself in the grieving Shinobi and resonates with his loss; after all, both of them are fathers who lost their families, which only gives him another purpose to help Higan’s cause. 


What Happened In Higan And Zai’s Past?

In the hospital where Emma and Morris are recovering from their accident from the previous episode, Higan pays a visit to Morris. When asked if his wife knew about his Shinobi life, Higan revealed that Mari was a Shinobi herself. He further specifies that Shinobi must remain emotionally detached, even from their well-wishers, and are not even supposed to have a family. However, Higan and Mari broke the code when they fell in love. Later in the episode, in a detailed flashback, it is revealed that after completing a mission as Shinobi recruits, Higan, Mari, and Zai were inducted into the clan and were given their ninja names, which they use for themselves now. Additionally, the three are handed a secret skill that they must never reveal to anyone else. They are even expected to lead the future of the village when the time comes. 

Later in the night, the three Shinobi rejoice at the achievement, drinking sake and getting used to their new names. It seems that Higan and Zai had a rather close relationship back then. Zai claims that their bond is thicker than blood and calls on a pact that they will risk their lives together to do whatever they must do. 

During a mission issued to Higan and Mari, the latter gets severely injured, but Higan saves her and takes refuge in a hut. Mari tries to kill herself to protect the mission, but Higan stops her and confesses his love to her, breaking the Shinobi code for Mari. Higan and Mari spend the night together. They are visited by Zai in the morning, who is shocked to find them together. It is likely that Zai was not expecting Higan to break their code like this. 

Does Higan Infiltrate Auza City?

Higan ultimately decides to trust the mysterious caller. He discusses his plans on how to infiltrate the city. He explains the workings of the security of AUZA City, which is considered 100% impenetrable by AUZA. The entrances have sensors, which need to be updated beforehand in case someone is entering the city. AUZA City’s airspace is covered by an electromagnetic dome, which allows sunlight, rain and wind to enter the city’s atmosphere. The only probable way to enter the city is through the sewers, which are also heavily fortified with security cameras, laser traps, and mercenaries who are ready to shoot at sight. At the end of the path is an electromagnetic wall, which the caller will hack into to deactivate it for a few seconds. 


Higan goes through with the plan with the caller’s assistance throughout, skillfully maneuvering through a labyrinth of laser traps and security personnel. However, the alarm eventually goes off, alerting the security of an intrusion. Regardless, Higan makes it to the end of the path. Surprisingly, he is attacked by Zai on the other side of the wall, as if he has been eagerly waiting for Higan. 

What To Expect In Episode 5?

Earlier in the episode, Zai was strictly ordered by Yamaji to refrain from engaging Higan at any cost. However, Zai seems to have been planning this all along. The identity of the caller remains unknown, but there is a possibility that it is Zai. Based on their flashback, Zai seems to have other motives to confront Higan as well. Maybe he felt betrayed by Higan, hoping they would stick together, or perhaps he felt the same about Mari. He had explicitly expressed emotions of concern for his friends, suggesting that Zai was clearly not the emotionless Shinobi he is depicted as in the present. There were a few heartfelt bonding moments between Emma and Morris. Perhaps, the next episode will see more of her as well. Considering her relationship with Morris, she might even get targeted by AUZA.


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