‘Ninja Kamui’ Episode 3 Recap And Ending Explained: What Is Auza?

Adult Swim’s new action-revenge anime Ninja Kamui has already garnered a blooming fan following, getting identified as one of the best anime of 2024. I think even I am already hooked on this series, as it airs every week. Audiences who enjoy gore in anime might even love this anime. I suppose that with Netflix’s House of Ninjas, which came out quite recently, and then Ninja Kamui, there has been an increase in demand for the shinobi genre. Personally, I have been a fan since I watched Naruto in 7th grade, and watching Ninja Kamui is quite a treat for people who love this fandom.


Spoilers Ahead

The Story So Far:

Joe Logan, a Caucasian man, had been living an idle life on a farm in America with his wife, Sara, and their son, Kyle. The recent murders have not only rocked the United States but also the Logans, as they have a secret past. Joe Logan was a shinobi and was associated to a formidable shinobi clan in Japan. Joe Logan’s real name is Higan. On his son, Kyle’s birthday, Joe’s house is attacked by a group of mysterious high-tech assassins, killing his family in the process. A shattered Joe then seeks to avenge his family, learning how to live in the shadow of his past. Meanwhile, an FBI special agent, Morris, catches wind of what’s happening, suspecting Higan for his involvement in the incident. Following his desperate attempts to track down the organization in the States, Higan seeks out Morris. He believes Morris’ FBI resources will be able to help him. During their meeting at an eatery, Morris attempts to arrest Higan but is attacked by a shinobi, who reveals their secrets. 


Why Is Yamaji Sending Men After Joe Logan?

Yamaji, the leader of the secretive shinobi clan, sees treason as a heinous crime. While Joe Logan’s or Higan’s past isn’t completely revealed, it is only likely that Higan worked for this organization and he wanted out. He wanted to live a peaceful life with his wife and son and deserved the dignity and freedom to do so; however, being a Shinobi comes with its hazards. Yamaji believes Higan to be one of the most powerful shinobi out there. He fears that the former members of the organization might end up bringing the existence of this organization to light, and in doing so, these ninjas might even reveal their secret arts to the world. The organization’s solution to the problem is to execute all of them, prompting Yamaji to send his agents after Higan. 

During his discussion with Lil, an assassin with strange perversion towards his victims, Yamaji explains that Higan had already been killed but came back to life. He thinks that Higan, given his abilities as a shinobi, must’ve used a secret art that the organization is unaware of. This adds to why Yamaji’s clan must execute Higan and extract this secret art he used. 


Why Does Zai Kill His Former Master?

Zai, or the shinigami, is an operative in the secretive organization. Despite being one of the strongest shinobi in the series, he is a blind follower of Yamaji. On orders from the old man, he has been tasked with executing the defectors of the clan. During one such confrontation, he comes across the shinobi who taught him swordsmanship. Despite Yamaji’s facade of idealism in the Shinobi way of life, Zai’s master reveals that the organization is actually plagued with corruption, which in itself is a contradiction to the Shinobi code. He believes Yamaji and the organization are using the sword entirely for selfish reasons, and the people Zai is executing are not his enemies but former colleagues who disagreed with the corruption. The master even reveals that Zai and Higan have previously fought as well, but Zai already failed to defeat him, and it seems Zai is a lapdog who fears the organization himself. The defectors of the organization are instead the ones who have defended the pride of being a shinobi, and Zai’s battle with Higan is a testament to Higan still being an honorable shinobi. The altercation eventually leads to Zai killing his master as well. It is possible that Higan and Zai have had a power struggle in the organization previously; however, he has been strictly ordered not to engage Higan in a battle again. 

Why Does Morris Join Forces With Higan?

When Morris goes to his office to follow the updates on the attack at the joint, a police officer reveals that the old man who used to run the place was involved in a drug operation, and the attack was instead a turf war between rival gangs. Morris is, however, infuriated that even his organization has been paid off. Morris takes up his concerns with his former partner, now a high-ranking official in the FBI, who subtly warns him that he shouldn’t get involved in this case as it will put his life in danger. After sharing his doubts about AUZA being involved, Morris even suggests that he file an application for a short leave so that he can clear off his head. Morris, thus seeks Higan, hoping that he and the Shinobi will be able to help each other’s cause. 


What Do Higan And Morris Find Out About Auza?

After the attack at the joint, Morris was fascinated with the weapon the other shinobi used. He had the components of the material analyzed and discovered they were made of a special alloy patented by AUZA. After Higan and Morris join forces, they visit Emma, Morris’ assistant, who is a tech and espionage expert. She reveals that AUZA is a multinational corporation that specializes in every type of technology known to the world, including military equipment. Recently, a socialist leader of a European country who repelled the entry of foreign companies into their market was mysteriously killed and replaced with a capitalist-aligned leader who allowed the entry of these Western companies, including AUZA. This revelation further solidifies their doubts that AUZA is involved with the mysterious Shinobi organization. 

In the meantime, it is shown that AUZA’s CEO, Joseph, is attending a successful trial for their reactor capable of producing 2.2 million kilowatts of energy per second. Joseph gives a rather philanthropic speech about how their technology will help people; however, his truth is marked with deceit. Once he had returned to his office, he met up with Yamaji, revealing that they were indeed aligned. Yamaji is infuriated at the stunt AUZA’s men pulled off at the eatery where Higan and Morris were meeting. 

What Happens To Emma?

While Higan, Morris, and Emma are investigating AUZA in Emma’s car, they are suddenly attacked by a Shinobi. In an attempt to outrun this assassin, the group is hit by a truck, prompting Higan to face this shinobi. After a fierce battle with this formidable enemy, Higan successfully kills him, revealing him to be a robot instead. It turns out that the robot was sent by Lil, the perverted Shinobi from the beginning of the episode. In the aftermath of the fight, Emma’s fate remains unknown. It is likely she might have died after hitting her head on the steering wheel. Morris, however, is shown unconscious but alive since he’s been laid out on a stretcher outside the car. 

What Will Happen In Episode 4?

It is quite obvious that Higan will have to face Lil in the next episode. Following his confirmed association with Higan, Morris’s life might be endangered as well. He might even face suspension from his work because of the pressure on his organization by AUZA. At the end of the episode, Higan receives a mysterious phone call on one of his burner phones. The man on the other end suggests that they should talk and even claims to know Higan’s name. I think it is likely to be someone capitalizing on the opportunity. My guesses go with either Zai or Joseph. Perhaps Joseph didn’t like that Yamaji practically threatened him, making him consider Higan as a backup if the need arose. Zai seems like a shinobi without any conscience; however, his confrontation with his late master might’ve encouraged some introspection. 


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