‘Night Has Come’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Will Yoon-Seo Survive Another Night?

At the end of last year, Netflix gave us The Glory: Part 1, a bleak show about school bullying and its awful repercussions. Similarly, Night Has Come drapes a dark veil over the theme that is so commonly seen in the Korean entertainment industry. I suppose it does stem from reality, but there’s only so much one can bear to watch, especially when it involves students or kids. Night Has Come is a gruesome show that crosses all boundaries when it comes to gore, especially for a show about high schoolers. The juxtaposition between the cute kids and the hate inside of them is quite disturbing, so for that, I must give credit where it’s due. But does that make this a good show? I’m not quite sure. Personally, it didn’t quite sit well with me, but if you’re a casual watcher and in it for the gory details, then it probably ticks all the boxes. Episode 11 is the penultimate episode of Night Has Come, and there are some high stakes. Let’s quickly dive into it.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Most of episode 11 of Night Has Come goes into figuring out who the mafia is between Yeon-Woo, the boy who is hurt and bleeding out, and Da-Beom, the actual mafia. They each plead their case, and we get to see how fickle-minded the kids are as they turn on their friends. Of course, this is out of fear more than anything else, but it’s definitely going to leave them scarred for a long time. The situation is quite confusing, but according to Yoon-Seo, Da-Beom is definitely a mafia. She set the trap with the camera, and he was the only one who went to find it. Jun-Hee agrees with her, too, and they both vote for Da-Beom. There are three votes for him, including Yeon-Woo, but it is Jung-Won who turns things around and points her finger at Yeon-Woo. She reminds everyone that there’s only one person who is hurt, and there was blood where Na-Hee was killed, so this means it has to be Yeon-Woo. Jung-Won is simply helping Da-Beom because it would leave her as the only mafia in the end if she let him die. What’s strange is that nobody would’ve thought she was the mafia if she had just let him die, and ultimately, she would’ve won the game.

Eun-Chan and Yeon-Woo get into a fight because the latter hid his wound from him, too. They blame each other, calling the other mafia, which is quite unfortunate considering neither of them is one or would do anything to hurt the other. Ultimately, Eun-Chan votes for Yeon-Woo, making him the student with the most votes. Yeon-Woo breaks down and is disappointed that his friend doesn’t believe him, making him question their friendship. In frustration, he goes to the cafeteria and gorges on a lot of food. Now Jun-Hee knows Da-Beom is definitely a mafia member, so he confronts him in anger. Jun-Hee sees a pile of evidence that proves Da-Beom is, in fact, the culprit. Da-Beom shows Jun-Hee scars on his wrist, telling him that he tried to kill himself many times because of Kyung-Ju and his boys. This doesn’t win any brownie points with Jun-Hee, though; he tries to kill the guy with a fire extinguisher, but ultimately, he can’t do it (you know, he’s the good guy and all).

On the other hand, noticing that Jung-Won took Da-Beom’s side even though Yoon-Seo was completely against him leaves her suspicious of Jung-Won. She remembers that Jung-Won knew where Na-Hee was hiding despite Jun-Hee never telling him where he sent her. Yoon-Seo finally realizes that her best friend is the mastermind behind the mafia. She tries to reason with her desperately, asking her to spare the rest of the kids. All Jung-Won says is that Yoon-Seo should’ve run away when she could, knowing that she’d die by her hand. Obviously, Jung-Won is sitting on a big idea to save everybody, but she’s not looking too good in our books right now. Elsewhere, Yeon-Woo is so taken over by the fear and anger of his impending death that he decides to choke Mi-Na, thinking she’s a mafia member who plotted against him with Da-Beom earlier. He chokes her right before midnight, in a similar manner that Kyung-Jun had done with Da-Beom before his death. Mi-Na is saved by the bell, and as the clock strikes midnight, Yeon-Woo’s eyes turn white, and his head feels like it’s about to explode. They did the chubby kid dirty because he stuffs himself to death (quite disappointing).

What Is Jung-Won Plotting?

Everyone is meant to be hiding at this point because it’s the time when the mafia can kill their target. With only a few kids left, it’s rather easy for the mafia to do so, but Yoon-Seo and Jun-Hee have made it easier by showing themselves to both mafias. Now, the only option the mafia has is to kill everybody. They could’ve honestly done this much earlier and ended the game, but I was under the impression that the game doesn’t allow the mafias to kill more than one person. Isn’t that quite unfair? Anyway, Da-Beom wants to kill Yoon-Seo and Jun-Hee first, but Jung-Won claims she’ll do it instead. She puts Yoon-Seo in the freezer, or so Da-Beom believes and says she’ll be dead in 30 minutes because of the temperature. She’s actually put her bracelet on a different body to make it look like it’s Yoon-Seo, but Da-Beom is not as daft as she believes and takes Yoon-Seo’s phone to check if she actually dies. Da-Beom kills both Eun-Chan and Mi-Na brutally, with no hesitation. He even tries to eat Ramyeon in the middle of it (ugh). At the end of Night Has Come episode 11, Da-Beom realizes Jung-Won still seems like a lowlife and is trying to manipulate him to save her friend. It’s not quite certain if she’s actually killed Jun-Hee or simply made it look like that so he can help Yoon-Seo later. She probably saw this coming, but Da-Beom uses his knife on her as we see that Yoon-Seo is hidden somewhere safe. 

It’s still unclear how the ghost is manipulating all these kids and playing a mafia game with them. I suppose we can imagine it’s just a lesson, and maybe they’re all going to wake up from a mass dream and change themselves. We’re also yet to learn what really happened to Se-Eun. We’ll find out in the final episode of Night Has Come.

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