Nico In ‘Nowhere’ (2023) Movie Explained: Why Does Nico Leave Mia?

The character of Nico in Nowhere comes across as a man who is devoted to his family, trying to protect his pregnant wife during times of adversity in their country. His personality is that of an ideal partner that every woman would want. While fleeing the country, he looks out for his wife and guides her safely onto a truck that would escort them to the port, from where they could be transported to another country. Despite having a very short role in the film, the character has been beautifully portrayed by Tamar Novas. He is optimistic, rational, courageous, and full of life. Despite being in such a tense situation, he looks out for his family and comes off as a man of his word. The character is hopeful and aims for a better future with his wife and unborn child, and that is when misfortune befalls the couple, and they are separated. Albert Pintó has beautifully weaved the character of Nico by portraying him as a perfect husband and a perfect father who is committed to his family. Is he able to withstand the atrocious regime and reunite with his family? Let us look into his character for a better answer.


Spoilers Ahead

Is Nico A Supportive Partner?

The problems broke out when Spain started facing resource shortages and handled the situation in a European way. The government was ousting the dependent citizens, such as the elderly, pregnant women, and kids, as they were not being able to provide enough for them. We see Nico and his wife making off for their lives out of Spain. He is rational enough when his wife becomes emotional about not wanting to give away her wedding ring as a price for their transportation. He takes it from her, pays the price to settle onto a vehicle, and heads towards the port. He thinks that their suffering is over and comforts Mia. She is surprised at his optimism and says that even he was allowed to be scared for a while. He sneaks a bar of chocolate to his wife and says that they could open it when they reach their destination to celebrate, which brings out his hopefulness about a better tomorrow.


When Mia tells him that their unborn has not kicked inside the belly for two days, he shows her a technique to feel the child. This shows his care for his unborn and the bond that he had already established with it. He calls the child a warrior, just like his wife, and has full faith in them. He also names the unborn child ‘Noa’ as he was sure that his daughter would survive just like Noah in Noah’s Ark. When they see a pregnant woman in the truck, Mia says that she is all alone, and Nico says that if she is expecting a child, then she is not alone. When Mia thinks about her other daughter, Uma, and how they lost her to the strict rules, she says that it was her fault. However, we do not see Nico blaming her for the loss and blames it on the regime instead. It is by a stride of sheer ill-fate that Nico gets escorted into another van when the truck takes halt at a junction. Despite his unwillingness to separate from his wife, he had to walk into another vehicle, and that was the last time Mia had seen Nico.

Did Nico Contact Mia After Their Separation?

After being escorted to the other truck, we no longer get a glimpse of Nico throughout the film. Mia tried contacting Nico, and he answered, saying that he was alright and would escape once they reached the location and reunite with her. When Mia says that she can’t do it alone, he gives her hope and asks her to take care of herself. She asks him not to hang up, but the rational Nico explains to her that it is important to save their batteries. Mia tries contacting Nico throughout the film, showcasing her dependency on him. She is devastated to see Nico’s vessel drowning in the sea, and we are left without hope of him ever returning to Mia. Our hope is later rekindled when he calls Mia and explains how his battery ran out, and he couldn’t contact her. He says that they had been betrayed by their driver and gives her hope that he will take some more days to reunite with her. He assures her that he will come to her rescue and reminds her to survive for the baby.


Mia has already had her child when she is later contacted by Nico. He tells her that he can’t come to rescue her because he is injured and that she would have to figure it out on her own. He did not make her any false promises about coming to rescue her one day. He tells her that he had fought hard, and we see him losing hope as he says that he was wrong in being too optimistic and that they should have stayed back at their residence. The scene gets more emotional when he is informed about their beautiful little girl. He bids his final goodbyes to his wife and daughter, and we didn’t hear anything from Nico again in the entire film.

Final Words

Nico’s character in the film Nowhere had a strong build-up but was not adequately presented. We are not shown what happens to him after he is separated from Mia. Mia’s struggle is shown, and the sacrifices made by Nico for his family seem to have been undermined by the director, as we do not get to see the character anymore throughout the film after the separation. Nico has been portrayed as a very hopeful character, transferring his contagious optimism to Mia and giving her the hope to live for the baby. Both Nico and Mia have made equal contributions to ensure the safety of Noa. However, we are a little disappointed at the abrupt ending that Nico’s character had. Was it really necessary to eliminate that character? Why could they not escape together as a family? That would have been more enjoyable for us to watch!


Well, it is possible that the director, Albert Pintó, has been anticipating a sequel to the movie! There is a possibility that we could see Noa and Mia existing safely in another country with Nico entering their lives yet again. The hope that his character has exhibited throughout the film also makes us optimistic about his resurrection!

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