‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Devi Get Into Princeton? Who Did She End Up With?

Fans who are acquainted with Devi Viswakumar’s high school shenanigans from the popular Netflix series Never Have I Ever can now find solace, as the latest and final season depicts a transformative journey for our disaster-prone protagonist. Devi has finally matured into a self-accepting woman, leaving behind the tumultuous romantic endeavors of her past. In previous seasons, Devi found herself torn between staying at her high school, Sherman Oaks, or attending a boarding school far from home. Ultimately, she followed her heart’s calling, deciding to remain connected to her roots and support her mother. However, choosing a suitable partner proved challenging for her. Although Devi and Ben shared some moments of intimacy in Season 4, their relationship remained casual. Despite the ongoing drama, Devi shifts her focus from romantic entanglements to concentrate on her academic achievements. Yet she learns that achieving her desires doesn’t come easily, as it is often accompanied by tears and pain. So, let’s embark on the journey and discover whether things went south for Devi or if she ultimately attained what she wanted in the endgame of Never Have I Ever.


Spoilers Ahead

Recap: What Happens In Season 4 Of ‘Never Have I Ever’?

After Devi’s impulsive decision to sleep with Ben, she felt unsatisfied, and both of them struggled to open up to each other. They decided to keep things casual and started ignoring each other. Under peer pressure, Devi texted Ben, but he rejected the idea of being with Devi, longing for a relationship that made him feel confident and positive. Devi had no plans to pursue a relationship with Ben, but seeing him choose Margot over her left her devastated. Ben became so devoted to Margot that he even refused to speak to Devi as he tried to deny his feelings and protect himself from getting hurt. Devi’s heartbreak stemmed not from her inability to be with Ben but from losing her best friend due to Margot’s involvement. The tension between Devi and Margot escalated, leading them to meet the principal in an attempt to resolve their issues. Devi made efforts to reconcile with Margot but was unable to do so, especially after discovering a curse word scribbled on her car. Devi believed Margot was seeking revenge, but it turned out that Ethan, a good-looking punk kid from school, had mistakenly vandalized her car, thinking it belonged to a teacher. Despite the unacceptable behavior, Devi couldn’t resist forgiving Ethan due to his undeniably appealing looks. Nevertheless, a tension was created between Eleanor and Devi, as both of them had a crush on Ethan, but they settled the matter between themselves, as Eleanor realized she was still madly in love with Trent. 


Paxton, who was attending Arizona University, didn’t enjoy his college life and decided to return to Sherman Oaks. He joined his high school as a swimming coach but faced judgment from others for his decision to leave college. While Paxton was content with his teaching job, he struggled with the decision of returning to ASU or staying at his high school. Kamala occasionally visited Nalini’s house and discovered that her paati (grandmother), Nirmala, was dating a white guy named Len. Kamala felt unsure about Len and started spying on him to determine if he could be trusted.

How Did Ethan And Devi Break Up?

Devi had always dreamed of studying at Princeton University, a dream she shared with her late father. Therefore, Devi was determined and focused on doing whatever it took to secure her chance at her dream university. During a college fair organized by her high school, Devi had an encounter with an Indian faculty representative from Princeton named Akshara. Devi tried to make a lasting impression on Akshara, and her punk boyfriend Ethan unexpectedly helped her. Ethan presented a college merit list to Akshara, showcasing Devi’s academic achievements. Akshara was impressed, but unbeknownst to her, Ethan had stolen her wallet. When Devi discovered Akshara’s wallet in Ethan’s possession, she felt deeply embarrassed and realized the extent of his immoral behavior. She had to break up with him after experiencing a sudden moral awakening. Devi promptly returned Akshara’s wallet and truthfully explained what had happened. Akshara was even more impressed by Devi’s honesty, but even after all this, would Akshara assist Devi in getting into Princeton?


Who Stole Devi’s Dreams?

During a college tour, Sherman Oaks faculty members Jennifer and Mr. Shapiro took all the students to visit the colleges they had applied to. However, in the midst of it all, Fabiola made a significant mistake. Due to immense pressure from her mother, Fabiola secretly applied to Princeton behind Devi’s back. Although it wasn’t a moral issue per se, Fabiola felt guilty because Princeton wasn’t her dream university at all; she had to steal Devi’s dream under her mother’s coercion. The main problem was that Princeton typically admits a limited number of students from each high school. With Fabiola applying to Princeton, Devi’s chances of getting in are slimmer. Nonetheless, Devi remained confident and decided to visit Princeton, where her school senior and role model, Blair, was a student. However, to Devi’s shock, Blair revealed that she had dropped out of Princeton. Devi realized that things don’t always go as planned, and even though she had a sense of belonging on the college grounds of Princeton, it could be possible that she would not make it there.

The day finally arrived when Devi opened her emails to check if she had achieved her dream, but Princeton had deferred her application, while Fabiola unexpectedly got accepted despite her lack of interest in attending Princeton. Fabiola tried to conceal the truth, but Devi eventually discovered that her best friend had applied to the university and got accepted. However, as mentioned earlier, Devi had matured and no longer took offense at trivial and childish matters. Although she was initially furious, she forgave Fabiola, realizing that as a high school student, Fabiola had the right to apply wherever she wanted. It would be foolish to let their longstanding friendship be ruined by such a trivial matter. Finally, the two best friends reconciled, setting aside competition and grudges.


Was Len A Conman?

Kamala, who harbored deep suspicions about Len, repeatedly caught him in the company of another woman. She tried to warn Nirmala about his actions, but Nirmala was blinded by love and dismissed Kamala’s concerns. Despite Kamala’s doubts, Nirmala and Len had already made plans to marry each other. However, on Nirmala’s birthday night, Kamala devised a plan to uncover Len’s true intentions. Using Len’s phone, she sent a text message to the woman, asking her to come to their home. The woman arrived, but to Kamala’s surprise, Nirmala revealed that she was actually a real estate agent who had been overly persistent in selling a house to Nirmala and Len. Kamala felt deeply embarrassed for doubting Len, and she apologized for her suspicions. Ultimately, Nirmala and Len decided to proceed with their wedding plans, and Kamala approved of their union.

Did Eleanor Become An Actor? What Happened To Paxton?

During the college tour, Devi had the opportunity to visit her dream university, Princeton, while Ben started befriending students from Columbia University. Eleanor, on the other hand, auditioned for admission to Juilliard but faced rejection from the acting school faculty. This left her heartbroken and torn between pursuing her acting career and returning to her academic studies. However, her former lover, Trent, ignited a spark within her to follow her dreams and passions. Since opportunities in acting seemed limited, Eleanor decided to explore filmmaking and eventually became a director. Her relationship with Trent was also mended, and they realized they couldn’t imagine their lives without each other.


Meanwhile, Paxton faced a crucial decision in his own life. Despite facing criticism for joining his high school as a teacher, he found contentment in his coaching experience. He even helped a dorky kid named Eric fulfill his dream of learning how to swim. Paxton realized his love for teaching but recognized the need to complete his own academic courses. As a result, he decided to return to ASU to finish his college course. Additionally, he started dating the substitute teacher, Lindsay, and finally made peace with Devi, becoming one of her closest friends.

Ending Explained: Did Devi Get Into Princeton? Who Did She End Up With?

No matter how much Devi held onto her high hopes, she faced continuous challenges in fulfilling her dreams. She found herself once again on the waitlist, and to make matters worse, every other Ivy League college she had applied to rejected her application. This moment in Devi’s life shattered her spirit, and she began to see herself as a loser, feeling worthless. However, Jamie Ryan came to her aid, lifting her spirits and praising her transformative journey and self-acceptance. Jamie pointed out how Devi had evolved from a hot-tempered, reckless teenager to a composed person who had made amends for her past behavior. Overwhelmed with emotion, Devi hugged Jamie and expressed her gratitude.


Devi discussed the rejections with Akshara, who suggested that she write an essay about herself. Initially clueless, Devi found inspiration in Jamie Ryan’s words and wrote about her transformation from a traumatized girl who had lost her father to a mature woman accepting and embracing the difficulties of life. As Devi began to come to terms with the idea that she would have to accept whatever outcome came her way, she received unexpected good news—Princeton finally accepted her. Devi was overjoyed and started preparing to fulfill her dream of attending Princeton.

Ben, who had been accepted into Columbia University, became a close friend of Devi once again after his breakup with Margot. Initially, Margot was a little upset with Devi, but when her father and Devi’s mother started dating each other, it brought Margot and Devi closer together. On the day of Nirmala and Len’s wedding, Ben, who was interning at a law firm in New York, had the realization that he needed to let Devi know about his true feelings. He had tried before but had always failed. Learning that Devi had been accepted into Princeton and would soon be leaving, he couldn’t waste any more time. He unexpectedly showed up at Nirmala’s wedding and expressed his love for Devi, and she reciprocated, saying that she loved him too. This declaration made them an official couple. After spending a romantic night together, Devi and Ben decided to be together and continue their relationship, even in a long-distance scenario. However, the following morning, Devi woke up early, prepared her luggage, and summoned the courage to say goodbye to her comfort zone, her mother, and her home. After saying goodbye to Sherman Oaks, she embarked on a new chapter of her life at Princeton.


Final Words

Never Have I Ever explores various themes, such as the uncertainties of life, self-acceptance, and the journey from loss to success. The protagonist, Devi, exemplified the importance of resilience, patience, and determination. What I appreciate about the final season is that it focuses more on Devi’s pursuit of excellence than solely on her romantic relationships. The show places emphasis on how Devi achieves her dreams without compromising her values. Similar to HBO’s Euphoria, where Rue’s sobriety throughout the school is the central focus, Never Have I Ever concludes by placing Devi in an inspiring position for viewers. Overall, the series did a commendable job, particularly with the outstanding performances. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan shines with her captivating smile and I eagerly anticipate seeing her in more TV shows playing versatile roles. Until then, we bid farewell to Devi Viswakumar’s story—a story of a so-called Indian nerd who faced challenges in her life and relationships but ultimately found her path to success and listened to her heart, making herself and her parents proud.

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