Ben Gross And Paxton Hall-Yoshida In ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4, Explained

Devi Viswakumar‘s romantic endeavors in Never Have I Ever were indeed a significant part of the show’s storyline, but in addition to enhancing the show’s romantic vibe, Devi’s love interests also took center stage as protagonists for brief periods, showcasing their own journey of ups and downs and how they navigated through life’s challenges. Devi’s high school crush, Paxton Hall-Yoshida, was more than simply a passing fling. We get to witness snippets of Paxton’s life and troubles as the show goes on. Despite his popularity and good looks, Paxton faces his own insecurities and familial challenges. Similarly, Ben Gross, Devi’s nemesis turned love interest, also receives his share of the spotlight and eventually becomes an important person in Devi’s life.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Paxton Return To College?

Played by Darren Barnet, Paxton Hall-Yoshida had been the heartthrob of Sherman Oaks High, and he became an obvious crush in Devi’s life. Devi initiated their interaction in an unconventional manner, but they ended up developing genuine feelings for each other. Despite being a handsome hunk who never lacked attention, Paxton had his own struggles in life. He was not particularly strong in academics but had an unwavering desire to improve his ability to learn. Consequently, he sought Devi’s help, which influenced him to excel academically. Gradually, he started achieving better grades. Eventually, things between Paxton and Devi became more passionate, and they fell in love. However, Paxton found it challenging to acknowledge his nerdy girlfriend in public, causing occasional conflicts between him and Devi. Nevertheless, Paxton recognized his mistakes and made great efforts to keep Devi in his life. Unfortunately, Devi’s reckless decisions and self-destructive tendencies led to the demise of their relationship. Paxton had to let go of Devi and move on.


Moving on from the relationship was relatively easier for Paxton due to the stark differences between them and a significant lack of emotional connection. Despite his strong desire to be with Devi, the complications became overwhelming, leading them to realize that they were better off without each other. After graduating from Sherman Oaks, Paxton enrolled in Arizona University. However, he soon started feeling homesick, missing his comfort zone and his best friend, Trent. Consequently, Paxton returned to Sherman Oaks and took on the role of swimming coach at his high school. Although he faced criticism, he found contentment in coaching and guiding his students toward their dreams. Initially, Paxton, who was impatient by nature, felt exhausted as a teacher. However, he gradually developed a liking for his job and decided to pursue further academic courses to become a proper teacher someday. With the intention of experiencing personal growth and development, Paxton chose to step out of his comfort zone and resume his college life at ASU, embracing the challenges that lied ahead.

How Did Ben Become A Nemesis-Turned-Lover?

Played by Jaren Lewison, Ben Gross had always been the “lobster” for Devi Viswakumar, although it took him four seasons to realize it. Among all the characters in Never Have I Ever, Ben is the most conflicted. He was utterly confused about his life choices except for one thing about which he was certain: getting admission to Columbia University. However, he easily secured enrollment at his dream destination, unlike the struggles Devi faced in her life. Despite being a somewhat nerdy and condescending individual, Ben had always held a special place in Devi’s life. Initially, they were archenemies, constantly competing with each other. Their interactions often led to witty banter and attempts to outshine one another. In spite of their intense rivalry, a deeper bond began to develop between them.


Devi and Ben learned about each other’s weaknesses through their interactions and understood that their relationship was more complex than simply being adversarial. As they got to know one another better, they saw they had similar interests, which led them to create an emotional connection with each other. Nevertheless, individual diversions and infatuations kept them from acknowledging and dealing with their feelings for one another. Both of them got caught up in their own romantic and personal interests, forcing them to conceal the underlying tension that existed between them. He focused a lot of his attention on achieving academic excellence and getting into the institution of his dreams, motivated by his competitive temperament and desire for success. Both Devi and Ben believed that they were better off as best friends than lovers, fearing that a romantic relationship would jeopardize their friendship. However, little did they know that their strong bond of friendship was what made Ben an ideal partner for Devi.

Although Devi realized this and initiated an intimate encounter with Ben, he remained in denial, afraid of getting hurt. He shielded himself from Devi, avoided her, and even severed their platonic ties. Eventually, Ben came to the realization that he was not just fond of Devi but deeply in love with her. However, he lacked the courage to express his feelings, fearing rejection. Finally, when Ben heard that Devi was selected by Princeton University and ready to leave, he unexpectedly revisited her home on the day of Devi’s grandma’s wedding and bared his soul, confessing his love for her. Devi also admitted her feelings, prompting them to finally be together.


Why Was Ben An Ideal Partner For Devi?

Ben and Devi’s intellectual compatibility lends depth and substance to their relationship. They both have a strong intellectual curiosity and engage in stimulating conversations. In this regard, their compatibility helps them connect on a deeper level and promotes a sense of mutual respect. Furthermore, Ben’s emotional grasp of Devi distinguishes him as an appropriate companion. He is sensitive to her emotions and sympathetic to her difficulties. Ben can see through the complexity that lies beneath Devi’s external appearance. Their friendship forms the backbone of their romantic relationship, fostering trust, understanding, and a genuine sense of companionship. Without further ado, we can conclude that Devi made the right choice by following her heart and choosing Ben over everyone else.

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