Best Moments In ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 That You Might Want To Revisit

In the realm of high-school teen dramedies, Never Have I Ever has firmly established itself as a standout series, thanks to the brilliant minds of writers Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. With their masterful touch, the show effortlessly combines witty dialogue, crazy turns and twists, and an abundance of hilarious troubles that befall our protagonist, Devi. As the fourth and final season unfolds, fans can expect nothing less than mind-blowing moments that keep them on their toes while tickling their funny bones with an eloquent and humorous approach. As we bid farewell to Never Have I Ever with its final season, fans can rest assured that the show will leave them with a treasure trove of fond memories. Let’s take a look at those moments one last time.


Spoilers Ahead

A Pear-fect Plan Gone Wrong

In the first episode of the final season of Never Have I Ever, we get to see one of the classic Devi moments that perfectly encapsulates her tendency to get into trouble. This time, Devi sets her sights on impressing the esteemed Dr. Mary Jean Keyes, a legendary figure at Sherman Oaks High known for crafting exceptional college recommendations. With a single-minded determination, Devi is set on securing a glowing college recommendation from Dr. Keyes. Dressed in a knee-length skirt and a full-sleeve sweater, Devi approaches the elderly lady with a gift box of fresh Harry and David pears in her hand, hoping to win her favor. And it appears, at least initially, that Devi’s plan might work. Dr. Keyes is pleasantly surprised by Devi’s gesture and quickly commends her, highlighting the distinct attitude that sets her apart from her fellow classmates. Devi revels at the moment, basking in the praise and believing that her goal is within reach. However, as is often the case with Devi, her triumph is short-lived.


Just a few moments after Dr. Keyes appreciates the seemingly poised and cultured young woman, a commotion erupts in the hallway, diverting her attention. It turns out to be Devi and Margot engaged in a heated argument about their mutual love interest, Ben. What shocks Dr. Keyes even more than the bickering itself is the sudden transformation she witnesses in Devi. In a fit of uncontrollable anger, Devi outpours curses, shamelessly insulting Margot and even mocking Ben’s private parts. Dr. Keyes, who only moments ago saw Devi as a refined and promising student, is left utterly dumbfounded. This scene highlights the hilarious genius of Never Have I Ever, combining Devi’s trademark impulsiveness with snappy dialogue and unexpected turns. It serves as a reminder that no matter how much Devi tries to impress and make positive accomplishments, her underlying personality has a way of coming back, often with hilarious consequences.

The Thief Of Hearts And Wallets

Episode 4 of Never Have I Ever brings us yet another hilarious moment that leaves us questioning Devi’s talent for consistently making decisions that have the potential to derail her future. Brilliantly portrayed by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi and Michael Cimino as Ethan, this scene stands out as one of the highlights of the show’s fourth season. The scene takes place at a college fair, where Devi finds herself desperate to make an impression on Akshara, the representative from Princeton. Just as Devi is racking her brain for a way to stand out, Ethan swoops in with a seemingly sweet gesture. He hands Akshara the honor roll list, showcasing Devi’s name at the top. Both Devi and Akshara are taken aback by the unexpected act of kindness, and it appears that Ethan might actually be a good guy after all. However, true to Devi’s luck, the situation takes a hilarious turn in the next moment.


As Devi and Ethan find themselves in a secluded corner, Devi discovers that Akshara’s wallet is in Ethan’s possession. It turns out that Ethan is not only the so-called punk that Devi should have avoided, but he’s also a thief. Devi realizes that she can’t be the girlfriend of a punk and a thief, prompting her to swiftly end things with Ethan. In typical Devi fashion, she embarrasses herself further by returning the wallet to Akshara and honestly confessing what transpired. Surprisingly, Akshara finds Devi’s sincerity refreshing and even admires her for being honest about the situation. As a result, not only does Devi break up with the punk, but she also gains a glimmer of hope that her behavior might actually impress Akshara from Princeton and improve her chances of getting into the prestigious university. This scene brilliantly exemplifies the hilarity and genuine teenage blunders that Never Have I Ever is famous for. The on-screen chemistry between Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Michael Cimino adds to the humor as their characters juggle through the complications of adolescent love and the unexpected nature of their acts.

A Reality Check In Princeton

In Episode 5 of Never Have I Ever, a new chapter unfolds in Devi’s life as she encounters her role model from her high school days, Blair Quan. Since the earliest days of school, Devi has shared a striking similarity with Blair, both excelling academically and dreaming of attending Princeton. However, as is often the case in Devi’s life, things don’t always go as planned, leading her to learn an important lesson. During a school trip to New Jersey, where students have the opportunity to visit the colleges they’ve applied to, Devi finds herself unable to resist the urge to visit Princeton and meet her idol, Blair Quan. Much to her delight, Blair is equally excited to meet Devi and affectionately refers to her as her mini version. However, the day takes an unexpected turn when Blair, instead of showing Devi around Princeton, takes her to a pub, where they indulge themselves with boozing and dancing throughout the evening. Devi, who often succumbs to the allure of fun rather than focusing on her goals, gets caught up in the moment, forgetting to discuss Princeton with Blair.


The situation reaches a tipping point when the owner of the pub discovers Blair’s irresponsible behavior and promptly fires her for not doing her job. Devi is taken aback by this revelation, as Blair admits that she is no longer a student at Princeton. She confesses that she dropped out due to her constant distractions and lack of commitment to her studies. This revelation leaves Devi feeling doubtful about her own self-worth. She begins to question: if Blair, someone she looked up to, couldn’t make it into Princeton, how could she? Devi had always been enamored with the idea of attending Princeton, but now she finds herself contemplating what comes after admission. Will she be able to live up to her own expectations? Blair’s candid confession forces Devi to confront these challenging questions, leaving her baffled and uncertain about her future.

A Matchmaker And A Homewrecker In The Family

In Episode 8 of Never Have I Ever, we witness a transformation in Devi Viswakumar as she surprisingly finds herself unfazed by her mother’s budding romance. Over the past few days, Devi has noticed Margot’s father, Mr. Ramos, frequently visiting their home and engaging in extended conversations with her mother, Nalini. Devi quickly discerns that there is mutual interest between them, but they are hesitant to pursue it due to the strained relationship between Devi and Margot. In a matter of seconds, Devi realizes that she needs to resolve the situation. She decides to take a leave from her usual defiant nature and make amends with Margot. Margot, who recently broke up with Ben in their not-so-compatible relationship, agrees to give Devi a chance, as she also wishes for her father to find companionship.


Margot is invited to Devi’s house to celebrate the birthday of their grandmother, Nirmala. However, Kamala, having observed Len talking to another woman, becomes suspicious and tries to determine if Len might be a conman. Simultaneously, Ben finds himself grappling with his feelings for Devi, seeking advice from none other than Trent. As chaos ensues in the Viswakumar household, Margot shares Ben’s text messages with Devi, which leaves Devi feeling a tinge of heartbreak since Ben had also been texting her. Meanwhile, Kamala manages to sneakily take Len’s phone and send a text to the woman saved as “Baby” in his contacts, inviting her to their house. In the midst of this, Ben arrives at Devi’s place with a bouquet, intending to propose to her. However, being under the influence of drugs and confused, upon spotting Margot, Ben fails to utter a word.

Adding to the comedic turmoil, Len presents a cake designed with an apple and an eye, symbolizing Nirmala as the apple of his eye. Unfortunately, Ben’s hallucinations intensified, leading him to ruin the cake. As tensions rise, a woman named Baby arrives, further complicating the situation. However, it eventually becomes clear that Len is not a con man, and the woman named Baby is not involved in an external affair. In reality, Baby is a real estate agent who is helping Nirmala and Len with the purchase of a new house. Len and Nirmala had kept this surprise from the rest of the family, but Baby’s persistence in closing the deal creates some chaos. Kamala’s misconception about Len is corrected, but Ben embarrasses himself with his impromptu and unannounced arrival, which he has done several times throughout the season. Episode 8 delivers one of the most chaotic mishaps with a blend of comedy, portraying the Viswakumars’ propensity to always find themselves in trouble.


Some Breakings And Healings

In addition to its humorous moments, Never Have I Ever also delivers poignant and heartwarming scenes that leave a lasting impact on viewers. One such touching moment in the fourth season involves Dr. Jamie Ryan, Devi’s therapist, who proves to be a compassionate and caring figure for Devi. Following multiple rejections from Ivy League colleges, Devi finds it challenging to cope with the agony of rejection. Regardless of one’s personal growth, continuous rejection can be an unbearable emotional pain. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan masterfully portrays Devi’s struggles in this particular scene. However, Jamie Ryan, never one to let her favorite client down, manages to uplift Devi’s spirit by reminding her of her incredible growth and the valuable skill of accepting reality.

Jamie reflects on Devi’s past temperament, highlighting how furious she used to be and expressing her concern that Devi might break all the ceramic glasses in her room. But now Jamie no longer worries about that, as Devi has learned how to control her anger and emotions. Devi is deeply moved by Jamie’s words, and tears of gratitude well up in her eyes. Overwhelmed with emotion, she jumps off the table and embraces Jamie, accidentally breaking one of Jamie’s ceramic vases in the process. Devi quickly apologizes for the mishap, but Jamie warmly reassures her that it’s not a problem since the vase was not particularly one of her favorites. This heartwarming moment with a pinch of humor showcases the deep connection between Devi and Jamie, as well as the profound impact a supportive and understanding mentor can have on a person’s growth.


Never Have I Ever presented a perfectly woven narrative that took us on a young girl’s transformative journey, from experiencing a significant loss to ultimately finding fulfillment. While the ending may not have come as a surprise to many viewers, especially those familiar with Devi’s story, it was still a beautifully portrayed moment in the tenth episode, evoking a sense of romance and a fairytale-like conclusion to Princess Devi’s story. Although it is bittersweet to bid farewell to this beloved teen dramedy, the ending of Never Have I Ever left us feeling content and satisfied. The decision to conclude the series at this point was wise, as it prevented the story from being dragged out unnecessarily and becoming tiresome. The creators managed to strike a perfect balance, delivering a satisfying resolution while leaving us with fond memories of Never Have I Ever.

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