‘Neeyat’ Characters, Explained: What Had Killed Ashish Kapoor?

You know, there’s this saying in the film Neeyat that really sticks with you: the more you see a lie, the more you believe it’s the truth. It’s quite fitting for the whole story we’re diving into here, as it revolves around the businessman Ashish Kapoor, who’s the big shot at AK Industries. The thing is, he’s found dead during his birthday bash in this remote castle, and there are a whole bunch of characters involved in this tangled web. Now, all these characters are connected to Ashish Kapoor in some way or another. They each bring their piece to the puzzle, and then comes Mira Rao, a senior CBI officer.


Mira steps onto the scene and starts piecing it all together. As she delves into it, she realizes that every single person has a pretty strong reason to want Ashish Kapoor gone for good. It’s like everyone’s got a motive to be the one who does the deed. So imagine all these threads intertwining, secrets and motives popping up left and right, and Mira Rao trying to unravel the whole thing. It’s quite a suspenseful tale where you will notice that all the characters are connected and that the truth is lurking beneath all the lies, concealed behind every person’s facade.

Spoilers Ahead


Ashish Kapoor

Ashish Kapoor, a renowned celebrity and billionaire businessman, has gained widespread fame through his successful venture, AK Industries. Ashish Kapoor is famous for his “AK effect,” where people are attracted to his charismatic personality. He typically loves showing off his wealth and possessions, but this time, he doesn’t have much to flaunt. Deep down, Ashish is tormented by the media’s portrayal of him as a criminal. They accuse him of owing $200 billion to Indian banks and neglecting to pay his employees’ salaries for over 27 months. He’s also accused of selling AK Cyber to fund AK Aeronautics, a claim he vehemently denies. In his view, he would never sacrifice AK-Cyber for any reason. He believes that the constant news coverage has painted him as a villain for public eyes.

To simplify matters, Ashish makes a significant decision. He chooses to surrender all his possessions, including his mansion and factories, to the Indian authorities. His intention is to ensure that compensation is provided to the families of those who lost loved ones due to the dire circumstances. He’s even prepared to face arrest and serve time in jail for this cause. He maintains the outlook that life’s course is uncertain and unforeseeable, yet he overlooks his own error of neglecting to pay salaries and fulfill obligations. In his view, he considers himself foolish for pursuing his aspirations without consideration. Ashish’s early accomplishments have led him to believe that his distinctive quality is his lack of fear of failure. He developed the belief that his only wrongdoing was his willingness to challenge failure, setting him apart from others.


Ashish took over AK Industries under the guidance of Navroze Mistry, who succeeded Mistry Industries. Despite Ashish’s efforts to keep everything stable, he is facing failure in various aspects of life, including his relationship with his son Ryan. But the movie takes a different turn when Ashish carefully orchestrates a fake suicide note and uses Simran (Zara) as a witness to make it seem like he intended to end his life. However, he secretly used a hidden passage to escape to the bottom of the cliff and hide in an underground tunnel. He aimed to make everyone believe his body was lost in the waves while he secretly planned to move his money to a country where it wouldn’t be detected, which would help him live under a new identity. But senior CBI officer Mira intervened before things could go awry, leading to a final confrontation between Mira and Ashish. In the end, Ashish falls to his death during the altercation.

The Suris 

Noor and Sanjay Suri are a well-known couple, along with their son Ishaan, who aspires to be a filmmaker. Noor takes care of the home front and is also involved in social circles. Sanjay, once a plastic surgeon, faced a setback when his license was revoked, leading to a less active lifestyle. In the past, Noor had a close relationship with AK, but he never truly appreciated her, and Sanjay became her emotional support. Despite their friendly facades, both Noor and Sanjay harbor resentment towards AK, who was instrumental in Sanjay’s license cancellation due to money laundering involving his London practice. To make amends, Ashish offered them his Kensington mansion as compensation, but now he wants it back, causing further tension. Noor’s resentment led her to attempt poisoning AK, as she wanted to remove his negative influence.


AK’s actions have left a lasting impact on the Suri family, and they’re unwilling to give up the mansion he once offered. Despite everything that had transpired, Sanjay continued to fall in line with AK’s commands. Noor found this deeply troubling, as she longed for her husband to prioritize their family’s interests. Throughout the movie, subtle hints are dropped that suggest Sanjay’s mistreatment of Noor, and she bears the brunt of the frustrations that AK’s actions cause. Sanjay’s strong emphasis on maintaining appearances made him particularly upset about how AK’s decisions impacted him. Unfortunately, AK appeared to disregard Sanjay’s emotions and seize control of the Kensington mansion. This complex situation serves to underscore Sanjay’s unfair treatment of Noor and how AK’s self-centeredness exacerbated the problems faced by the Suris.

Jamshed ‘Jimmy’ Mistry

Jimmy is a captivating character in the series Neeyat. He can be quite bothersome at times, often making baseless claims. What’s intriguing about Jimmy is his tendency to show off, even though many of the things he boasts about are made up to suit his preferences. Interestingly, Navroze Mistry, his father, legally removed Jimmy from his role as successor because he was not capable of handling the necessary responsibilities. However, Jimmy’s connection to the family stems from his association with Ashish’s late wife, Tahira, who died of cancer. AK isn’t fond of Jimmy but tolerates him due to this link. In reality, AK refers to Jimmy as a leech because Jimmy has been living off the money AK earned.

Jimmy asserts that he manages AK Industries’ entertainment portfolios, parties, and social events, but he actually halted these activities for about two years. There’s evidence suggesting that Jimmy is attempting to challenge the will due to AK. However, in Jimmy’s perspective, the reason he is still trying to get back at AK is because he believes that Tahira would have survived if AK hadn’t caused her death, even though there’s no proof of this. As the story progresses, more hidden truths are uncovered, adding to the intrigue. One significant revelation comes from Noor, who discloses that her son Ishaan is actually Jimmy’s child. This complex situation adds depth to the story, showcasing Jimmy’s intriguing persona and the tangled relationships within the series.

Zara Aka Simran Kaur

Zara shines as one of the most captivating characters in the film, wearing two roles: therapist and tarot reader for AK. She holds a unique position, being very close to AK because he shares everything about his life with her. Zara watches over his tarot cards carefully, ensuring his good fortune. However, as the mystery surrounding AK’s supposed death unravels, a surprising twist emerges. Zara has a secret link to AK—she’s actually his biological sister, but she’s chosen to hide this fact to simplify matters. AK had meticulously planned his apparent death to fool friends, family, and even the CBI, creating a staged death scenario.


In truth, he remained alive, waiting for the right moment to escape. Despite his careful planning, Zara’s actions caused his plan to falter. Zara’s unique tool is a room spray containing a deadly substance. She cleverly masks it with bergamot and jasmine scents, making it difficult to detect. This concoction allows her to eliminate anyone without suspicion. However, her secret activities catch the attention of Senior CBI Officer Mira Rao, leading to a confrontation in which Zara tragically loses her life.

Mira Rao 

Mira Rao is a captivating character who keeps you engaged right until the very end. She stands out due to her intelligence and remarkable ability to notice even the tiniest of details. When AK’s body is discovered beneath a cliff, Mira immediately senses that something isn’t right. She’s aware that AK wouldn’t surrender to the Indian authorities just to save his face. As Mira digs deeper into the case, everyone assumes they’re fooling her, but in reality, she’s the one outsmarting them. When she finally confronts Ashish, things escalate. Ashish is stunned to realize that Mira has seen through his lies. Their altercation ends tragically, with Ashish falling from the cliff. Mira manages to escape and unveils her true identity the next morning.


The real Mira Rao arrives with her team to arrest AK, leaving the viewers shocked. The person who posed as Mira Rao is actually the girlfriend of Devika Chellam, one of the individuals who committed suicide due to AK’s actions. She’s been diligently working to expose AK’s plan and get justice for her late lover, who had big aspirations. Surprisingly, the imposter Mira had been working at AK Cyber, showcasing impressive hacking skills. In the climax, she takes AK’s suitcase and flees the mansion. She cleverly sends a trail link to the Indian authorities, leading them to the stolen money and ensuring it returns to the employees.

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