‘My Undead Yokai Girlfriend’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Did Izzy Behead All The Guardians?

Get ready to step into the world of My Undead Yokai Girlfriend on Amazon Prime! Here ancient Japanese legends meet the modern twists of a love story that’ll make your heart skip a beat! Right from the get-go, you’re thrown into a world where humans and yokai (mythical creatures from Japanese legends) are at odds because of some seriously dark history. But the trouble begins when a yokai girl named Izzy comes into the human world thanks to a spell summoned by Hachi, all because he wanted a girlfriend! So, what’s the deal with Izzy and Hachi? Well, let me tell you, their love story is like no other. It’s mysterious and filled with challenges that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. See, Izzy’s got a bone to pick with fate because her yokai powers got snatched away. Sounds intense, right? To get them back, she’s got to take down these five spears of the Guardian. Will she be able to defeat them? Let’s find out together! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Izzy Behead Hayato? 

Let’s dive into the wild journey of Hachi, a guy who’s not exactly swimming in confidence. He’s known as “Wetty” because he sweats a lot whenever he tries to talk to a girl. Add to that a string of scams about online dating, and you’ve got a guy with zero hope of ever getting a girlfriend. So, what does he do? Well, he and his fellow nerd friends spend their days glued to video games. But then, the plot thickens when news breaks that their classmate Kouki has vanished from the university, last seen in the old library basement. What was he doing down there? Nobody had a clue. All they had was a page from an ancient sacred book that Kouki posted on social media before he disappeared. And what’s on that page? A forbidden spell and a picture of a girl dressed like a black-clad ninja with knives—a yokai! Now, Hachi, after seeing this picture, falls head over heels in love and decides to try summoning this mysterious girl through a ritual. He’s clueless about the risks or if it’ll even work; all he knows is that he wants a girlfriend, even if she’s straight out of an ancient book. So, he performs the ritual and goes to bed, thinking nothing of it.


But the next day, he’s stopped in his tracks by none other than the girl from the page in ninja gear, who is clearly not from this era. Her name is Izzy and she drops a bombshell: they’ve got to have intercourse before “oxy time,” or she’ll vanish back to the World of Nothing. Talk about a curveball! Hachi, understandably, needs a moment to process all this. He suggests they go on a date first, you know, to get to know each other better. Meanwhile, his friend Tanuki figures out that Izzy is a demon fox, and once they mate, she is going to be powerful, and they’ll be stuck with each other for eternity—no going back. He’s determined to stop this. But before they can sort it all out, they’re invited to a party at Hayato Ippongi’s house. And guess what? They finally had intercourse. But here’s the kicker: Izzy spots Hayato, who turns out to be from the Ippongi clan, one of the five guardians she’s going to take down. How does she figure this out? Well, Hayato’s got a bunch of spellbooks and charms lying around, which are a dead giveaway. So what does Izzy do? She doesn’t waste a second. She straight-up beheads the guy and bolts with his head, and she plans to store it in Hachi’s refrigerator, as, as a mate for life, he is going to take responsibility for all her sins. 

Why Did Hachi Decide To Help Izzy? 

Meanwhile, Hachi begins to grasp the gravity of being in a relationship with a yokai—it’s not just a fling, it’s an eternal commitment. If Izzy dies, he dies too, as they’re bonded for life. To solidify their connection, Izzy proposes an engagement ceremony. But between the beheading incident, the talk of eternal bonding, and Izzy’s ancient origins and age, Hachi’s starting to feel a chill down his spine. After a heart-to-heart with Tanuki, his best friend, Hachi decides to attempt a banishment ceremony during the engagement night in the old school building. Unfortunately, it backfires, only angering Izzy further. As she tries to get back at them, she’s abducted by a zombie samurai. It turns out that this samurai works for the five guardians, tasked with safeguarding their power, so yokai like Izzy can’t reclaim their strength by beheading others. In the ensuing battle, Izzy suffers severe injuries but manages to flee, needing pure spring water to heal. Despite his reservations, Hachi sticks by Izzy’s side. He understands that she needs him and feels responsible for her. He takes her to a temple where clear spring water flows, remembering his childhood visits with his grandmother. In a vulnerable moment, Izzy opens up to Hachi, revealing the painful truth of her past. Humans and yokai once coexisted peacefully until humans betrayed them, killing Izzy’s kin and mother. The five powerful clans joined forces to trap yokai power, and now Izzy seeks to reclaim it by defeating the guardians who uphold the seal. She explains that the key to ending the cycle of killing is to find the Dragon Magatama, which can identify the guardians and their seals. Moved by her story, Hachi pledges to help her find the Magatama and put an end to the bloodshed.


What Did The Police Find Out? 

The detective leading the investigation is actually Hachi’s father, who is clueless about his son’s deep involvement in the events, all thanks to his yokai girlfriend. Talk about a plot twist! As he delves deeper into the case, connecting the dots between Kouki’s disappearance, Hayato’s murder, and the shady lawyer Sakon Renjo of the Ippongi clan, who just so happens to have businesses at five different locations across the city, forming a suspicious star-shaped pattern on the map, things start to feel fishy. Later on, it’s found out that Kouki has been turned into a zombie by the samurai zombie, who is taking his help to locate Izzy and her boyfriend for a potential attack. Following Sakon’s trail, the police stumble upon an underground passageway linking the old library to a temple, where they find the zombified, missing Kouki lying on the ground. Meanwhile, in an effort to stop the killing, Hachi and Izzy begin searching for the owner of the Magatama, leading them to Ninamia, the temple guard. But when Ninamia attacks Izzy with the Tea of Submission, Izzy realizes he’s one of the guardians and has no choice but to behead him. Despite Hachi’s attempts to intervene, Izzy proceeds with her mission, taking him to a world of illusion and dreams where they’re happy together. Hachi wakes up to realize he’s been played by Izzy, who prioritizes her mission over their love, leaving him behind. The police find Hachi in the temple with Ninamia’s dead body beside him, leading to him being interrogated. But as he tries to explain the truth, they make fun of him. 

Did Izzy Behead All The Guardians?

Meanwhile, Izzy discovers two more guardians and beheads them, leaving only one. Concerned for her safety and others, Hachi, Tanuki, and their university senior, Arisa, who has a keen interest in Japanese folklore, decide to return Izzy to her own world. They head to Arisa’s uncle’s house in search of a scroll containing a spell to send her back. Little do they know, Arisa’s uncle is none other than Sakon Renjo, the lawyer of the Ippongi family and the servant of the guardians. However, while they’re tracking Hachi, the zombie samurai, and his zombie clan attack, Izzy is nowhere to be found. In a desperate bid to save himself, Hachi pleads with the samurai, offering to help return Izzy to her life and proposing himself as a replacement for her mission. As they prepare to send her back, Izzy tries to attack Arisa, believing her to be the guardian. But here’s the kicker: the real guardian is Hachi himself, a truth that shocks everyone, including Hachi himself! It turns out that after the war against the yokai, Hachi’s grandmother, Gorumaru, secretly imbued him with the guardian’s power to protect him from the yokai. Hachi only realizes this when he sees twinkling lights around him while taking the Magatama near the spring, a sign of guardian’s presence. As the truth unfolds, Hachi offers himself up to Izzy, telling her she can behead him, but only if she promises to stop killing and return to her own land. But can anyone really ask their loved one to do such a thing? Throughout their journey, they’ve fallen deeply in love, and Izzy simply can’t bring herself to harm Hachi. With the spell summoned, Izzy, in her vulnerable state, disappears into thin air.


One month later, life seems to be slowly returning to normal. Hachi is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his Yokai girlfriend, Izzy, as he doesn’t know whether she’s alive or dead, and it eats him away. However, he’s grateful to her for making him confident and encouraging him to follow his own path. Meanwhile, Sakon Renjo, who previously was the guardian’s servant, proves himself unworthy and is arrested by the police. Even Gorumaru shifts the responsibility of the clan to an Ippongi descendant instead of the Renjo family. This sets the stage for a potential power clash between the Renjo and Ippongi families in the upcoming season. But just when things seem to be settling down, the season ends with a twist: Izzy is indeed alive and lurking in the shadows of the human world. This hints at her eventual return to take back her clan’s power, leaving viewers eager for answers in the upcoming season of My Undead Yokai Girlfriend.

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