‘My Perfect Stranger’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is The Killer Hae-Joon’s Father?

As we predicted, episode 14 is where we get most of the answers in K-dramas and the same goes for My Perfect Stranger. Finally, we know who the real culprit is, and he’s been closer than we’d imagined all this time. We’re going to be sad saying bye to Yoon-Young, Hae-Joon, Soon-Ae, and Hee-Seop, who have all been extremely fun to watch together. It’s a shame the two protagonists have to go back to the future soon enough, but we’re sure to have a bigger conflict in the 15th episode to make things worse until they can be perfect in the future.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘My Perfect Stranger’ Episode 14?

Interestingly enough, after finding the piece of evidence in the hospital room, the police begin to act a little strange, except for Detective Baek. Hae-Joon is sure that the culprit has come to see Soon-Ae, so she needs extra protection, but instead, the police don’t even investigate who has come to visit her and don’t add security in the hospital for her. Detective Baek is puzzled himself by this response of his colleagues, so one thing becomes rather clear: somebody is trying to cover up for the real culprit. Soon-Ae gets discharged early, and the family worries all night for her safety. Yoon-Young also stays over because Hae-Joon says he’ll figure out a plan and get back. The next day, Hae-Joon suggests that the family go on the news and talk about their treatment so that the whole thing becomes a spectacle for the village. This way, the public attention will make sure the police do their work right. But Soon-Ae’s father is worried about her safety and doesn’t like the idea. Instead, it’s her mother who gives Hae-Joon a meal and tells him that she thinks of him as a part of the family because he goes out of his way to help them. So, she trusts anything he suggests, and Soon-Ae, too, agrees that she wants to do the interview.


When Detective Baek finds out about the big broadcasting company that has come all the way from Seoul to get this story, he is certain that that is the only way the investigation can be done right, so he hands over a vital piece of evidence, the matchbox from the hospital, to Hae-Joon to show the journalists. On the other hand, Go Mi-Sook is still unable to share the truth with Detective Baek and continues to lie about who the real culprit is. Hae-Joon realizes he could get through to Min-Soo and help him claw his way out of the false accusation, so he requests Detective Baek to give him some time with Min-Soo. Hae-Joon remembers that Min-Soo had hurt his arm enough for it to be fractured on the day of the murders, so he asks Min-Soo to try and remember if he was taken to the hospital by Mi-Sook. Min-Soo remembers that they had taken a taxi, but he kept falling asleep, so he can’t remember which hospital they went to. Mi-Sook had probably drugged him to make sure she could blame him later for the murders. Hae-Joon and Detective Baek get a hold of the taxi driver and, eventually, the papers from the hospital that prove that Min-Soo was, in fact, in the hospital at the time of the murders.

Hae-Joon takes the evidence to his seniors and gives them the idea to do a 20-minute story instead of a minute or two about the murders in Woojung-ri. The person who becomes his boss in the future isn’t sure of the idea, but Hae-Joon convinces him that it will be groundbreaking for their channel. It’s a funny interaction, as we see them bickering in the future in a similar fashion. On the other hand, Yoon-Young saves Mi-Sook from her brother but also confronts her about everything that has happened this whole time. All the people who have been in trouble and died because of Mi-Sook’s selfishness. Mi-Sook finally cries about it all, realizing how horribly selfish she had been, or possibly still afraid of her brother. It’s a bag of mixed emotions.


The final act for Hae-Joon is something he has to do himself, so he talks to his grandfather and then takes Yoon-Young out to see the sea. Yoon-Young is quick to realize that something is up, but she plays along, and they have a cute little date. Hae-Joon tells Yoon-Young to trust him with whatever comes next. His plan is to show himself on the news channel, unlike Soon-Ae, whose face would be blurred out. Hae-Joon says he’s seen the culprit’s face so that the culprit would come to find him after the broadcast of the news story. In the middle of all this, he finds his mother, Chung-A, getting ready to leave the town. He sees her with a box of baby clothes and can’t wrap his head around the fact that she would leave him after being so eager to have a baby. She requests that he drop her off at the bus stand because it’s late. He walks her there and tries to understand what’s going on in her head. He asks about the box in her hand, which he knows has the baby clothes in it, and she tells him that it’s things she’s collected for her soon-to-be-born child. Hae-Joon asks why she’s leaving town if she’s so keen on having the baby, and she says she’s not so sure anymore if she wants this, but we can see later on that she’s referring to Hae-Joon’s father in this part. This is a kind of closure for Hae-Joon to know that his mother at least wanted him alive.

Does Hae-Joon Find Out The Killer’s Idenity?

When the news story airs, everyone in the town watches it with keen interest. People all start to talk about it and wonder if the culprit is standing amidst them in a public place. This is exactly what Hae-Joon had in mind with this idea. Finally, his face appears on the screen, and he tells the anchor directly that he saw the culprit’s face and will be able to recognize him if he sees him again. Hae-Joon and Detective Baek hope the man will take the bait and come visit Hae-Joon at home. At the moment, Yoon-Young and all of Soon-Ae’s family are in a hospital in Seoul because she needed more treatment for the damage done when she got chased by the killer. Since Hae-Joon is sure they’re out of harm’s way, he heads home and waits for the culprit to show up, along with Detective Baek, who hides in Soon-Ae’s house.


Finally, someone arrives, and to the surprise of Hae-Joon, it is Chung-A. Hae-Joon is concerned for her safety and wonders why she would come to his house when she just left the city. Chung-A says she saw the news and needed to make sure he was safe. She says if he really saw the culprit’s face, he would not have said those things on the TV, because he would recognize the man. Hae-Joon can’t understand what she’s trying to say until Chung-A removes a red woollen toy from her purse. She says she made it herself and it was for her son, who could be kept warm with it, but now it’s been tainted by the killer. It’s the same rope that was used to tie up the victims, and the matchboxes were also from Chung-A’s cafe. So, who is this person who is so connected to Chung-A? It’s Yeon-Woo, Hae-Joon’s father! Everything is making more sense now; the murders happened after Yeon-Woo’s return from the US. We obviously don’t know why he would do such a thing, but maybe it was fate for Hae-Joon to be involved in this case so desperately for this reason.

At the end of My Perfect Stranger episode 14, Hae-Joon rushes to the garage of the house where Yeon-Woo was working on the time machine, and it has disappeared. At the same time, Yeon-Woo is also on his way to the house when Detective Baek accidentally kicks down a bucket, making Yeon-Woo run away. Hae-Joon knows where he’ll be heading and rushes to the tunnel where he time-traveled from. Yeon-Woo is driving the car, and Hae-Joon comes into his pathway, getting hit by the car. Yeon-Woo stops the car and steps out, making a strange face at Hae-Joon. He’s obviously the culprit, but we can also assume that he is the inventor of this time machine or at least has something to do with it. We’ll know more details in the next episode of My Perfect Stranger. In the meanwhile, Yoon-Young is also making her way back from Seoul to save Hae-Joon, and hopefully together, the two of them, along with Chung-A and Detective Baek, can capture Yeon-Woo and save the day once and for all!


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