‘My Man Is Cupid’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Sang-Hyeok?

In the previous episodes of My Man is Cupid, we’re introduced to Sang-Hyeok, the God of Love. Sang-Hyeok was a cupid who made people fall in love with their destined lovers by shooting arrows at them. This Cupid, Sang-Hyeok, was a reincarnation of an ancient cupid who once lost his wings in his past life. Sang-Hyeok had some romantic connection with the story’s female protagonist, Oh-baek, who was struggling to find a lover in her life. No matter how much Oh-baek tried, she ended up hurting the men who fell in love with her. Therefore, Oh-baek decided to be single until she stumbled upon Sang-Hyeok and fell in love with him. In these latest episodes of My Man is Cupid, the chemistry between Sang-Hyeok and Oh-baek became more apparent.

Spoilers Ahead

Did Oh-Baek Manage To Take Sang-Hyeok’s Picture?

In episode 3, Sang-Hyeok rescued Oh-baek, who was shocked to find Sang-Hyeok had not a scratch on his body despite getting into a fight with the assailant. Wherever Oh-baek went, coincidentally, Sang-Hyeok ended up at the same place. The particular incident proved the fact that Oh-baek and Sang-Hyeok were destined to be together. However, it was a mere coincidence that their paths crossed sometimes, but that doesn’t mean Sang-Hyeok was following Oh-Baek everywhere. Rather, all the cupid wanted to do was make sure that Oh-baek was safe or with a person who’d take care of her, so Sang-Hyeok decided to work on finding a perfect match for Oh-baek.

Oh-baek demanded to accompany him to see if they were heading to the same destination. After arriving near a restaurant, Sang-Hyeok changed his direction to find another restaurant to prove that he and Oh-Baek didn’t share the same destination. As Sang-Hyeok avoided her, Oh-baek joined her friends and began overthinking about getting ignored.

Meanwhile, the investigators were looking for the prime suspect in Yung Sun’s murder case. In the CCTV footage, the investigative authorities saw Sang-Hyeok holding a man at gunpoint. It made them realize that Sang-Hyeok might have something to do with Yung Sun’s death. However, they failed to arrest the man in question because they had no strong evidence against him. On the other hand, Sang-Hyeok was deeply disturbed by the loss of his previous girlfriend, who was murdered a few years ago. The death of Sang-Hyeok’s girlfriend could be a crucial part of the story. We can speculate that it will be further explored in the upcoming episodes of My Man is Cupid, where the connection between these two murders will be unraveled.

The next day, at the vet’s clinic, Sang-Hyeok came with his dog, Deng Chill, while Jay Hee also arrived there with the injured dog he had taken home earlier. Sang-Hyeok’s face looked familiar to Jay Hee, which was why he kept staring at him. It made Sang-Hyeok a little uncomfortable, as he couldn’t understand the reason for the unwanted attention.

One day, Oh-baek planned to go to the mountain temple, where she had first met Sang-Hyeok, but after arriving there, Oh-baek found the restaurant where she met Yung Sun had burnt down, claiming the restaurant owner’s life. Jay Hee arrived at the spot and investigated the scene, which didn’t seem to be an accident but a deliberate act of arson by someone to get rid of the restaurant owner, who was one of the witnesses in the murder case of Yung Sun.

What Happened In Episode 4?

In My Man is Cupid, episode 4, another tragic case surfaced. The episode highlighted the deaths of those people who knew Yung Sun or had seen her for the last time at the restaurant. The situation further thickened the mystery and raised the question about the evil antagonist of the show. Sang-Hyeok and Oh-baek felt a romantic tension between them; however, while Oh-baek was certain about her feelings, Sang-Hyeok didn’t want to get involved in a relationship. As a cupid, Sang-Hyeo looked for a suitable partner for Oh-baek.

Jay Hee was also in love with Oh-baek, who didn’t have any mutual feelings for the investigator. Oh-baek entertained Jay Hee in the hospital as Jay Hee was taking care of the injured dog, which had just lost its home. Jay Hee started feeling a strong connection towards Oh-baek, as if he knew her from his past life. Even though Jay Hee didn’t believe in such concepts as reincarnation, he couldn’t shake off the unusual dreams he was having recently. These uncanny dreams were telling Jay Hee that he had had a spiritual connection with Oh-baek for centuries. In one of those recurring dreams, Jay Hee saw that in her past life, Sang-Hyeok used to be a fairy, and Oh-baek was a king’s maid who was looking for true love in life. Sang-Hyeok, who was in love with Oh-baek, couldn’t muster enough courage to express his feelings to her. Sang-Hyeok wanted Oh-baek to love someone who’d genuinely take care of her; therefore, Sang-Hyeok decided to shoot an arrow at Oh-baek. However, at a crucial juncture, the arrow somehow changed its course. It shot Sang-Hyeok back, and because of this, the man fell in love with Oh-baek. Later, it was revealed to us that Sang-Hyeok loved the king’s maid dearly, which was why he sacrificed his life for her. It was a tragic past that connected these two romantic souls.

Sang-Hyeok was jealous of Jay Hee, who always looked for an opportunity to talk to Oh-baek. However, Sang-Hyeok chose not to admit his feelings and remained stubborn. There was a budding love triangle between Jay Hee, Sang-Hyeok, and Oh-baek, but in the interim, another tragic incident took place. The police began to look into the leads and the witnesses connected to the murder case of Yung Sun, but before the police could interrogate the witnesses, the murderer got rid of them. First, the restaurant owner, who bore some important information about Yung Sun, was burned to death inside her restaurant. When police looked into the tragedy, they announced it was an accident, while the truth was rather more sinister than that. Secondly, a young girl, who was a witness and a lead in the case, had bought a floral umbrella, which was seen in the CCTV footage captured near the restaurant from where Yung Sun disappeared. As Jay Hee followed the lead and ended up at the girl’s apartment to question her regarding Yung Sun, Jay Hee found that this girl had committed suicide by hanging herself. It was not a suicide case but an attempt by the murderer to cover up the case to prevent the police from uncovering the truth behind Yung Sun’s death. The situation took a dark turn when everyone, including Sang-Hyeok, came to know that one after another lead in this case was getting murdered. Probably in the upcoming episodes, Sang-Hyeok might look into these murders in order to find the real culprit behind them, and in this journey, he might help Jay Hee in his investigation.

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