‘My Man Is Cupid’ Episodes 1 And 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Sang-Hyeok A Killer?

The Amazon Prime K-drama series, My Man is Cupid, follows an ancient fairy story revolving around Sang-Hyeok, a cupid who got reincarnated in the mundane modern world along with his fellow fairies. In the new world, Sang-Hyeok finally came across a woman, Oh-baek Ryon, who was struggling to find true love in her life. However, when she met Sang-Hyeok, something changed in her. Oh-baek fell in love with the new man in her life and wanted to start a romantic relationship with him, but then came the twist of the story. It was later revealed to us that Oh-baek and Sang-Hyeok had been connected since their previous birth. So, will this uncanny connection play a larger role in their love story? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Sang-Hyeok A Killer?

My Man is Cupid Episode 1 opened with Sang-Hyeok on the rooftop of a building, shooting arrows at a couple to make them fall in love with each other. From the start, Sang-Hyeok seemed to be a godly being, a cupid, who had his three other cupid friends living together at Sang-Hyeok’s apartment. One of them was a shape-shifting fairy, Deng Chill, who was in his dog avatar, living with two other cupids. These cupids had a long golden arrow in their apartment, but this arrow was losing its shine day by day because of mishandling, so Sang-Hyeok and his friends were worried about how to use it properly. Meanwhile, some flashbacks clarify that these cupids were somehow stuck in this world due to some sins they had committed in their past lives. We saw in the past that Sang-Hyeok had sacrificed himself to save a woman, who might be his lover.


The scene shifts to a dog hospital, where we’re introduced to the female protagonist of the story. Oh-baek Ryon was a vet whose love for animals was unparalleled, but in her personal life, she was a very lonely person. Oh-baek had a curse from her past regarding her love life. Whenever Oh-baek fell in love with someone or tried to get attached to a person romantically, that other person ended up getting physically hurt. From her childhood days to her youth, she had lost so many lovers who eventually got injured after falling in love with Oh-baek, so Oh-baek decided not to get attached to anyone. Tragically, Oh-baek didn’t even have parents, having lost them in her childhood, so she was extremely lonely and depressed in her life. However, Oh-baek tried to look for a solution to get out of this misery in her life. After a visit to a mysterious tarot reader, Oh-baek decided to go on a trip to the mountain to worship a god. Coincidentally, it was on that trip that Oh-baek stumbled upon Sang-Hyeok. She was evidently attracted to the man and couldn’t look away, but she would confess her likeness to him.

On that night in the mountains, Oh-baek met another young girl, Yung Sun, at a restaurant and exchanged numbers with her. Yung Sun and Oh-baek quickly became very close friends with each other. They shared stories about their past affairs and their current love lives and decided to meet more often. On the other hand, Sang-Hyeok, who was also attracted to Oh-baek, was thinking about the woman all along while returning home. It was during this time that Sang-Hyeok found a man leaving a dog on the streets to die. Sang-Hyeok couldn’t stand cruelty against animals and therefore quickly went to rescue the dog. It was only after he made sure that the dog was okay. Sang-Hyeok decided to punish the man in the car for harming innocent lives. To do so, Sang-Hyeok climbed up onto the man’s car and pointed a gun at him. But did he shoot? Well, we’ll find it out soon enough.


The next day, we saw an art exhibition on the cupids at a gallery, where Sang-Hyeok and Oh-baek met each other again. Oh-baek couldn’t help but overshare her lack of love in her life and get depressed over it. To find a solution, Sang-Hyeok decided to activate his spiritual sense and see if Oh-baek had a romantic link with anyone, but he couldn’t find any, which was concerning as every human should have a romantic link attached to them, while Oh-baek had none.

Did Sang-Hyeok save Oh-Baek?

My Man is Cupid Episode 2 opened with tragic news: Yung Sun, the girl Oh-baek met at the restaurant, had disappeared all of a sudden. Police Inspector Jae Hee took over the case and began to look for any suspects in the disappearance. Finally, the police looked into the CCTV footage captured by the camera outside the restaurant, which revealed Sang-Hyeok pointing a gun at a man sitting inside a car. Jay Hee got suspicious of Sang-Hyeok’s actions and ruled him out as the prime suspect in the case. The entire fiasco raised a lot of questions in Jae Hee’s mind, which he couldn’t shake away. Jae Hee started a rigorous search for Sang-Hyeok, but whenever Jae Hee tried to interrogate anyone about Sang-Hyeok’s whereabouts, he couldn’t get a satisfactory answer from them. Everyone Jae Hee had met told him to reconsider, as Sang-Hyeok was a man with a pure heart who couldn’t commit such a heinous crime as killing someone.


Meanwhile, another tragic incident surfaced when Jae Hee’s two other fellow police officers were found dead in a car accident. They had a dog who was badly injured, so Oh-baek decided to step in to save the poor creature. After a successful surgery, Oh-baek managed to save the dog’s life, but later she found that the dog had no home to return to anymore. The dog hospital decided to send the dog to a shelter, but Jae Hee intervened. Jae Hee had also fallen in love with Oh-baek the moment he laid his eyes on her, so in order to impress Oh-baek, Jae Hee decided to adopt the dog. Oh-baek asked him to reconsider, as watching over a dog was really difficult for a policeman, but Jae Hee was adamant that he would adopt this dog.

While this was going on, Deng Chill was feeling low, as he had had his heart broken by his girlfriend. Sang-Hyeok decided to take Deng Chill to the vet, but after going there, when Sang-Hyeok saw Jae Hee talking to Oh-baek, Sang-Hyeok became jealous. Another flashback showed that Jae Hee was also a part of their past lives, when Jae Hee used to be a king, under whose command the soldiers had attacked the woman. It was also revealed that this woman was Oh-baek, who had reincarnated in this life and completely forgot about her past lives. However, Sang-Hyeok could remember everything regarding how he managed to save Oh-baek in his past life from the arrow attack.

At the end of My Man is Cupid Episode 2, we saw Oh-baek returning home from her hospital at night when a mysterious figure rushed to her to attack her. But this time too, Sang-Hyeok came to rescue Oh-baek and beat the assailant until the man managed to run away. Oh-baek couldn’t thank Sang-Hyeok enough and thought Sang-Hyeok was probably a superhero. In the concluding part of the episode, the authorities found Yung Sun’s dead body, which took a drastic turn in the story. In the upcoming episodes, we’d hope to see if Jae Hee could find the culprit behind this murder.

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