‘My Man is Cupid’ Episodes 11-12 Recap & Ending Explained: What Does Jae-Hee Find Out?

Episodes 11–12 of My Man is Cupid focus on a lot of revelations and mysteries. Baek-ryeon understands that Sang-hyuk is the destined man for her. He also realized that Baek-ryeon was the one who had reincarnated twice for him. The love that they nurtured without the thread of fate was turning out to have a tragic ending with every birth. We also get to see glimpses of Baek-ryeon’s past life, where Prince Lee Seon pursued her romantically and forced her to be with him. The identity of the killer is almost revealed in these episodes, which enhances the twists in the series. Will Baek-ryeon be able to handle her feelings well? Will the real murderer be punished? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In Baek-Ryeon’s Previous Life?

Baek-ryeon was saved by Sang-hyuk (Lee So-hee) in her previous life, when there was an attack on her during her marriage with Prince Lee Seon. Sang-hyuk took all the blows and saved Baek-ryeon’s life, disappearing himself. While Baek-ryeon was mourning his death in her past life, Cupid, in the form of a small child, appeared to her and asked her to kill herself. He told her that she would be given two new births to reunite with Sang-hyuk. She was also told that Sang-hyuk had burned his wings, earned 500 years for her, and would wait for her to be born again. Baek-ryeon, in her past life, had known that if she were reborn again, she would be connected by a new thread of fate to Sang-hyuk. This realization triggered her to give up her life at her first birth. However, Sang-hyuk was told that he could never end up with a human until he completely recovered his burned wings. Baek-ryeon had been reborn time and again, but only for the sake of her true love!


What Did Sang-Hyuk Discover About Baek-Ryeon?

Sang-hyuk came quite close to Jeong-ah after she had saved him from an accident. After that, he developed a very close bond with her. After Jeong-ah’s murder, Sang-hyuk was devastated and pledged to find her murderer. In the present time, when Sang-hyuk saw Baek-ryeon’s hypnosis reports, he realized that Jeong-ah had been reborn as Baek-ryeon. The flashbacks that she had made him sure that those were the incidents that no one other than Jeong-ah could have remembered. He also realized the court lady, Lee So-hee, Yoo Jeong-ah, and Baek-ryeon were all the same person and had been reincarnating to unite with him. He also had flashbacks of how Prince Lee Seon (Jae-hee) was romantically seeking So-hee at her first birth, and even in this life, he would not stop pursuing her. Even Baek-ryeon recognized Sang-hyuk to be the man destined for her when she started having flashbacks in a subconscious state after the attack on her. She had also seen him disappear in the hospital, which turned her doubts into her beliefs.

What Happens At The Orphanage?

When Baek-ryeon requested Sang-hee take her to the orphanage, where she was born, he took her there to visit the children. He saw a poster there stating, “Seven sins of children,” and a list of the seven sins below it. He met the lady running the orphanage, and after showing the poster, he asked her if she knew anything about it. She told him that Director Hong had put up the poster there. She was very strict and would often strike the kids for the smallest of mistakes. They had secretly tried removing her from her post but failed as there was no evidence against her. She also told Sang-hee that a fire in 1993 had burned all the documents in the orphanage.


Meanwhile, Jae-he found out through further investigations into the murder case that the cigarette butt in the place of the attack and the DNA sample found from the sample matched. Kim Myeong-sik was seen following a girl who later got kidnapped. Myeong-sik had attempted to leave Korea after the incident, but the police had managed to catch hold of him. They also noticed that he had scratch marks on his neck, which Baek-ryeon had made during the attack on her. After his arrest, he confessed to his crimes and told them that the man that Baek-ryeon had seen at the convenience store before the kidnapping of a girl was his accomplice. However, Sang-hyuk found out that the orphanage had something to do with the killer and asked Myeong-sik if he was raised at the Angel Orphanage during his childhood, and he refused. He was now sure that Myeong-sik was not the real killer and was attempting to save someone.

The real killer was seen taking his dog to Baek-ryeon’s vet clinic to get it treated, without his face being revealed. After Sang-hyuk got to know that the real killer was still out there and might be planning to target Baek-ryeon again, he rushed to her clinic. He did not see the killer there but came across an old couple, whom he recognized to be Jeong-ah’s parents, and they recognized him as Detective Cheon Yeong-jae, who had once promised them that he would find out their daughter’s murderer.


What Does Jae-Hee Find Out?

Jae-hee was suspicious of Sang-hyuk and his identity, and hence tried to ensure that Baek-ryeon was safe. Jae-hee questioned Sang-hyuk about the scar on his hand that had seemed to magically disappear. He also managed to get his hands on one of Sang-hyuk’s cups and send it for a DNA test. When the reports came, he was shocked to find that there was no DNA mark on the cup. The DNA expert told Jae-hee that it was only possible for an alien or a ghost to not have any DNA. Jae-hee repeatedly tried to tell Baek-ryeon that Sang-hyuk was not an ordinary man and that she should maintain a safe distance from him. However, we saw all his efforts going down the drain when Baek-ryeon’s intimacy with Sang-hyuk seemed to increase after her realization of the fact that she had been in love with him for ages.

Final Words

There are several plot twists in the 11th and 12th episodes of the series My Man is Cupid. When we are almost sure that Myeong-sik is the killer, the story takes a sharp turn to reveal that he is not the actual murderer. The fact that the murderer is still out there, lurking somewhere in the darkness, is creepy. It is possible that the next episodes might portray another fatal attack on Baek-ryeon. If, in this life, Baek-ryeon cannot be united with Sang-hyuk, then the two will never find their eternal love. Both Baek-ryeon and Sang-hyuk realized that they were lost lovers who were reunited by fate, and it is probable that Jae-hee would also soon realize that he was Prince Lee Seon in his previous life. There is a possibility that even in this life, he will try to separate the two lovers by force, just like he had tried in his past life. The next episodes are likely to unleash a lot of new events and revelations, which will enhance the sense of thrill in the drama. The elements of thrill and romance are the substances that have kept audiences glued to their seats since the very first episode.

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