‘My Happy Marriage’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Kudo Eat The Breakfast Cooked By Miyo?

In the previous episode of My Happy Marriage, Miyo Saimori and her abusive family were introduced to us. Tragically, after the untimely demise of Miyo’s mother, she became a burden for her own father, Kanoko, the esteemed patriarch of the Saimori family. Compelled by the circumstances, the patriarch made the decision to enter into a second marriage. But he loved his second daughter, surpassing the love he had ever shown Miyo. This second episode of My Happy Marriage uncovers the reasons behind this unexpected shift in Kanoko’s paternal affection toward his daughter.


In the first episode of the anime drama, we were disappointed as it turned out to be more like a soap opera version of an anime, one featuring a female character named Miyo, who never stood up against the mistreatment she faced. However, in this upcoming episode, we will be introduced to a fantasy world where everyone in the Saimori family has extraordinary powers, except for Miyo.

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What Happened To Miyo After Her Meeting With Kudo?

Kudo displayed a ruthless and cold demeanor when he first encountered Miyo, showing irritation towards her presence in his house. He directly warned Miyo that she would be obligated to obey his every command, including leaving the house or even facing death. Miyo, however, was not surprised by this and had mentally prepared herself for the worst. She accepted these conditions, understanding that she needed to be prepared for the possibility of being kicked out by Kudo one day. Despite the rumors circulating in the neighborhood, Yurie, an old servant who worked in Kudo’s house, reassured Miyo that Kudo was not a bad person.

The following morning, as Yurie was about to prepare Kudo’s breakfast, Miyo wanted to help. Yurie allowed Miyo to attempt to impress her fiance by cooking him a meal. Miyo cooked the breakfast with great care and affection. However, when she presented it to Kudo, he chose not to eat it.


Kudo refused to have food prepared by a stranger, suspecting that it might be poisoned. He insisted that Miyo should eat it instead, but she hesitated, raising further suspicion in Kudo’s mind. Accusing Miyo of attempting to poison him, Kudo walked away without eating anything. Miyo realized that impressing Kudo would be challenging, but she was determined to continue her efforts.

Why Was Miyo Unloved In Her Family?

In this episode, we discover the reason behind Miyo’s father’s deep ignorance of and disappointment toward her. While settling into Kudo’s house, Miyo reminisced about her mother and the memories from her childhood. She felt remorseful for never being of any use in any situation she had been in. Miyo explained that in the Saimori family, each member was expected to possess a supernatural ability, but she had none. She recalled how her father taught both her and her sister, Kaya, to use their powers. Kaya had the ability to see the evil demonic entities called Grotesqueries, but Miyo couldn’t perceive it. This led Kanoko, her father, to believe that Kaya was the only one gifted with the ability, causing him to become distant from Miyo and shower all his love and attention on Kaya instead. As Miyo became isolated and deprived of love and comfort, her stepmother took away all the mementos of her mother. This deeply saddened Miyo and she attempted to confront her stepmother. However, her questioning of the elders only resulted in further torment for Miyo. She was locked up in a secluded house, stripped of all the happiness and freedom she once had.


Did Kudo Eat The Breakfast Cooked By Miyo?

Kudo held the position of commander in the anti-Grotesqueries army, where he and his colleague trained soldiers to combat the powerful evil demons known as Grotesqueries. They revealed that their own superpowers included telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and clairvoyance, which they would utilize against these monsters. Some soldiers doubted the usefulness of the training, as they had never encountered Grotesqueries before. In response, Kudo emphasized the importance of being prepared for the worst.

Kudo found himself distracted from his duties due to his concern for Miyo. Observing her physical appearance—thin and rough-skinned with a lackluster complexion—he worried about her upbringing and family background. While aware of the prominence of the Saimori family, Kudo sensed that Miyo had never experienced love and care in her life. Determined to investigate further, he discussed his concerns with Yurie, who believed that Kudo had taken a greater interest in Miyo than in any of his previous fiancées. Kudo explained that the previous fiancées had been solely interested in the wealth and fame of the Kudo Family, whereas he desired a genuine connection based on love. This was why he had asked all of them to leave.

In the evening, Miyo apologized to Kudo for cooking his meal, repeatedly expressing her apologies without apparent reason. Kudo noticed this and asked her to stop apologizing. However, Kudo surprised Miyo by apologizing for his own rude behavior during breakfast. This shocked Miyo since no one had ever apologized to her before. Kudo proceeded to take a bath, using his pyrokinetic ability to heat the water and instructed Miyo to take a shower as well. He then instructed her to cook breakfast for him the following morning, which brought immense joy to Miyo’s heart.

The next morning, Miyo and Yurie cooked breakfast together and presented it to Kudo, who ate the food with pleasure and praised Miyo for the unique flavors she had created. Overwhelmed with emotions, Miyo shed tears because she had never received a compliment in her life. It became evident that Kudo and Miyo would soon grow closer to each other.


Towards the end of the second episode of My Happy Marriage, Kanoko receives a phone call from an individual who angrily protests against Miyo’s wedding to Kudo. The caller believed that Miyo deserved to marry Tatsuishi due to the precious bloodline she carried. The episode concluded with this cliffhanger, leaving many unanswered questions that would be addressed in the upcoming third episode of My Happy Marriage.

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