‘My Happy Marriage’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was Kudo?

The Netflix anime drama series My Happy Marriage revolves around the life of Miyo, a submissive and kind-hearted woman. Miyo is the elder daughter of Kanoko Saimori, who lost his wife when Miyo was at a very tender age. Following this loss, Miyo’s life takes a dark turn as she becomes subjected to torment and mistreatment from her stepmother and stepsister.


Miyo’s stepmother and stepsister, driven by jealousy and malice, treated Miyo like a servant and forced her to perform menial tasks. However, everything changed when Miyo crossed her path with the man of her dreams. This encounter became a turning point in her life, as she found solace and happiness in his presence. 

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Who Was Koji? Why Did He Decide To Marry Kaya?

Episode 1 of My Happy Marriage began with a poignant scene where Miyo, the protagonist, reflected on a childhood memory. She witnessed her younger self fading away, symbolizing her distance from her past and her inability to return to it. Miyo revealed that she had never experienced true happiness in her life until she met a man who transformed her world.

The setting then shifted to Miyo’s household, where her father, Kanoko, and stepmother, Sinchi, treated her as a servant. Her stepsister, Kaya, constantly mistreated her, even for minor inconveniences. For example, when Miyo prepared green tea for Kaya, she tossed the cup of tea on the floor, claiming it didn’t taste good. Miyo lived among other servants and had resigned herself to her fate, accepting the mistreatment without complaint. Having endured such behavior from her own father, Miyo had lost faith that anything good could ever happen to her. She believed her life would forever be filled with trouble and sadness, resigning herself to a miserable existence she could not elude. 


Meanwhile, Koji, the son of the Tatshuishi family patriarch, was in love with Miyo. He was willing to do anything to make her smile, such as bringing her caramel milk chocolates. He wanted to rescue her from the torment she endured and marry her. Miyo shared the same desire, but she kept her feelings hidden, fearing that harboring such expectations would only bring her pain.

However, one day, Koji arrived at the Saimori residence dressed in a Western suit, carrying a marriage proposal. Miyo suspected he had come to ask her father for her hand in marriage, but she remained hesitant to have high hopes due to her past experiences. Eventually, she was called by Kanoko, who wanted to speak with her. A servant informed Miyo to go to Kanoko’s room promptly. Despite her intense anxiety, Miyo tried to calm her mind as she entered Kanoko’s room, preparing herself for the news she had already expected to hear.


To her surprise and sorrow, Koji’s marriage proposal was not for her; it was for Kaya. Koji did not want this arrangement, but he was compelled to follow his father’s strict instructions for the sake of their family’s prosperity. Nevertheless, Koji’s father revealed that a marriage arrangement for Miyo would also be made but with another man. This could be the only way to help Miyo escape the abusive household. Koji was unaware of who Miyo’s fiancé would be, but when Kanoko informed him that Miyo was set to marry Kiyoji Kudo, the cold and ruthless man of the village, Koji was shocked and deeply concerned about Miyo’s future.

Who Was Kudo?

Resigned to her fate, Miyo braced herself for the worst, expecting further hardships in her life. The description of Mr. Kudo’s rude behavior and his inability to maintain lasting relationships with his previous fiancées only reinforced her belief that she needed to fortify her defenses and be prepared for the worst. Memories of her childhood, when her mother was still alive, haunted her. Miyo longed for the motherly affection she once had, but ever since her mother’s passing, she had been trapped in a lonely existence, living with her indifferent father and cruel stepmother who saw her as nothing more than a servant.

The day had arrived for Miyo to embark on her journey to her fiancé’s house. As she made her way, she adorned herself in her mother’s kimono, finding solace in the connection it brought her to her past. One of the old servants kindly provided her with rice balls to stave off hunger during the journey. Determined and fortified, Miyo mentally prepared herself for whatever she was about to face.

Miyo held the belief that Kudo, her fiancé, would be an elderly man who would mistreat her. However, upon arriving at Kudo’s house, her perspective began to shift. The door was opened by an old servant of Kudo’s, who greeted Miyo with a warm smile and genuine affection. This small act of kindness began to chip away at Miyo’s preconceived notions.


Then came the moment when Miyo was introduced to Kudo himself. As she laid her eyes on him, she was taken aback by his manly charm and striking beauty. Contrary to her expectations, Kudo was not an old man but a handsome individual with an irresistible allure. Miyo couldn’t help but be captivated by his appearance.

At that moment, the world around Miyo seemed to shift. Her initial fears and assumptions started to crumble as she caught a glimpse of the man behind the stern reputation.


Final Words

The Netflix Anime drama, My Happy Marriage, follows a storyline similar to a soap opera, which, however, does not initially lay a strong foundation for a complex and intricate plot. As the series progresses, viewers can anticipate the primary focus to be on the blossoming love story between Kudo and Miyo. However, it is important to note that this particular emphasis on romance may limit the depth and breadth of the overall storyline.

With each subsequent episode, viewers can expect to witness the gradual development of Kudo and Miyo’s relationship. As their connection deepens, the series may explore the challenges and obstacles they face as individuals from different backgrounds and with contrasting personalities. Viewers who appreciate romantic dramas and enjoy the excitement and emotional rollercoasters of soap opera storytelling may find the series engaging and satisfying.


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