‘My Demon’ K-Drama Episodes 7 And 8 Recap & Spoilers: Does Gu-Won Still Have His Powers?

My Demon has been going quite smoothly up until now, but the latest two episodes have taken an unexpected dramatic turn. We can imagine that, apart from having a stunning cast, the show is also quite popular because it uses the old-school K-drama formula of mixing fantasy with slapstick comedy in order to deliver a secretly emotional love story that will leave you yearning for more. Obviously, a lot of time is spent in admiration for the perfect faces of the two leads. No, really, the amount of close-ups can compete with that of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Up until now, Gu-Won has been steering clear of his feelings for Do Do-Hee, but with the events of the latest episode, that has changed drastically too.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 7?

At the end of episode 6 of My Demon, Gu-Won decides to kiss Do-Hee to hide their faces from Do-Gyeong. Gu-Won’s powers have recently been flickering. After Do-Gyeong walks away, the homeless woman makes her way to Gu-Won and Do-Hee. This woman has been showing herself often, and she knows what’s going to be happening in Gu-Won’s life. Maybe another kind of fantastical creature in the form of a human. Perhaps an angel, only here to observe? We’ll probably find out later. She warns that whatever’s coming next for Do-Hee and Gu-Won won’t be easy. Seok-Hoon finds a picture of Gu-Won from the 1970s and takes it up to Do-Hee. She’s just thrown Gu-Won out of her house because he wants to fill it up with his belongings. Gu-Won’s ego is hurt, and he waits in his car for her to call him back. Seok-Hoon is suspicious of Gu-Won, but Do-Hee plays it off as a resemblance between Gu-Won and his grandfather. Seok-Hoon isn’t too convinced and confronts Gu-Won. He asks him if he’s a vampire, and Gu-Won is frustrated by the comparison to such a lowly being (uff! this demon).


Ga-Young’s attachment to Gu-Won stems from her childhood, where he saved her from her abusive, alcoholic father. She vowed to find him after he abandoned the child. In the present day, she cribs about how long it took for her to find him only for him to choose another human over her (here’s me just realizing that Do-Hee and Gu-Won’s age gap is hella creepy). She gets drunk and harassed, but Gu-Won saves her again (the savior that he is). Just when Gu-Won and Do-Hee are realizing their deep feelings for each other, news breaks out that Do-Hee has murdered Madam Ju. It’s obviously a ploy by Madam Ju’s family to tarnish her reputation. While Seok-Hoon suggests a plan of action, Gu-Won tells Do-Hee that it may be easier for them to just speak to the guy who started spreading the viral rumors. Obviously, Gu-Won’s plan works because he uses his demonic power to threaten the guy.

In the meantime, the stalker has broken into Gu-Won’s home, stolen his demon manual, and bugged his house. Do-Hee and Gu-Won are unable to find the manual, leaving them confused, while the stalker overhears the entire conversation. It’s made clear in this episode that Do-Gyeong is definitely the family member in contact with the stalker. At the end of the episode, despite clearing out the misinformation, Do-Hee gets arrested for murdering Madam Ju (not sure what the basis for this is, but okay). Gu-Won tries to head to her but is stopped by the stalker, who stabs him in the heart. Gu-Won screams for Do-Hee before the episode ends.


What Happens In Episode 8?

The evil stalker removes the dagger from Gu-Won’s heart and is about to stab him once again for the killing blow before Bok-Gyu manages to save him. Half of the man’s mask comes away in the process, revealing his real face to Gu-Won. Fortunately, Gu-Won survives, but barely. Do-Hee is allowed to leave prison to see Gu-Won, and she rushes to her husband to give him strength (from the tattoo, of course). Gu-Won doesn’t hide his feelings anymore and gives Do-Hee a hug when he sees her crying for him (yeah, we’re reacting like the two assistants too). Seok-Hoon, on the other hand, notices Do-Hee place Gu-Won’s hand on her wrist. Is it not normal for couples to do that? Eh.

Do-Hee’s released because of the lack of evidence. Considering Gu-Won almost died, the malicious comments against Do-Hee have finally stopped. Public opinion has completely changed sides, and everyone believes she’s innocent. Gu-Won’s powers are even weaker now, and despite him getting “charged” by Do-Hee regularly, they don’t seem to be coming back any time soon. In the meantime, the gang that was trying to fight Gu-Won has decided to align with him and call him their “boss.” Gu-Won’s been having dreams of the dancing woman as well as himself burning up in what looks like hell.


What Is Do-Hee’s Final Decision?

Seeing how Gu-Won’s life is in danger, Do-Hee makes the decision to quit the fight to become the CEO of the company. As much as she wants to bring justice to Madam Ju and keep her legacy going, she’s tired of seeing her loved ones die because of her (so she thinks). Do-Hee decides to step down from the fight during the conference, and the family is shocked by her decision. Everyone assumes there’s an ulterior motive there too. Do-Hee keeps having visions of Madam Ju talking to her. In their last discussion, Madam Ju reminds Do-Hee that she’s found a new “doormat” in Gu-Won. She believes in a family; that’s how people treat each other, and Gu-Won has replaced Madam Ju (ouch). She reminds Do-Hee that she just needs to be happy with the new family she has rather than being stuck on the old one. This is why Do-Hee makes the final decision to leave.

Elsewhere, the stalker is paranoid about the demon coming to find him, but Do-Gyeong and his father, Suk-Min, observe that Gu-Won’s powers are not working at the moment. The stalker is informed of this, and he’s overjoyed (he really doesn’t know about this character). Gu-Won tries to talk to Do-Hee because he doesn’t know she is going to make such a decision without even a word with him. Do-Hee lies to Gu-Won, saying he can’t protect either of them anymore, which is the conversation that Do-Gyeong observes from afar. Do-Hee doesn’t want to push Gu-Won away (for what joy nobody knows), so she tells him that she wants to cut ties with him too, so everyone can be safe and happy. Ultimately, Gu-Won finds out the truth from Seok-Hoon, who tells him that Do-Hee always blamed herself for the deaths of her parents, and now Madam Ju too. Gu-Won finally chooses his human feelings over his demonic ones and confesses to Do-Hee that he doesn’t care what happens to him; she should do what’s best for her. At the end of episode 8 of My Demon, Gu-Won and Do-Hee share a passionate kiss, making it clear that they’re both very deeply in love with each other. It’s quite obvious that there’s some past live connection here, but we’ll be sure to know in the next episodes of My Demon.


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