‘My Demon’ K-Drama Episodes 5 And 6 Recap & Spoilers: Who Does Do-Hee Choose?

‘Tis the season of marriage contracts in K-drama land, and we’re not complaining. My Demon follows Jeong Gu-Won, a demon who abruptly loses his powers after meeting an heiress named Do Do-Hee. The only way he can use his powers is by holding her wrist, which holds the mark of his power, a tattoo in the shape of a cross. Do-Hee’s life is in danger, and there’s only one person who can keep her safe: Gu-Won. But is Gu-Won interested in looking out for a mere human being? Let’s find out in episodes 5 and 6 of My Demon.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5?

Gu-Won’s clearly fallen in love with Do-Hee, but his ego’s too large to admit that he’s in love with a simple human, so he behaves like a child and treats her like she’s beneath him. This obviously irks Do-Hee, who puts in the effort to figure out if they could actually work as a couple, considering she has to be married in order to become chairwoman. On the other hand, the man with the eczema on his neck records the fight with the thugs and sends it to a family member, who we don’t quite know yet, but it gives them a hint of how Gu-Won may not be quite human (not sure how you can explain a couple tangoing through a fight). Our bets are on the father-son duo of Noh Suk-Min and Noh Do-Gyeong. While the former is attempting to overthrow Do-Hee from her new position by cozying up to the board members, the latter kills his psychiatrist for calling him a “crazy person.” Suk-Min’s wife Se-Ra has a dream about Madam Ju dying, almost as if she were there when it happened, noticing every little detail.


Things aren’t great at work because Do-Hee is done treating Gu-Won nicely and giving him a chance, and at the same time, Gu-Won is losing his mind over figuring out his juvenile feelings. Amidst all this, there is chaos when Gu-Won’s assistant shows up at the office with a helmet on, appearing like a killer himself (ugh). While the team deals with him, the real assassin shows up to do some research with no one noticing him. Adding to the tension, Suk-Min is appointed the substitute chair for the time being while Do Do-Hee figures out her marriage arrangement. Seok-Hoon, who claims many times in these two episodes of My Demon that he is on Do-Hee’s side, shows Do-Hee a Mirae Group accounting fraud that has just surfaced.

Do-Hee meets the blind date she was meant to meet instead of Gu-Won. He seems like a strange creep, but Do-Hee’s desperate, so she tells him to meet her in a couple of hours to register their marriage. Gu-Won hates the idea, but he’s trying hard not to care. He takes Do-Hee to go see the thugs to get them to find the man who’s trying to kill Do-Hee, so his work with her is done and he doesn’t have to see her again. Things escalate quickly, and Gu-Won almost kills the thug, leading to Do-Hee feeling scared and hurt. He delivers another punch by telling her that he wishes she hadn’t come into his life and that things have been messed up ever since (boring!). Do-Hee tells him to stop being her bodyguard, and they both dwell in their sadness.


At home, Do-Hee’s alone, and someone breaks into the house playing a familiar song. Even with her pepper spray, she isn’t able to do anything because he attacks her from the back. When Do-Hee wakes up, she’s hanging from the railing of her balcony. She’s been tied up with pieces of fabric, which the man then proceeds to cut when he notices Do-Hee come around. He imitates her screams and taunts her as she pleads for her life. Just before he’s able to snap the whole thing off, Gu-Won makes it to the apartment and catches Do-Hee by the wrist, saving her life yet again.

What Happens In Episode 6?

Finally, we see Do-Hee in a vulnerable state as she cries her heart out while being comforted by Gu-Won. It turns out she had managed to hit the emergency contact button, which sent out a message to both Gu-Won and Seok-Hoon. In the house, Seok-Hoon basically tells Gu-Won to back off from Do-Hee because he has feelings for her and has always been by her side. Seok-Hoon is quite confused as to how Gu-Won saved Do-Hee, but neither of them is willing to give answers (for obvious reasons). Now they know that the killer is wearing masks and disguising his appearance, which is why Gu-Won wasn’t able to find him. In the heat of the moment, Seok-Hoon unexpectedly proposes to Do-Hee, a gesture to remind her that she’s not alone. Gu-Won intervenes and proposes too. She says she needs some time to figure things out.


A lot of episode 6 of My Demon goes into Gu-Won being jealous of Seok-Hoon and his relationship with Do-Hee. For once, he chooses to be honest, and in a sugarcoated moment in the car, he tells Do-Hee that he proposed because he doesn’t want to die. Do-Hee had previously admitted that she hadn’t realized how scary death was until she was on the brink. Do-Hee makes an appearance at a corporate event where nobody expects her. The announcer introduces Suk-Min as the chairperson of the company, and she reminds him that he’s only the substitute. She invites them to her wedding, which is meant to happen the next day, and apologizes for the lack of invites but hopes for them to understand since they’re “family.”

Who Does Do-Hee Choose?

Of course, it’s Gu-Won! Who knows when sweet guy Lee Sang-Yi will get to be the leading man? Sigh. Do-Hee makes a simple pre-marriage contract that states that the two parties will be together until each of them achieves their own goals, i.e., identifying Do-Hee’s killer and making her chairwoman, and for Gu-Won, regaining his powers. At the wedding, Do-Hee feels like Do-Gyeong is giving hints that he’s the man who might be after her life. After the wedding, things are quite rosy for Gu-Won and Do-Hee, specifically the latter, who has someone to answer to her every whim (a marriage we all dream of). Gu-Won dreams of his past life again and notices a woman dancing with knives. Now, this woman is probably Do-Hee, but it could be Ga-Young, the star of Gu-Won’s company. She’s been jealous of Do-Hee since she came into the picture, and it might not just be because of a simple crush on Gu-Won (can they find alternatives? This is really getting boring).


Do-Hee gets Gu-Won to follow Do-Gyeong, and they overhear him say he’s killed a person and it’s no big deal. This makes her gut feel stronger. They follow him to a subway station, where they hide in a photo booth while Do-Gyeong looks into a storage locker. This could be the spot where he exchanges things with the stalker. At the end of episode 6 of My Demon, Do-Gyeong notices someone keeping an eye on him and heads towards the photo booth. Do-Hee panics and asks Gu-Won to take her back, but his powers don’t work. As Do-Gyeong approaches, Gu-Won remembers the marriage contract, which states that both parties must cooperate to achieve the other’s goal. Gu-Won plants a kiss on Do-Hee’s lips at that moment (nice excuse, mate). Hopefully, we’ll find out in episode 7 of My Demon why Gu-Won’s powers are flickering.

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