‘My Demon’ Ending Explained & Finale Episode 16 Recap: What Happens To Gu-Won And Do-Hee?

It’s unfortunately that time again when the drama we’ve been eagerly watching for weeks together is over for good. 16 episodes of goodness always feels like less when we’re watching the show as it’s airing; however, for those who patiently wait for those 8 weeks, it’s a time to rejoice because they can finally binge-watch the whole series in one sitting. No, really, give a K-drama fan one night, some Buldak Ramyeon, coffee, and a bed along with a Netflix subscription, and they won’t bother you for the next 20 hours. My Demon has been one of those guilty-pleasure K-dramas that is obviously more about the fun than the deep plot lines that we’ll probably have forgotten with the next show anyway. It’s filled with cute scenes and lots of love, and it felt like the perfect show to take us from 2023 to 2024. I will definitely miss it, but if you run into me on the street, I’m going to deny it. At the end of episode 15, Gu-Won brings Do-Hee back to life after she’s hit with the bullet that’s meant for him. Since he’s broken a demon rule, he ends up becoming ash and blowing away into thin air. Will he return to Do-Hee? (Pfft, he definitely will.)

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 16?

It’s shocking, but even God sheds a tear or two when she sees the choice Gu-Won has made. I suppose she assumed he’d be selfish and let Do-Hee die, but he had become more human than she had imagined. Do-Hee can’t cope with his “death.” She puts herself in a shell, and nobody can help her come out of it. However, as depressed as she is, she knows she can’t let herself die after the sacrifice Gu-Won has made to save her. Additionally, she thinks she deserves punishment for everything that went down. On Christmas day, Do-Hee, who is in the hospital, makes her way home and puts on the white blouse she wore that got stained by Gu-Won’s precious cake back when they first met. She goes to the spot where she and Gu-Won washed up and the tattoo was transferred to her wrist (hello, good old days). Just like in her past life, she makes a wish in front of the water—in this case, the sea. She wishes to sign a contract with Gu-Won, essentially hoping for a Christmas miracle.

God answers her “prayers,” and Gu-Won returns to her on Christmas day. It seems whatever dispute he had with God is now resolved because she grants him a wish as he won the bet against her. God and Gu-Won both know that nobody else can do his job as well as he does, and plus, where will she find another handsome devil like him? They celebrate Christmas together, even decorating the tree despite it being too late. Gu-Won tells Do-Hee that just as Do-Hee was excited by Christmas all the time, he’s excited to be with her, so she’s his Christmas. Do-Hee asks Gu-Won in a vulnerable moment to tell her what happened with her father. On the night Do-Hee was to be born, the hospital that her parents went to didn’t have any room for her mother. Desperate, her father tried to take her out in the pouring rain, but she had lost a lot of blood. Gu-Won found them then, and Do-Hee’s father didn’t bother listening to the conditions; he simply asked Gu-Won to save his wife and child. Do-Hee now knows that Gu-Won saved her more than once.

Gu-Won then makes his visits to all the people who miss him, even the gangster restaurant, which is now running successfully, and everyone is overjoyed to see him. Seok-Hoon even cries a little and warns him never to leave again. Suk-Min thought he had won the battle and ruined things for Do-Hee and Gu-Won. However, Do-Hee visits him and shows him who the real winner is. He then sees his mother in the prison cell, which means he’ll suffer from guilt for the rest of his time there. A fitting ending for the dude who killed his own mother and son.

On the other hand, his wife finds a hidden picture of the family that is folded in such a way that only she and Do-Young are visible in it. She’s reminded of the time when he was in school and would go to the gym all the time. When she had asked him why, he had said he had to protect himself and her from his father. She cries profusely, in memory of her son, finally letting herself mourn. She also decides to start a center for child abuse victims in her son’s name, apologizing to Do-Hee properly. Ga-Young is about to leave for the US, but before she goes, she wants to go back to her childhood home one last time. There, she finds a girl in the same position as she was when Gu-Won first found her. She saves the little girl from her abusive father and then decides to stay back to look after her. I suppose it’s like a full-circle moment for her, and she can finally find meaning in her life on her own rather than think about how Gu-Won has impacted it.

Does The K-Drama Have A Happy Or Sad Ending?

The short answer is a resounding yes! Of course, it has a happy ending; it’s a fantasy drama! Anyway, four months after the New Year, we see that Seok-Hoon is the new chairman of the company. He’s the perfect fit for the job because of how long he spent with Madam Ju on it. Everyone’s happy with the choice, even Suk-Min’s sister, who begged Do-Hee to give her sons a chance to work by her side when they grow up. Now, she sucks up to Seok-Hoon at every opportunity she gets. Later, Do-Hee goes to the prosecutor, who tells her that Madam Ju had done a full body test before she died, which revealed that she had pancreatic cancer. Do-Hee is devastated by the news but knows now the real reason she wanted her to find a partner so badly. It was a noble intention, just as she’d imagined before all the confusion about Madam Ju.

At the end of My Demon, Do-Hee and Gu-Won fight again, as they did at the beginning of their relationship, hurting each other’s feelings. However, Do-Hee reminds us that the world keeps turning despite the fights, and those who can will save others, just like Madam Ju did with her. My Demon’s happy ending is Gu-Won and Do-Hee expressing their love for each other. Even if they destroy each other, ultimately they’ll be each other’s saviors too!

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