‘My Best Friend And The Baby Snatcher’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Did Richie Survive? What Happened To Eve?

Directed by Andrew Lawrence, the gripping indie thriller My Best Friend and the Baby Snatcher tells the story of two inseparable friends, Penelope and Eve. Both women become pregnant at the same time, but tragedy strikes when Eve suffers a devastating miscarriage. Instead of facing her emotional pain and finding a path toward healing, Eve’s psyche becomes consumed by jealousy. This envy drives her to harm Penelope and those around her, unraveling the once unbreakable bond between the two friends.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘My Best Friend And The Baby Snatcher’?

Penelope and her husband, Richie, had struggled with infertility for a long time, enduring repeated disappointments in their attempts to start a family, until one day, Penelope sought advice at a local maternity clinic, accompanied by her best friend, Eve. The doctor informed them that in order to pursue IVF, Penelope would require an egg donor. Eve selflessly volunteered to be the donor, despite the challenging process involving weeks of fertility drugs and abstinence from sexual activity. But while taking those drugs, she deliberately engaged in physical intimacy with her husband, Tom. As a result, Eve became pregnant herself, rendering her unable to provide the eggs she had promised Penelope. Penelope was shocked and devastated by this turn of events, as Eve had previously expressed her disinterest in having children.


Although Penelope struggled with her shattered expectations, she tried to find solace in Eve’s pregnancy, putting on a brave face. Determined to fulfill their dream of having a baby, Penelope and Richie made the decision to sell their car to cover the costs of finding another egg donor. Their support for each other led them to secure an egg donor, which ultimately resulted in Penelope becoming pregnant, bringing newfound hope and joy to their family. Meanwhile, Eve experienced the tragic loss of her own baby through miscarriage, while Richie and Penelope celebrated their baby’s gender reveal ceremony. Overwhelmed by grief, Eve suffered a major breakdown. Tom stood by her side, providing comfort during this painful time. However, Eve’s anguish became too much to bear, and she began seeking a way to act upon her pain.

Who Killed Eve’s Parents?

In the opening scene of the film, we see a burning house in front of which a young child, Eve, is seen calmly enjoying her ice cream, seemingly delighted by the fire. This child turned out to be Eve, who had intentionally set fire to her father in her childhood. Her mother survived the incident but distanced herself from her daughter due to her murderous tendencies. During her formative years, when Eve desperately needed medical help to address her negative impulses, her parents failed to provide her with the necessary support. Consequently, Eve grew up to become a dangerous psychopath. She concealed her mother’s identity from her husband, Tom, even going so far as to claim that she had never even met her. Driven by a desire for Eve to reconnect with her estranged mother, Tom took it upon himself to locate her. However, when Eve had the opportunity to reunite with her mother, she cruelly poisoned her by lacing her tea. Her mother died immediately, and strangely, no questions were raised about the circumstances of her passing. Tom, however, began to uncover the truth, realizing that Eve had been well aware of her mother’s whereabouts and had deliberately kept this information from him. He also discovered fertility drugs hidden in their drawer, heightening his suspicion that Eve may have used them to conceive a child.


Did Richie Survive? What Happened To Eve?

Following the devastating miscarriage, Eve descended into madness. She had never desired to be a mother but succumbed to jealousy upon witnessing Penelope’s pursuit of motherhood. Her competitive mentality fueled her belief that she should experience the same joy as Penelope. However, becoming a mother out of rivalry rather than love was not Eve’s destiny. Consumed by wrath and envy, she first targeted and killed the doctor from the maternity clinic, meticulously plotting her next victims—Penelope and her baby. On her destructive path, Eve also had to eliminate her husband, Tom, who had uncovered too much about her past. When Tom confronted her about the secret she was keeping regarding her pregnancy, Eve misled him, indirectly implying that the child was Richie’s. Driven to anger, Tom, who had been sober for four years, turned to heavy drinking and confronted Richie, intending to harm him. However, Tom returned home and found Eve badly beaten, though it was actually Eve who had inflicted the injuries on herself to frame Tom. In a state of confusion, Tom apologized, unable to remember when he had struck her. Taking advantage of the situation, Eve offered Tom poisonous tea, leading to his demise.

In the guise of a victim, Eve reached out to Richie, pretending to need his help. Both Richie and Penelope were shocked by the series of tragic events unfolding around them, believing that Tom was the crux of the problem. Richie, realizing that Eve might require their support, went to her house, but Eve managed to overpower and immobilize him. She was now prepared for her final target—Penelope and her precious child. However, an anxious Penelope had already contacted the police, alerting them about the events that had taken place. However, before proceeding with her final hunt, Eve sets her house ablaze, with Tom’s lifeless body and Richie trapped inside. But Richie regained consciousness and managed to escape from the burning house. He promptly contacted the police, providing them with crucial information about Eve.


Meanwhile, Eve approached Penelope and convinced her to take a sip of the tea, making her feel sick and weak. Subsequently, Eve restrained Penelope, declaring that she would keep her alive until she gave birth, and then she would take the baby and end Penelope’s life, as she had done to the others. However, Eve’s plan failed, as the police managed to break in and rescue Penelope. Penelope regained her strength and, in the act of self-defense, subdued Eve, enabling her to escape from the house with Richie and the police officer. Three months later, Penelope finally gave birth to her baby, bringing immense joy and contentment to her and Richie’s lives. In contrast, Eve, who had been arrested and imprisoned, encountered a fellow inmate who was pregnant. She offered the inmate a biscuit, potentially laced with poison or drugs, displaying a disturbing interest in her unborn child. In jail, Eve appeared to await the birth of the inmate’s baby, likely intending to take the inmate’s life once the child arrived.

Final Words

My Best Friend and the Baby Snatcher falls short of creating an engaging and thrilling experience. The screenplay and editing fall short, lacking the necessary finesse and attention to detail. Throughout the film, there is a noticeable absence of depth and crucial information, leaving the audience wanting more. As the story unfolds, it becomes increasingly predictable, failing to build suspense or create a sense of intrigue. While it may not be a complete waste of time, My Best Friend and the Baby Snatcher is best approached with modest expectations, as it offers a relatively straightforward psychological thriller without any mind-blowing elements.


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