‘My Adventures With Superman’ Trailer Breakdown & Expectations

Superman fans are seemingly having the time of their lives, as the influx of promising content on the Man of Steel doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With new exciting series like Superman: Lost in comics ongoing, the recently ended brilliant third season of Superman & Lois, cast updates of James Gunn’s upcoming Superman: Legacy released a week ago, and now a brand-new Superman animated series My Adventures with Superman getting released, DC seems to be eager to redefine Man of Steel for the general audience.

Although the adventures of the Man of Steel’s brooding emo friend get animated adaptations every once in a while, it has been over two decades since fans got a solo animated series on Superman. In an age rife with cynicism and despair, My Adventures With Superman will definitely aim at making a modern interpretation of the Last Son of Krypton that firmly establishes the relevance of the character for a new generation, just like the CW’s Superman & Lois did. Before the series starts airing on Max and Adult Swim, let’s take a look at the trailer and discuss what we can expect from the series itself.

Spoilers Ahead

The Trailer In a Nutshell

My Adventures With Superman has released a trailer that, right off the bat, suggests an anime-inspired outlook both in aesthetics and in the updated character designs. The updated look seems very similar to artist Gurihiru’s illustrations of the Eisner-winning series Superman Smashes the Klan. As the trailer begins, we see a young Clark Kent preparing himself to tackle a new day while hiding his secret identity as a Kryptonian alien. The scene shifts to Metropolis, where, dorkier than ever, Clark tries to get the hang of his newfound powers.

At Metropolis, Clark meets the sharp, jubilant journalist Lois Lane and her associate cameraperson, Jimmy Olsen, at the Daily Planet, where he has been recruited as a cub reporter. Clark faces multiple villains in his pre-Superman outfit before showing up in his iconic costume, and the other two reporters get busy deducing the savior’s identity. Clark is seen to be pondering his presence and purpose as the insurmountable pressure of being the protector of the planet dawns upon him. As the trailer showcases, it’ll be a challenging task for Clark to maintain his secret for a long time, especially when the perceptive Lois Lane is chasing the truth about the big blue boy scout as her next big scoop. The minute-long trailer ends with the classic question: as Jimmy speculates whether the unknown savior of Metropolis is actually a plane, Clark, in his best effort to put on a poker face, replies that it seems like a bird to him.

The Character Dynamics

As the trailer suggests, for the first time, we are going to see the coming-of-age story of Clark Kent, and accompanying him will be not only the iconic Lois Lane but also “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen.” Not much importance has been given to the character in media adaptations in recent years, even though he has been a mainstay figure in Superman lore since the inception of the Man of Steel, and volumes of his adventures were even written by none other than the legend Jack Kirby. Finally, with the focus shifting to Clark’s life as a journalist in the series, new viewers will be introduced to the more light-hearted side of Superman lore through Jimmy’s presence.

The iconic relationship between Clark and Lois will be something to look forward to as well. In most Superman adaptations through the years, a glimpse into the celebrated couple’s lives has been a recurrent ordeal, and the series will try to offer a fresh approach with the duo newly getting introduced to each other. It will focus on a period when a young Clark is on the learning curve of becoming the greatest superhero of all time, and Lois is yet to become an ace journalist. In terms of the voice behind the characters, The Boys famed Jack Quaid will play the role of Clark Kent or Superman, Alice Lee will bring Lois to life, and Ishmel Sahid will portray the role of Jimmy Olsen.

Opportunity Of World Building

Back in 1992, when the classic Batman The Animated Series was released and became a monumental success, it resulted in the creation of the legendary DCAU (DC Animated Universe) or Timmverse, whose impact on the fictional media was so significant that, to date, it is being used as a blueprint across other franchises. With My Adventures With Superman already garnering some positive reviews and DC universe characters already a part of the cast, the makers have a chance to learn from history with the Man of Steel at the focal point. Along with Superman’s Kryptonian legacy being highlighted, the acknowledgment of the existence of a connected universe suggests the possibility of spin-offs and more.

As the cast list reveals, Brain and Monsieur Mallah are going to appear in the series at some point, which confirms the presence of the team of misfits Doom Patrol in this universe. An already stacked Superman villain gallery will appear in the series, consisting of Brainiac, Toyman, Silver Banshee, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and Parasite, but along with them, some other DC continuity villains like Deathstroke and Heatwave will join the party as well. Amanda Waller’s name on the character list suggests a connection with Suicide Squad, Checkmate, or other expendable teams of supervillains manipulated by the government, and lastly, the journalist Vicki Vale’s being a part of the series connects it with Gotham/Caped Crusader’s lore. (Not to be confused with Matt Reeves and Bruce Timm’s Batman animated series Caped Crusader, which is a totally separate adaptation.) With a second season already greenlit, there is decent scope for expansion, and to allow that, we wish that Superman’s positivity radiates to the audience’s reception of the series as well.

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Siddhartha Das
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