‘Muted’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Ana Come To Meet With Sergio?

In the previous episode of Muted, Sergio discovered from his aunt that his sister, Noa, had been adopted by a different family. However, it was revealed that Ana and her husband, Benat, were the ones who had actually adopted Noa. Meanwhile, Cabrera was determined to sabotage Ana’s secret operation, despite the fact that its true purpose remained unclear. Natanael, on the other hand, saw an opportunity to gain publicity by assisting Sergio. However, Sergio saw through Natanael’s intentions and decided to keep his distance from him. Now, with Noa in Ana’s care, the question remains: will she be reunited with her brother? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Killed Natanael?

As Muted episode 5 begins, we see Natanael as a major pervert hiding behind the mask of an evangelical priest. In previous episodes, we caught glimpses of his manipulative behavior and his perverted advances toward one of the young girls. Silvia, his wife, always wore a sad expression on her face, hinting that her husband might have been unfaithful to her. However, the truth was far more complicated and sinister than that. Natanael was actually involved in the criminal underworld, blackmailing young girls and forcing them to prostitution. Silvia witnessed everything but remained silent, knowing that Natanael was not someone who could be stopped or persuaded. Meanwhile, Sergio was desperately searching for his sister, Noa, and went as far as his grandfather’s place in his pursuit. There, he encountered his aunt and made a promise not to make any demands regarding their grandfather’s property in exchange for information on Noa’s whereabouts. Armed with the details, Sergio decided to escape from the church’s greenhouse. He cut off his ankle monitor and attempted to run away, only to be confronted by Natanael, who blocked his path. Fueled by rage, Sergio attacked him, intending to kill him, but Silvia intervened and allowed Sergio to flee the area. In the final moments of Muted Episode 5, it was revealed that Natanael was dead, although Sergio had only injured him during the confrontation. This suggests that Silvia had put an end to her husband’s tyranny once and for all.


Meanwhile, Cabrera was observed meeting with an influential individual, whose identity remained undisclosed throughout the series. Although the specific details were not revealed, it can be inferred that this person might have had a connection to the laboratory involved in producing the chemical that Blanca used to administer to her son.

Who Sent Marta’s Intimate Video To Her Father?

Meanwhile, Marta severed all ties with Sergio, convinced that he was the one who had sent her father the video of their intimacy. However, it turned out that Sergio was not responsible for it, as it made no sense for him to do such a thing. The revelation proved to be pointless and unworthy of further discussion. Eneko took Marta to a new house, intending to buy it and spend the rest of his life with her in that place. Marta was moved by the gesture and quickly changed her mind, deciding to reconcile with Eneko once again.


However, one evening, Marta couldn’t resist the temptation and checked Eneko’s phone. To her dismay, she discovered that it was Eneko who had anonymously sent her and her father the sex tape. Understandably heartbroken, Marta left Eneko once more. Feeling that she had no shortage of options, Marta made the decision to return to her criminal lover, Sergio. Unfortunately, her hot-headed lover didn’t appear willing to accept her back into his life.

Why Did Ana Come To Meet With Sergio?

Ana and her husband Benat arrived at Noa’s school to attend her concert, where Benat dropped a bombshell revelation. He disclosed that Ana was actually one of Sergio’s superfans and used to send him letters. It became clear that Ana’s intentions went beyond simply monitoring a psycho; she had her own personal desires involved, wanting to keep Sergio in her sight at all times. It appeared that Sergio and Ana were a psychotic match made in hell. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Benat, who was comparatively more rational than Ana, demanded a divorce. Ana recognized that this was her opportunity to wreak havoc on the lives of her adopted daughter, Noa, and her husband, Benat. With that in mind, she decided to abruptly leave the concert and make her way to Sergio’s place. On a rainy evening, Ana arrived at Sergio’s doorstep, drenched. Sergio had previously texted Noa’s number, which was actually Ana’s, and she had responded. Sergio, unaware of the truth, allowed Ana into his room, intensifying the concerns of the other investigators on the team as they kept their eyes on Sergio and Ana. They began to fear that Ana would soon meet her death at the hands of Sergio, and they felt helpless to prevent it.


Final Words

As we approach the end of Muted Season 1, many viewers are still perplexed about the purpose of the series and the character of Ana. Throughout the episodes, Ana’s portrayal raises numerous questions about her mental stability and her role in the story. Despite being a psychiatrist, she crosses the boundaries of a patient-doctor relationship due to her deep love for Sergio. It becomes evident that Ana herself may be in greater need of therapy than even Sergio. One aspect that appears lackluster is Marta’s presence in the drama. Her character seems to serve no real purpose other than being a decorative element. This has led some to question the necessity of the series and even suggest that it should be canceled due to its lack of substance and intrigue. However, viewers still hold out hope that the upcoming and final episode of Muted will provide some answers, particularly regarding the night when Sergio killed his parents. It is anticipated that this episode may shed some light on the overall narrative and offer closure to the unresolved mysteries.

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